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OpenAI wants to hear from you. Specifically, it wants to hear your voice. And the ChatGPT maker is building a platform that recreates a person’s distinct vocal tones using just 15 seconds of audio samples.


  • OpenAI wants to hear your voice

  • How to automate hiring with ChatGPT

  • Chart: More Americans are using ChatGPT at work

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Pixel cities


Today in AI & Tech

Image: Reuters

  • Tiny Titan: Apple published a new research paper where it claims to have developed a small-sized AI system that can outperform GPT-4 on some tasks.

  • Paint a Picture: ChatGPT now lets users edit specific parts of images. We’ll have a tutorial for you tomorrow.

  • Easy Access: OpenAI also said it will make ChatGPT accessible without requiring sign ups.

  • The Unbundling: Microsoft will separate Teams and Office globally amid antitrust scrutiny, according to Reuters.

  • AI Alliance: US and UK sign landmark agreement on testing safety of AI.


OpenAI wants to recreate human voices, including yours

Source: Costfoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Imagine hearing yourself rattle off a flawless line in French, Mandarin, or Japanese — even if you’ve never studied those languages. OpenAI just unveiled a generative audio tool that promises to do just that. Voice Engine is reportedly capable of recreating the tones and ticks that make a person’s voice unique — using only a 15-second sample as its source material.

What can Voice Engine do?

  • Translate videos and podcasts into other languages

  • Create human-like avatars for product marketing or tutorials

  • Give people who are non-verbal — or those who have lost the ability to speak — a new tool to communicate

When do we get to use it? Soon. OpenAI is treading carefully, since the new tech could do a lot of damage if it were to fall into the wrong hands, especially during an election year.

How is OpenAI addressing those concerns? It says it’ll create a digital watermark that warns listeners when an audio clip was generated with Voice Engine. It could also ban the use of certain voices, like those of politicians and celebrities.

Despite the risks, the new platform has a lot of potential: Voice Engine would allow children and non-readers to get reading help from a voice that actually sounds like a human, for example. Researchers at Brown University say they’re also using the tool to help people with degenerative speech conditions gradually recover their voices.


Elton John’s $1.9 million Banksy sale reveals unexpected investment opportunity

Just last month, an iconic Banksy painting from the collection of Sir Elton John shattered expectations when it sold for a whopping $1.9 million at auction. But even more surprising is a group of investors also celebrating this sale: 61,000 everyday users of one investment platform.

Why? Because that platform, called Masterworks, enables anyone to invest in shares of blue-chip paintings by artists like Banksy, Basquiat, and Picasso. This way, not only the music moguls and billionaires of the world can benefit from the art market.

In fact, each of Masterworks’ 21 exits have delivered a profit, with Masterworks investors realizing returns of 14.6%, 16.4%, and 17.8% and more.

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How to automate your hiring process with ChatGPT

If you’ve ever hired for a new role, you’re familiar with the mountain of hours that goes into scanning resumes to find the small number of candidates whose skills are a match for the role.

Fortunately, you can now delegate applicant and resume screening to ChatGPT. Here’s how:

  • You’ll need a paid account of ChatGPT to do this. If you don’t want to pay for an account, try Claude.

  • You’ll need to start by creating 2 documents: one that has the job post and assessment criteria, and one that has all the resumes you’ve received.

  • For example, if I was hiring for a designer, I may add requirements like 2 years of design experience and familiarity with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to the assessment criteria.

  • For the resumes, simply copy paste or combine all the resumes into one word or PDF file. You can also upload 5-10 resumes at a time alongside the assessment criteria doc.

  • Ask ChatGPT to identify the 5 or 10 best candidates who most closely match the assessment criteria.

You can also use ChatGPT to automate other parts of the hiring process, like generating job posts, generating interview questions and assignments, assessing interview and assignment responses, and so on.


Rest in … Pieces of AI?

When we lose a family member, we often turn to photos, videos, or audio recordings to reminisce about happy memories. But what if you could get a virtual hug from someone after they’ve passed — then have a full conversation with them?

That’s the idea behind a new tool called “Live Forever” — part of a larger metaverse platform called Somnium Space. Set to launch later this year, the tool invites users to spend 30 minutes inside a 3-D metaverse. Founder Artur Sychov says that’s enough time to generate a 3-D representation of the person, preserving their voice as well as their distinctive mannerisms and movements.

It’s a growing industry: Startups like HereAfter interview clients about their lives, then plug their responses into an LLM. Family members can use Alexa or another device to ask questions like: “What’s a funny story from your childhood?” The avatar will respond with a pre-recorded story, in his or her own voice.

On other platforms, like Project December, users can submit text messages and other written materials from their loved ones, then “simulate the dead” by conversing with an AI version of them.

Revolutionizing the grieving process: Some users say these new digital preservation tools have helped them cope with a loved one’s death. Others fear that conversing with a digital avatar might in some cases prolong our sense of grief. The practice also raises numerous ethical questions, especially if someone hasn’t consented to having their likeness kept alive after they’ve died.


Brainstorm new ideas

I am trying to [describe your goal, like writing a blog about a subject]. Give me a list of ideas for the headline, opening line, and topics I should cover.

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can switch the blog for a presentation and ask for headlines and bullet points for each slide.


ChatGPT’s growing popularity in the workplace

A growing percentage of employed Americans say they’ve used OpenAI’s ChatGPT for tasks at work.

Source: Pew Research/Wired

Roughly 20% of Americans say they’ve started using OpenAI’s ChatGPT at work. That’s up 12 points since March 2023 — and up eight points from July 2023.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Lychee: Transform spreadsheets into graphs and charts with the power of AI.

Tailor: Use AI to understand the news and create daily summaries of what matters most to you.

Fynk: Generate and automate contract management with AI.

AE Studio: Generate customized AI-powered solutions that can solve your business challenges instantly.

Repeto: Learn anything faster with AI.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Pixel Cities

Source: @gam3s_d3an on Midjourney

Prompt: Low angle shot of a [city, small town, small farm, coffee shop, etc] pixel art, 8 bit style, Worm’s-eye view

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