AI is reshaping how we build cities

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Skyscrapers with legs and houses hanging by a rope. Policymakers and architects are all in on AI in an effort to reshape how we build future cities — and run current ones.


  • Algorithms as architects — AI is reshaping how we build cities

  • How to use AI to organize your tabs in Chrome

  • Chart: AI-powered coding copilots are reducing code quality

  • The biggest developments in AI governance and policy this week

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Cats doing human things


Today in AI & Tech

Image Source: WWE

  • Streaming Wars: Netflix’s stock soars after the company’s crackdown on password sharing leads to more new subscribers than expected.

  • Ready to Rumble: The streaming giant got another boost as popular wrestling show WWE Raw announced it will stream exclusively on Netflix.

  • iCar Ultra Pro Max? Apple plans to launch an electric car with limited self-driving features in 2028, according to Bloomberg.

  • Penny Pinching: The Information reports that Microsoft has formed a team tasked with building generative AI apps that are cheaper to run than OpenAI’s.

  • Inner Talent: A new study uses AI to find that music-selective neurons can develop spontaneously in our brains without being taught music, indicating that musical ability may be an instinctive brain function.


Algorithms as architects — AI is reshaping how we build cities

Barcelona wants to create a digital twin of itself. As weird as that may sound, the city has embarked on an ambitious project to collect data from its surroundings to build a virtual version of itself that, with the help of AI, can inform its officials how certain policy decisions could impact the city’s outcomes.

The project is just one of many ways that AI is impacting how we build and run our cities. Zaha Hadid Architects, the architecture firm behind iconic buildings such as the London Aquatics Center and the Guangzhou Opera House, has made no secret of its use of AI in recent years. The firm has admitted to using popular AI image generation tools like Dall-E and Midjourney to generate architectural designs for clients (pictured above).

Hassan Ragab is another architect who is harnessing the promise of generative AI to bring new ideas to his field. Ragab’s Instagram account has broken out from the sea of AI-generated architectural designs and received mainstream acclaim. The account showcases a number of creative AI-generated designs from skyscrapers with legs to fruit-shaped houses.

As architects look to generative AI tools to imagine possible futures, governments and policymakers are banking on sophisticated AI models to make better predictions about the future. Cities like Bologna in Italy are following Barcelona’s lead in creating a digital twin that acts as a sort of oracle for the city’s officials. “Thanks to AI, we can answer questions about what is going to happen without knowing exactly the law that drives the system,” says Jordi Cirera Gonzalez, director of the Knowledge Society at Barcelona City Council.


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How to use AI to automatically organize your tabs in Chrome

Tired of switching back and forth between a sea of tabs to get work done? Chrome just launched a new generative AI feature to help you organize multiple tabs to simplify your workflow. Here’s how to use it:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome installed on your device.

  • Begin by opening all the tabs you need (e.g., planning a trip, researching, shopping).

  • Right-click on any of your open tabs.

  • Select “Organize Similar Tabs” from the context menu.

  • Or click the drop-down arrow located to the left of your tabs.

  • Chrome's AI will suggest tab groups based on content.

  • Accept the AI’s suggestions or drag tabs to customize groups.

  • Edit suggested names and emojis for each group for easy identification.



AI-powered code assistance tools are reducing code quality

Source: GitClear, Coding on Copilot report

A new study from GitClear analyzed 153 million lines of code to find that the use of generative AI coding tools is leading to a higher percentage of code churn, reducing both the quality and maintainability of code.


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The biggest developments in AI governance and policy this week

  • The World Health Organization has released AI ethics and governance guidance for professionals and organizations using AI models in healthcare.

  • The US is testing AI-powered swarm drones, according to defense publication Defense One.

  • State attorneys general in the US are urging regulators to restrict AI in telemarketing in an effort to protect consumers from unwanted calls and texts.

  • In a first, OpenAI suspends bot developer for presidential hopeful Dean Phillips, deeming it as a misuse of its AI tools in a political campaign.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Sharly: Summarize long documents and simplify complex PDFs using AI.

Threado: An AI-powered customer support assistant trained on your knowledge base, past resolutions, workspace and community conversations.

Xembly*: The AI executive assistant that handles admin tasks like scheduling, note-taking, and calendar optimization – saving every employee 400 hours a year.

Brainstory: A virtual coach to help you communicate ideas to your team.

Yuna: An AI-powered mental health app to track your progress over time.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Cats doing human things

source: jmei08C on Midjourney

prompt used: A little cat wearing pajamas and [insert activity]. Warm lights and some indoor plants. The entire scene gives a warm and comfortable feeling, creating a relaxed and resting atmosphere - ar 2:3-v 6-iw 2 --ar 9:16 --stylize 750 --v 6.0

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