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Making decisions is hard, but it’s also what makes us human. Chatbots can help us see different possibilities, but for now, we’re the ones who make the final call. What would happen if AI took over that responsibility for us? Researchers recently set out to find the answer.

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  • AI agents are coming soon

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  • Chart: Which models are businesses most likely to use?

  • AI at the Olympics

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

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Today in AI & Tech

  • Déjà Vu: Once again, the House passed a bill that would see TikTok banned from US app stores unless its owner ByteDance sells.

  • AI Underdog: Meta’s Llama-3 now beats the base version of GPT-4 in the LMSYS Chatbot Arena, a popular ranking system. That puts open source models in the same ballpark as closed ones.

  • AIgorithmic MDs: AI startup Hugging Face has created a new benchmark that can test how well LLMs perform different medical tasks, like diagnosing patients or summarizing records.

  • Deeper Deepfakes: Microsoft created a model that can turn audio and a single photo into a video of someone talking. The platform isn’t publicly available, due to safety concerns.

  • Pump the Brakes: Tesla was forced to recall almost 4,000 Cybertrucks after regulators raised concerns that its acceleration pedal can get stuck down when “high force is applied.”


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AI’s next frontier: Advanced agents

Source: rosscado/Midjourney

Right now, most of us use AI to get information or ideas. If we’re planning a trip and want to know where to go, AI is good at giving us plenty of options. But at the end of the day, we’re the ones who take the final step: Picking the destination, then booking the flight, hotel, and car.

But what if AI could do all of that for you? Would you trust it to make those decisions on your behalf? That’s the dilemma researchers at DeepMind contemplated last week in a 200-page report about how advanced AI assistants could one day reshape the world.

They didn’t mince words: If AI agents become a reality, they could touch every aspect of our lives — from the ways we work to how we communicate with each other — “ultimately influencing who we want to be and become.”

We’re already headed in that direction: Microsoft’s Copilot can work through complicated coding challenges. It will be able to send and track client invoices and automatically rewrite code for apps as soon as next month. Alphabet is working on AI agents that could navigate the internet. New models like Devin, meanwhile, claim to perform even more complicated tasks, like building custom websites from scratch.

Here’s where we get into tricky ethical territory: If models start to act for us, we’ll have to figure out who’s responsible when they make a mistake or break a societal norm. An AI might make a decision to help itself, even if it hurts everyone else. It could clash — or team up with — other models it finds out in the world. And it would inevitably learn a lot about you, raising privacy concerns.


Business Analysis

Prompt: Analyze the current state of [insert industry here] and its trends, challenges, and opportunities, including relevant data and statistics. Provide a list of key players and a short and long-term industry forecast, and explain any potential impact of current events or future developments.

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can specify what format you would like the analysis in. You can even upload a previous version and ask the model to update it for you with more recent data.

Source: WriteSonic


Which model providers are businesses using?

Source: a16z survey of 70 enterprise AI decision makers

Among 70 business leaders who have implemented AI in their workplace, 66% say they’ve used OpenAI’s platforms. An additional 34% say they’ve tested out OpenAI’s models but haven’t implementing them yet.

Google came in second place, with 13% of decision makers using its models, and an additional 50% experimenting with them.


AI is coming to the Olympics

Source: AP

Not even the Olympics can escape the promise of AI. Just months ahead of Paris 2024, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced its going to start using LLMs for everything from improving the TV broadcasts to coaching competitors.

AI will be used to:

  • Find and screen talented athletes

  • Help competitors build custom training routines

  • Judge and referee some matches

  • Create individualized experiences for viewers

How would it work? In one example, AI tracked an athlete as he dove into the water, delivering real-time information about how many rotations he performed as well as his maximum height. That technology could help judges give more accurate, unbiased feedback — and help athletes understand why they received a particular score.

In another, a robot was trained to play ping pong in the style of two-time gold medalist Xu Xin. He then used the model to compete against himself in practice matches.

The initiative isn’t without controversy: Locals have raised concerns about AI-powered cameras being used to detect security threats during the Paris Olympics this summer.

And even though he’s excited about the promise of AI, English triathlon champ Alistair Brownlee said he was worried that some olympic jobs would get replaced. “Using AI to help with judging will make things fairer,” he said. “But how do you make sure AI augments judges and doesn’t replace them?”


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Winware: With five minutes of setup time, capture high-quality leads from your content with the help of AI.

 Eggnog: Create AI videos with consistent characters.*: The AI Project Manager that saves you hours every week. Takes meeting notes, captures action items and updates your project board. Try it here.

 Hi Talk: Learn new languages by communicating with AI on various topics, either by writing or speaking, while receiving messages with a realistic voice.

 Scrap: Browse websites, collect any data, and send them wherever you want.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any



Source: Inspired by @panicyya on Midjourney

Prompt: soft minimalistic landscapes black and white
--ar 3:4 


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