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When it comes to living in the moment, AI models are practically zen masters. But if you only exist in the present-tense, how can you learn from the past — or predict the future? Developers at OpenAI and Meta are trying solve that problem.

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  • AI that can plan ahead

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  • The first supercomputer for students

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

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The next frontier: AI that can plan ahead

Most chatbots can tell you what the weather is like. They can even contextualize climate trends from the past few decades. But ask them something more complicated — like how economic and social patterns might affect the climate in the future — and they'll struggle to come up with an answer.

That’s because AI models aren’t very good at anticipating things: We take it for granted that we can predict how different scenarios might play out before making a decision. How do we do it? By recalling past experiences.

GPT-4 and its competitors, on the other hand, are only capable of “thinking” a few steps ahead. They especially struggle with math equations and logic puzzles, since those tasks require a lot of trial and error.

That could soon change:

  • Execs at both OpenAI and Meta recently told the Financial Times they’re working on new models that show glimmers of reasoning capabilities

  • Both companies have been hazy on the details, but the basic takeaway is that each model will see improvements in their ability to remember what happened in the past

  • We won’t have to wait long: OpenAI’s long-awaited GPT-5 is reportedly coming “soon,” while Meta’s Llama 3 should be out in a few weeks

We’re already seeing a lot of improvement: For example, ChatGPT used to be pretty bad at chess. It sometimes tried to make moves that aren’t even allowed. But between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, something changed. Now, ChatGPT can beat about 50% of ranked players.

If the new models live up to the hype, it would make us one step closer to achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) — the fabled point when AI can compete with humans in any cognitive task

Today in AI & Tech

  • Insta-Answers: Instagram users will now be able to interact with Meta’s AI chatbot through their search bar.

  • Do As I Say: Adobe allegedly trained its AI-powered text-to-image platform Firefly using other AI-generated images, despite promises that it would only use copyright-free art for training purposes.

  • Full Transparency: After Humane’s new AI Pin received scathing reviews, its lead designer admitted he finds the device “frustrating sometimes” — but that his phone and laptop are no better.

  • Phone for Fries: Diners can now order food on DoorDash and Uber Eats by talking to an AI voice bot over the phone.


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How to get quality feedback

Prompt: As an [investor/business owner/magazine editor], please review the following [proposal/project/article] for both strengths and areas for improvement. 

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate it? Be candid and objective in your feedback. 

Then, please share 5 points that you enjoyed and 5 points of constructive feedback. Help me understand how to make this better. 

Source: Inspired by @thousand.dawn on Medium


The first supercomputer made for students

Source: Georgia Tech College of Engineering

Imagine signing up for a college machine learning class only to find out you’ll be one of the first students in the country to get their hands on an AI supercomputer.

That’s the reality for a group of undergrads at Georgia Tech this semester. Nvidia helped the Atlanta-based university design the first supercomputer specifically made for learning.

Don’t assume it’s watered down for student use: The computer is made up of 160 state-of-the-art GPUs. “To put this computational power into perspective, it would take a single NVIDIA H100 GPU one second to come up with a multiplication operation that would take Georgia Tech’s 50,000 students 22 years to achieve,” the school wrote in a press release.

Put another way, one professor said it’s like getting an iPad after years of using only an etch-a-sketch.

So what? By 2025, all engineering students at the school will be able to play inside the new “digital sandbox.” They can use it for robotics, engineering, design, and generative AI projects. That’s something most people never get to do — unless they’ve landed at a major tech company like OpenAI or Apple.

Georgia Tech says it’s the first step in democratizing access to powerful computers, so that more people will get a chance to experiment with them — and potentially come up with new uses for them.


Funding for generative AI startups

Funding for AI startups soared in the first quarter of 2023, just months after ChatGPT’s blockbuster public release. There was another investment boom in Q3 2023, when both Amazon and Google put billions behind Anthropic, the maker of the Claude chatbot.

Funding is again on the rise: It’s up about 11% from the final quarter of 2023. And investment firms are starting to expand their horizons. Besides chatbots, they’ve also started funding generative AI apps and humanoid robot projects.



5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Volv: A Snapchat-backed app that gives you the best articles across the web in 9-second reads using AI. Users call it the TikTok for smart people.

 PersanaAI: Quickly build a high-quality lead list from more than 75 data sources with this AI-powered prospecting tool.

 Section*: Free event: How Will AI Change Education? Join Section's 1-hour discussion with AI education expert Dr. Philippa Hardman, on how AI will change learning from high schools to board rooms.

 Sequel: Unlock the secrets of your health with an AI longevity assistant designed to provide a comprehensive view of your well-being.

 Musho: Dive into creative direction while an AI design assistant manages UI details for you.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Le Batman

Source: @fr.b. on Midjourney

Prompt: Jim Aparo's illustration depicting Batman drinking a cup of coffee in Paris at night, full moon
--ar 4:5 

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