How AI could help protect Olympians

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The International Olympic Committee wants competition at this summer’s Paris Games to get heated — but not too heated. It’s using AI to scrub social media of hateful posts directed at athletes. And: Learn five of the best ChatGPT prompting techniques.

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  • AI is being used to keep athletes safe at Paris 2024

  • Tutorial: Five ChatGPT prompts to fast-track your learning

  • Finding ancient medicines in the natural world with AI

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Everything else you should know today

  • AI-Generated Images: Human x Nature


The International Olympic Committee is using AI to protect athletes

Tensions can understandably run high at the Olympics, as thousands of athletes vie to be named the best in the world at their sport. But organizers are anxious that this summer’s games could be more cutthroat than usual due to political clashes and conflicts in the Middle East and Europe.

The IOC expects there will be about 500 million Olympic-related social media posts this year — not all of them friendly. It’s a rate that no human moderator could keep up with. “If someone were to take only one second to read each post it would take them 16 years to go through," IOC President Thomas Bach told reporters last week.

Here’s where AI comes in: 

  • The IOC plans to deploy an AI tool that will flag and delete abusive posts across more than 35 languages to protect 15,000 athletes and organizers from harassment

  • The initiative will also help researchers figure out how widespread the issue is — and how abuse can affect athletes’ well-being

  • It’ll be the first time AI has been used to protect so many athletes at once

Why not everyone supports the plan: It wasn’t clear whether the IOC would be able to override social media sites’ policies, but some privacy experts are worried the organization might be overstepping its bounds. The French government has also faced scrutiny since it’s working with four companies to track crowd movement, weapon detection, and other potentially dangerous metrics with AI-enhanced cameras — something that civil liberties advocates say could be misused. 

A counterpoint: Olympic organizers say they have every reason to be concerned. Earlier this month, Microsoft published a report that describes how Russian agents created a fake documentary to disparage the Olympic Committee — apparently a response to the country being banned from this year’s games. It also generated fake images of threatening graffiti plastered around Paris to intimidate attendees.


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Everything else you need to know today

Source: Microsoft

  • Playing it Safe: Microsoft’s Recall AI feature, which snaps screenshots of your actions online, has been delayed due to security concerns. It was one of the standout tools coming to the company’s new AI PCs.

  • Wild Card: OpenAI has appointed former NSA director Paul Nakasone to its board of directors as well as its new safety committee. Nakasone stepped down from his government position earlier this year.

  • Dream Team: The security-oriented Brave web browser is merging its search engine and Leo chatbot so that users can receive real-time information based on their queries.

  • Making History: In the first-ever G7 speech given by a pontiff, Pope Francis warned of AI’s potential dangers. An AI-generated photo of the pope wearing a puffy jacket went viral last year.

😄 One Fun Thing: A digital candidate known as “AI Steve” is running for parliament in the UK’s general election next month. The AI avatar is physically represented by entrepreneur Steve Endacott, who has vowed to vote on AI Steve’s behalf if he’s elected.

🧠 Brain Food: Have you ever wanted to read Joyce or Nietzsche but felt too intimidated to try? An AI company called Rebind wants to make literature and philosophy more inviting by letting you read books alongside AI versions of popular writers, like Roxane Gay and Deepak Chopra. You can even ask the avatar experts questions about the text you’re studying.


5 ChatGPT Prompts to fast-track your learning

  1. Pareto Principle: Act as a learning strategist using the 80/20 principle to accelerate learning in [subject or skill]. Identify the 20% of [concepts or activities] that will yield 80% of the results, and provide strategies for focusing on these high-impact areas. Include tips for identifying key areas and maximizing efficiency.

  2. Spaced Repetition: Act as a memory retention expert using the spaced repetition technique and help me design a repetition schedule to learn [subject/topic]. Provide a detailed plan for incorporating this technique into a daily study routine, including recommended tools and scheduling tips.

  3. Interleaving Technique: Act as a study planner and help me design an interleaved study plan for [specific topic]. Mix different subjects and skills within [subject area]. Identify the main subtopics, suggest a weekly schedule, and include strategies for alternating between these subtopics to maximize retention and understanding.

  4. Active Learning: Act as a learning coach to incorporate active learning strategies into studying [subject or topic]. Provide specific examples of activities such as problem-solving, discussion, teaching others, and applying concepts in practical scenarios. Craft questions that encourage critical thinking and application of knowledge to get a deeper understanding of [topic/subject]

  5. Feynman Technique: Act as a learning coach and help me use the Feynman Technique to master [specific topic]. Guide me in breaking down the topic, teaching it simply, identifying gaps, and refining my understanding. Provide an example of applying this technique to a concept within the topic.


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An AI model is helping researchers discover ancient medicines

Source: Enveda Biosciences

A lot of research has gone into synthesizing artificial drugs from scratch. But scientists at Colorado startup Enveda Biosciences say there are potentially life-saving compounds hiding right under our noses in the natural environment. In fact, 95% of the natural world’s chemical makeup remains a mystery.

While building a database of 38,000 medicinal compounds, they found that drug discovery is closely intertwined with our own history — and that cultures in different parts of the world have even stumbled on the same cures for various ailments. 

TechCrunch points out that roughly 40% of today’s medicines have their roots in ancient practices. But Enveda thinks there are plenty more where that came from, and it’s using AI to help discover them. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Enveda’s extensive catalog includes not only the drugs themselves but also what they’ve traditionally been used for

  • It runs that data through an AI model to isolate substances that could be the best candidates for further research

  • The model also predicts which conditions each compound is most likely to treat

Microsoft and the non-profit Nature Conservancy are among the investors that contributed $55 million to Enveda’s latest funding round. Two of its drugs are headed to clinical trials later this year. If successful, they could one day be used to treat skin conditions and stomach problems.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Neurooo: Handling more than 100 languages, this AI-powered translation companion excels at understanding the context and desired tone of your text.

 Jace: An AI assistant that can complete complex tasks involving web automation, interaction, and direct communication.

 TresdotsAI: A chatbot that lets you ask questions and interact with YouTube videos.

 TwoShot: Transform your creative ideas into tangible sounds with an AI sample generator.

 Sixfold: Boost your underwriting capacity, accuracy, and transparency for insurers.

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Human x Nature

Source: @hyperart on Midjourney

Prompt: The installation art depicts the image of a beautiful woman in a dense forest, which is made of thin white wires. It has both an abstract and artistic feel, expressing the relationship between man and nature.
--ar 2:3

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