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AI that can read real-world sensors

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The best part about vetting hundreds of AI tools every month is that every now and again we come across one that seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie. We discovered a tool just like that over the weekend and we’re sharing our guide on how to use it below.


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  • AI for the physical world is coming

  • Governance: Eyes on the 2024 election

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  • AI Generated Images: Reptilian rhinestone cowboys


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Getty Images

  • Off Limits: YouTube CEO Neal Mohan warned in a recent interview that tech companies including OpenAI aren’t allowed to use its content to train their video generation platforms.

  • Change of Plans: Apple reportedly let go of about 600 employees after announcing it had abandoned plans to release an electric vehicle and a microLED display for smart watches.

  • Red Flag: In a test of six LLMs’ safety features, researchers found that xAI’s Glock was most vulnerable to jailbreaks that asked it for help committing various criminal activities.

  • Build-a-GPT: OpenAI is releasing a new slate of customization options for its business partners, who will now have more options to fine-tune models to their specific needs.

  • Major Comeback: Samsung projects its profits could soar 900% thanks to renewed interest in AI-powered products and increased demand for semiconductors.


How to generate high quality music with AI

ChatGPT can write like a real human but now a new AI tool can create entire songs that sound just like the real thing. Here’s how to create any song you like with a few clicks:

  • Go to the Suno website. We’ve previously covered the Suno plugin but this is a whole new level in terms of quality.

  • Sample some of the songs on the page.

  • Tap on make a song in the top right of the screen.

  • On the next page, navigate to Create in the bar on the left and create an account.

  • Explain what kind of song you’d like to create in the Song Description box and press Create.

To get more accurate songs, describe what the song is about, what genre it’s from, as well as instruments and other variables.


Optimize Your Team with No Code AI

The MindStudio team has expanded their free course to include how to:

  • Build out complete apps with AI-generated prompts and custom automations

  • Add and query your own data sources

  • Share AI workflows and invite your teammates to an organization

  • Integrate your AI application workflows with your current tools, like Slack and Mailchimp

Whether you're a seasoned AI enthusiast or a novice, this webinar will give you the skills to launch your own AI applications quickly.


AI for the physical world

Source: Archetype AI

Most major LLMs know the internet like the back of their hands. They’ve “read” more books than we could ever hope to in a lifetime. But feed them some data about your home or car and they might not know what to make of it.

A new company called Archetype is trying to tackle that problem: It wants to make AI useful for more than just interacting with and understanding the digital realm. The startup just unveiled Newton — “the first foundation model that understands the physical world.”

What’s it for? A warehouse or factory might have 100 different sensors that have to be analyzed separately to figure out whether the entire system is working as intended. Newton can understand and interpret all of the sensors at the same time, giving a better overview of how everything’s working together. Another benefit: You can ask Newton questions in plain English without needing much technical expertise.

How does it work?

  • Newton collects data from radar, motion sensors, and chemical and environmental trackers

  • It uses an LLM to combine each of those data streams into a cohesive package

  • It translates that data into text, visualizations, or code so it’s easy to understand

Archetype has already experimented with some practical applications: In one experiment, Newton opened the trunk of a car because it saw the driver was carrying an armful of groceries. It can be used to detect if a package has been damaged during delivery. And it might one day use health data to determine how well a patient has recovered from surgery.


Eyes on the 2024 elections

Source: Microsoft

  • In a new report, Microsoft Threat Intelligence warned that China could try to influence elections in the US, India, and South Korea with AI-generated content.

  • Meta announced it will start labeling AI-generated images, video, and audio on its social media sites ahead of the US election in order to prevent the spread of disinformation.

  • The EU will start fining X, TikTok, and other platforms if they fail to take down AI-powered deepfakes and disinformation in the lead up to Europe’s June elections.

  • The Biden administration is rolling out new regulations that will require US agencies to publish which AI systems they use and the threat levels of each.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Klue: Combine market, competitor, and buyer insights in a unified platform, driven by AI.

Bluedot: Record, transcribe, and summarize your meetings with AI-generated notes adapted to your needs.

Guidde*: Magically create video documentation with AI.

PlugBear: Connect your LLM apps to tools like Slack in just a few clicks.

Builder: Give your developers and marketers the toolkit to transform designs into optimized web and mobile experiences with AI.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Back to work

Prompt: Act like an experienced personal trainer who knows the best techniques. Describe a set of stretches and exercises that are proven to help ease back pain.

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can specify how much time you’d like to stretch for, and detail what equipment you have on hand. You can even ask the model to tailor the exercises to your favorite playlist.

Source: GrowthTribe


Which types of startups, in which industries, are investing the most in AI?

Source: HubSpot

Early-stage businesses are quickly embracing AI, according to a recent HubSpot report that surveyed 1,000 startup founders. More than eight in 10 information technology and software firms have invested in AI, along with 77% of professional and business services companies, and 72% of manufacturing companies.


This ain’t Texas

Source: @nicholasarmstrong. on Midjourney

Prompt: Envision a mesmerizing scene where a white gecko lizard wearing a brown Stetson cowboy hat are becomes a living masterpiece, adorned in a stunning array of white jewels. Picture emeralds, jade, malachite, and green sapphires intricately decorating its scales, creating a kaleidoscope of shimmering hues against a dramatic black backdrop. As the light catches each precious gem, a white gecko lizard wearing a brown Stetson cowboy hat exudes an aura of regal elegance and natural splendor. This captivating image celebrates the beauty of both wildlife and precious gemstones, merging artistry and nature in a mesmerizing display, add cowboy hat, shot on a Kodak Portra 160

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