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You wanted an escape from the daily grind. But with constant delays and cancellations, you’re left with the sinking feeling that your precious vacation time is ticking away. AI startups are here to take the stress out of your next trip. Also, OpenAI is teasing a big reveal today.

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  • OpenAI has big news to share

  • Prompt: Weekly Schedule, Check

  • Why AI might help you plan your next vacation

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Everything else you should know today

  • Chart: The biggest drivers of AI adoption

  • AI-Generated Images: Parrot Party


OpenAI’s Big Move

Source: OpenAI on X

For weeks now, the AI world has been on the edge of its seat waiting for OpenAI’s next big thing. People have been decoding clues, dropping hints, and sharing guesses left and right – adding fuel to the frenzied fire.

  • Reuters reported that OpenAI’s new search engine will be officially unveiled today — just a day ahead of Google’s highly-anticipated I/O event.

  • The Information reported that OpenAI is developing an AI voice assistant in the quest to create a model with even better reasoning than “Her.”

  • Some accounts on social media platform X are claiming that Apple has sealed the deal with OpenAI on powering new AI features.

  • Meanwhile, OpenAI denied some of these reports and says it will demo some ChatGPT and GPT-4 updates today.

OpenAI is streaming a live event at 10am PT today that may hold the answer to all of our questions. Tune in here to watch or catch a full recap in tomorrow’s newsletter.


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Weekly Scheduling for All

Prompt: Create a healthy weekly schedule for someone who works five days per week 8am-5pm, and enjoys yoga, walks, and home workouts. I don’t need help planning my work time.

You can adapt the prompt to your specific needs. For example, switch out your work hours if you’re on the night shift, or explain to the model that you don’t enjoy working out in the mornings (or evenings). You can also share more guidelines such as how many hours per week you’d like to be active.

Source: Inspired by Producing Paradise [dot] com


AI could help you start your next vacation without a hitch

Source: American Airlines

When you picture yourself on vacation, you might imagine exploring a new city or soaking up the sun. The truth is there’s a lot that has to happen beforehand to make it all come together, from booking your hotel to getting through airport security. Those logistical hurdles can cause headaches even before you leave: Try staying positive, for instance, after a chunk of your hard-earned vacation time gets wasted taxiing on the runway.

The airline and hospitality industries have struggled to keep customers happy over the past few years, but many are now turning to AI for help. American Airlines has an AI tool called Smart Gating that can anticipate which gates will be free at different points of departure. It’s already saved passengers about 17 hours of taxi time each day. Another AI tool notifies airline staff about delayed connecting flights so that those passengers won’t get stranded at the airport.

AI can also keep passengers informed about delays and other important updates in real-time, too. That’s important, experts say, because it can help reduce the frustration some fliers feel when they don’t know what’s going on. Other startups want to help make planning your trip less of a hassle. One company, Mindtrip, now offers a “travel quiz” designed to match you up with your ideal vacation destination.

There are still some kinks to work out: AI chatbots can give passengers incorrect information. And they can be another barrier between you and a real-life human — a big issue if you’re trying to solve a more pressing, complicated issue. At the same time, AI might free up more employees so that they can prioritize those tricky travel scenarios.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Datalab: Upload a file or connect your database, then ask AI what data you need and easily share the insights with your team.

 AlphaBot: Handle thousands of customer requests simultaneously, accurately, and tirelessly with an AI-powered business assistant.

 Deepgram*: Convert text into lifelike AI voices in real-time with Aura, Deepgram's lightning-fast (sub 250 ms latency), low cost text-to-speech API. Sign up to try now.

 Ilus AI: Get beautiful, stylistically consistent illustrations in minutes.

 Lingolette: Transform your language learning experience with personalized neural network chat-based tools.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Everything you need to know today

Source: Duolingo

  • Polyglot Chatbot: After seeing a 54% boost in subscriptions, language-learning platform Duolingo is expanding a generative tool that lets users interact with a human-like AI tutor.

  • Press for Prompt: Anthropic recently released a new prompt engineering tool for Claude where users can describe their goal and Claude will write a “production-ready” prompt for the task.

  • Upvote for Privacy: Reddit is updating its content policy so that companies who use its data to train their AI models can’t access users’ personal information.

  • Nuclear Option: Oklo, a nuclear power company chaired by Sam Altman, just went public in a bid to power the next generation of AI data centers.

From The Frontier

“A large portion of business problems are constrained by how much time any given problem takes to solve and the number of people you have to solve it. AI flips this by creating a world where we can solve problems by essentially throwing more compute at them.“

— Aaron Levie, CEO of Box


The biggest drivers and barriers to AI adoption

Source: IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2023/Wall Street Journal

Among companies that use AI, 45% say they were motivated to implement it because technological advances have made models more accessible. More than four in ten say they’ve started using AI models to help reduce costs and automate important processes.

There are still some major barriers that have prevented some companies from using AI as much as they’d like. A third of respondents say their companies’ limited AI skills, expertise or knowledge have prevented them from fully adopting AI models. A quarter say their data is too complex right now for AI to be able to analyze it, and 23% say they have ethical concerns about using LLMs.


Parrot Portraits

Source: Inspired by @alexcsoban on Midjourney

Prompt: Create a dark, moody-style 3D wallpaper featuring a colorful parrot sitting on a moss-covered rock in a jungle environment. The parrot should have a [insert color] base color with a few [insert other color]feathers like a macaw parrot. Ensure the parrot is detailed, vibrant, and sharply in focus, with sunlight filtering through the jungle canopy from above, illuminating the scene. The background should be filled with lush jungle foliage, adding depth and atmosphere to the moody aesthetic. The image should be suitable for a vertical wallpaper. 

--ar 9:16


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