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How AI is impacting white collar jobs

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The big scary question at the heart of AI: will it take our jobs? Every few months we see significant breakthroughs, which lead to more capable tools, which leads to new research assessing the impact of these tools. As new studies emerge, we assess recent research findings, and what it means for our jobs.

But it’s not all theory and numbers. We’ve also got a list of the 5 best GPTs we’ve found recently to help you get more done at work.


  • New research on AI’s impact on jobs paints a complex picture

  • 5 powerful new GPTs to help you get more done at work

  • Funding Roundup: The biggest deals in AI this week

  • Tutorial: How to improve your resume with ChatGPT

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  • Bargain Hunters: A record $9.8 billion was spent on U.S. Black Friday online sales.

  • 4-Day Weekend: Bill Gates thinks a 3-day work week could be a thing thanks to AI.

  • Brainiac: Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain implant startup, raises over $40 million in new funding.

  • Spicy: Engineers are building uncensored AI models in response to models that are trying hard not to be controversial.

  • Strike a Pose: A Spanish agency has built an AI influencer that earns over $10,000 per month.


New research on AI’s impact on the job market paints a complex picture

As the debate around AI and jobs swings from the one extreme of utopian abundance to the other extreme of dystopian unemployment, it can be hard to make sense of what’s actually happening on the ground.

In order to help you understand how AI is impacting jobs at this moment in time, here’s what we’ve learned from recent studies on the subject:

AI can help you be very productive at some tasks. Not so much at others.

According to research from Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group, consultants that used GPT-4 completed 12.2% more tasks on average. They completed tasks 25.1% more quickly with a 40% higher quality score. However, for tasks that were more complicated, consultants were 19% less likely to produce the correct answer.

AI tools like ChatGPT are likely having a negative impact on some professions like copywriting and graphic design.

According to another study that looked at the impact of AI on the online labor market, the release of ChatGPT had a sharp and negative impact on the amount of work and income that copywriters and graphic designers received on online freelancing platforms. The impact was observed regardless of skill level, meaning people of all skill levels were affected by the release of ChatGPT.

Higher skill or income level does not automatically shield you from the impact of AI.

According to a study published by researchers at OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania, workers making over $100,000 could be significantly more vulnerable than those making half that amount. Writing about the effects of AI models on the labor market, the report states: “The projected effects span all wage levels, with higher-income jobs potentially facing greater exposure to LLM capabilities and LLM-powered software.”


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5 new GPTs to help you get more done with ChatGPT

It might seem like it happened ages ago, but before all the chaos that went down at OpenAI in the last couple of weeks, the company made one of its biggest product announcements in the form of custom GPTS which let you accomplish specific tasks.

After testing dozens of GPTs recently, here are 5 of the best we think will help you get more done at work and beyond:


Tired of hopping around different apps and websites to convert files to the right format? Simply drag and drop a file into this GPT and it will convert it to the format you want. You can convert documents, images, audio, video and more. Try it here

Ask Dr. Andrew Huberman

Created by professor Junyang Wang at the Stanford AI Lab, this GPT is trained on all the podcast episodes of the Huberman Lab to help you maximize your productivity, physical and mental health with neuroscience. Access it here


Create presentations, logos, social media posts and other design assets with Canva’s very own GPT. Try it here

Website Roaster

Improve your websites and get more customers with this GPT that gives you specific recommendations for your website. Try it here

Insta Guru

It’s in the name. This GPT helps you boost your social media presence by giving you specific recommendations for your Instagram account. Try it here



A large language model (LLM) is a type of language model that is designed to understand and generate language. LLMs are commonly trained with large amounts of data and computing resources. These models work by taking a text and predicting the next work accurately.

Notable LLMs include OpenAI’s GPT-4, Meta’s LLaMa, Google’s PaLM and Anthropic’s Claude.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Noah: Your AI work assistant. Ask Noah to answer questions, summarize content, draft emails, and beyond.

Rask AI: Translate your audios and voiceover your videos in 130+ languages with AI.

Incogni  (sponsored): Remove your personal data from the internet with Incogni. Stop spam calls & emails. Prevent ID theft, frauds, scams, raising insurance rates and more.

Glean AI: AI-powered workplace search. Across all your company's apps.

BFF AI: Your AI-powered best friend to help you generate high-quality texts, images, and code instantly, voice-to-text, text-to-voice, and more.


The biggest deals in AI this week

  • Billion-dollar AI start-up AI21 raises $208m backed by Intel. Read more →

  • Rephrase AI gets acquired by Adobe. Read more →

  • Former Googler Adrian Aoun raises $100 million for walk-in AI healthcare pods. Read more →


How to improve your resume with ChatGPT

Run a SWOT analysis on your resume compared to the job description. Your resume will be near perfect after implementing this prompt.

  1. Go to ChatGPT. Select GPT 4 as the GPT 3.5 version won’t allow you to upload your resume.

  2. You will need to add instructions about how your GPT should behave. Below is a template you can use.

  3. Upload your resume by clicking the attachment icon in the chat bar.

Provide a SWOT analysis based on the resume below for the job description below.

[copy paste job description from LinkedIn or Indeed]

Run the prompt to get a resume better aligned with the job description. Watch our YouTube video tutorial above, in case you’ve missed any steps.


Psychedelic Artwork by Keith Haring x George Condo

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