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ALSO: OpenAI wants to bring ChatGPT into classrooms

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We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with image creation tools like Midjourney and OpenAI’s Dall-E, but Meta might have just leaped ahead of everyone else with its new AI tool that lets you create videos.

And as fears of AI replacing jobs grow, we look at the historical evidence to understand how new technologies impact employment.


  • Why AI (probably) won’t replace your job

  • Meta’s new AI tool lets you create videos

  • Friday Laughs: ChatGPT catches up with human intelligence

  • 5 AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Tutorial: How to create collages

  • AI Generated Images: Harry Potter as a 90s sitcom


Source: Reuters

  • Big Hit: Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s decision to not sell its cloud business wipes $20 Billion off its market value.

  • Cool for School: OpenAI explores how to get ChatGPT into classrooms.

  • New Friends: Apple is about to make it easier for iOS users to text Android phones.

  • Delayed again: Report says Gemini, Google’s GPT-4 competitor, has been delayed again.

  • Big Bucks: Menlo Ventures closes on $1.35B for investments in AI startups.


Why AI (probably) won’t replace your job

Since the mechanization of textile looms in 1675, there have been persistent concerns about job displacement every time a new technology comes to the fore.

In fact, the term ‘Luddites’ refers to the 19th-century movement of English textile workers who opposed the use of certain types of cost-saving machinery, often by destroying the machines in clandestine raids.

History, of course, panned out in a very different way as the global economy - and employment - grew exponentially in the decades and centuries since the Luddite movement.

For a more recent example, take a look at what ATMs did to bank tellers. Bank tellers in the 1980s and 1990s would have every reason to believe that ATMs could make them obsolete by taking over the most important part of their job: counting and dispensing cash. But the data shows the opposite:

Instead of putting bank tellers out of a job, ATMs increased the demand for tellers by reducing the cost of operating a bank branch. The reduced cost of operating a branch meant that banks opened more branches and hired more tellers to operate them. Bank branches in urban areas increased by more than 40% (source)

The counterintuitive nature of new technologies is such that they may eliminate certain jobs - or parts of those jobs - but they also create new jobs and empower workers in existing jobs to be more productive.

As some job categories vanish into the annals of history, new ones spring up to fill the void. A study by M.I.T. economist David Autor reveals the dynamic nature of the job market: a striking 60% of the jobs that existed in 2018 did not exist in 1940.

The key takeaway from the effect of new technologies on the job market: new tech doesn’t replace jobs, it displaces them, meaning that jobs are shifted, not eliminated. This requires workers to either up-skill or re-skill, but does not necessarily mean that they’ll be out of a job permanently.

Next time you hear a reactionary take on how AI is going to put us all out of a job, keep the facts above in mind, take a deep breath, and carry on with your day.


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Meta’s new AI tool lets you create videos

Source: Meta

While plenty of companies like Adobe and Google have been showing off AI-powered image editing capabilities over the last month, Meta might have just set a new bar with Emu, its new video and image editing tool.

Meta is bringing Emu to Facebook and Instagram as 2 new features: Emu Edit and Emu Video. Emu Edit will let users pick specific parts of a photo and edit them. You’ll be able to remove or edit objects in an image without any professional image editing experience.

But the star of the show is Emu Video, a new tool that will let users generate videos from text or image input. It’s similar to how ChatGPT works but imagine videos instead of text. Users will also be able to combine both text and images to generate new videos.

There is currently no confirmation on when these tools will be officially released. You can see some working demos here. And you can get more details in the official announcement here.


Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Supervised Learning is a branch of AI where models are trained on data that is correctly labeled, usually by a human. In Unsupervised Learning, there is no labeled data provided and the model has to figure out the relationship and patterns in the data itself.


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ChatGPT catches up with human intelligence

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Polywork: Turn your LinkedIn profile into a beautiful personal website in seconds with AI.

Fal: Create incredible art and images with just a splash of color and a few words.

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Fliki: Video creation made 10x simpler and faster with AI.

Castmagic: Convert audio into other content formats like transcripts, summaries, CRM data, blogs and more.


How to create collages

Prompt: minimalist collage, futuristic office, people working, a robot, --v 5.2 --ar 16:9 

You can change parts of the prompt to get the exact look you want. In most cases just telling it you want a collage is sufficient to create a collage.


Harry Potter as a 90s sitcom

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