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The AI industry is all about looking to the future. But there’s no harm in being nostalgic for the past either. Some companies want the best of both worlds: They’re creating new gadgets inspired by the iPod — but with state-of-the-art LLMs under the hood.


  • A look at the latest AI gadgets

  • How to edit images with ChatGPT

  • AI at the doctor’s office

  • Prompt of the day

  • Chart: Which jobs will be most affected by AI?

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: A stroll through the art museum


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Getty Images/CNBC

  • Cart-astrophe: Amazon Fresh announced it’s getting rid of a program that let users skip the checkout line by scanning a QR code. The supposedly AI-powered technology relied on 1,000 employees in India, who monitored customers as they shopped.

  • Instant Earworms: Stability AI showed off a new version of its music generator, Stable Audio 2.0, which can create three-minute songs based on simple text prompts.

  • Quantum Leap: Microsoft and Quantinuum say they used a quantum computer to carry out 14,000 experiments with 100% accuracy — a big step forward for computer science.

  • Tech Aftershock: Major chipmaker TSMC said it temporarily paused production after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan Wednesday, killing nine people.


AI gets its iPod moment

Source: Rabbit

Why was the iPhone so revolutionary? Because it was like having a mini computer that could be used anywhere. Now, big names like Meta and newer startups like Rabbit want to do the same for AI.

Need to look up a recipe or plan a trip or code a website? There’s plenty of apps for each of those tasks but few that can do all of them. AI platforms, on the other hand, are good at doing a little bit of everything. Besides, there’s an undeniable cool factor to carrying around a gadget powered entirely by generative AI: They’re like new-age, supercharged iPods.

Here’s a roundup of the most anticipated AI hardware releases:

  • Humane’s voice-controlled AI Pin lets users play music, take photos, place calls, and ask questions. It also comes with a nifty laser projector.

  • Rabbit’s R-1, which features a retro touch screen and scroll wheel, lets you seamlessly perform different tasks across all of your apps with voice commands. It’s relatively affordable, too.

  • Brilliant Labs’ Frame glasses can identify and analyze objects in your field of vision. You can even ask the glasses to describe the nutritional contents and health benefits of meals.

  • Meta is gradually releasing new AI features for its Ray-Ban smart glasses. They can now identify landmarks and monuments and translate text.

Not so fast: Smartphone makers aren’t just going to give up and roll over. Samsung and Google have already started integrating some AI features into their latest Galaxy and Pixel models. And we’ll likely hear more about Apple’s AI offerings at its big June conference. Some tech gurus even have a new word for the next generation of AI-powered phones. Goodbye, smartphone. Hello, ‘intelligent phone.’


How to edit parts of images in ChatGPT

Need an object or person changed or removed in an image? Try the following in ChatGPT:

  • Go to ChatGPT

  • Ask it to generate an image for you

  • Then click on the image and select the edit option (pictured above)

  • Highlight the area where you would like the change to be applied

  • Explain the changes you want in the chat

  • Press enter and wait for the change to be processed

Note: You will need a ChatGPT Plus account to access image generation and editing features.


Doctors’ new AI apprentices

Most of us use LLMs to help make our lives a little easier. But for some, AI might one day be a literal life saver. And that reality could be here sooner than you think.

US regulators just approved a device that can help diagnose sepsis — an often deadly reaction to infections that affects around 1.7 million Americans each year.

That’s a big deal: Sepsis is tricky to diagnose because doctors have to assess dozens of factors — like temperature, heart rate, and cell counts — before they can determine whether someone has it. Prenosis’ Sepsis ImmunoScore can analyze all of those parameters simultaneously to help speed up treatment.

It’s an emerging field: The Mayo Clinic recently teamed up with the startup Eko Health to build a digital stethoscope that can diagnose certain heart conditions with about 85% accuracy. It was just cleared by the government for routine checkups, and doctors think it could help spot heart problems in people who haven’t even shown symptoms yet.

Some experts have their doubts: One 2019 study looked at 82 medical imaging algorithms and found that most of them were ‘sub par.’ Still, as LLMs get more sophisticated and powerful, they’re also expected to achieve much higher accuracy in the coming years.



Prompt: I have only three ingredients - Onion, tomato, and spinach. Can you show me 3 meals that I can cook with these ingredients?

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can add more ingredients, specify the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or the specific diet (vegan, dairy-free, keto, etc…). You can even change the recipe based on the amount of people you are cooking for.

Source: WriteSonic


Jobs most likely to be impacted by AI

Source: World Economic Forum/Visual Capitalist

Across nearly 870 occupations, AI will have the biggest impact on the IT industry, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. AI is expected to significantly alter 73% of IT tasks, while an additional 26% will see smaller changes. Finance, customer sales, operations, and HR will also face major changes due to AI.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

InvestAlert: Assess portfolios, conduct financial research, and receive personalized investing insights with AI.

Typper: A cutting-edge business intelligence tool that’s designed to transform your data into actionable insights.

Section*: Picking the Winners in AI — 1-hour webinar with General Catalyst's Christopher Kauffman on which AI startups will make it and which won't.

CommandBar: Unleash your users with an embedded, personalized assistant powered with AI.

GPTSidekick: Leverage GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini or MistralAI to answer your questions with precision.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Green Check

Source: @adrian4208 on Midjourney

Prompt: Papier couché art poster, gouache, checkered pattern, minimalism, british green background color 
--ar 5:7 --stylize 25

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