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  • AI takes Nvidia to almost $1 TRILLION

AI takes Nvidia to almost $1 TRILLION



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Hello and welcome back to another eventful day in AI as the world witnessed one of history’s biggest one day increases in stock price for a large company, as Nvidia’s stock market value jumped to almost $1 trillion - all thanks to the demand for GPUs that generative AI apps like ChatGPT are creating.

Let’s get to it. Here’s what’s on the menu today:

🤖 News: AI demand takes Nvidia’s stock price to the moon

⌨️ ChatGPT Prompt Tutorial: How to be a screenwriter

⚡ 3 AI tools to supercharge your productivity

📸 AI-generated images of the day: DC characters as hippies  

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🤖 News: AI demand takes Nvidia’s stock price to the moon


source: Google

The US stock market witnessed history in the making last night as Nvidia announced that it expects to earn 50% above its quarterly revenue forecast of $7.2 billion.

The magnitude of the announcement led to Nvidia’s stock price jumping by 27% overnight, as the company’s valuation reached $960 billion.

The increase in expected earnings and stock price was fuelled almost entirely by the increase in demand for Nvidia’s Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), which companies use to run generative AI models for applications like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Read the full thing here→ (paid article)

⌨️ ChatGPT Prompt Tutorial: How to become a Screenwriter

Did you know ChatGPT can help you become a screenwriter? The result may not be perfect, but it’ll give you enough material to get started.

Use this prompt below:

Act as a screenwriter. I want you to develop an engaging TV series which captivates viewers throughout. Make the characters interesting by giving them complex stories, come up with a suitable plot and also write the dialogue for each character. After you're done with the characters, work on this premise, "a software engineer falls in love with an AI assistant that they created." 

Here’s the result:

You can change the prompt to get results more suited to what you are looking for. For example, you can give it a different premise, or you can have it write a movie script instead of a TV series.

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📸 AI-generated images of the day

DC characters as hippies (source)



Wonder Woman

Harley Quin

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