How Nvidia became a $2 Trillion company

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Friday marked a landmark day for the AI industry as chipmaker Nvidia crossed $3 Trillion in valuation, becoming only the third US company in history to do so. They’re also now the third most valuable company in the world.

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  • How Nvidia became a $2Tn company — and why it matters

  • Research finds AI chatbots get better at math with Star Trek prompts

  • Chart: Nvidia’s rise vs the rest of the ‘Magnificent Seven’

  • 5 ChatGPT prompts to help with your next job search

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Famous people as Samurai warriors


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Reuters

  • How Much? Lawyers representing shareholders who defeated Elon Musk’s $56B Tesla pay package ask court to award them shares in the company worth nearly $6bn as payment.

  • Bot Bet: Amazon has set up a $1B innovation fund to drive investments in companies that combine AI and robotics.

  • Helping Hand: As US sanctions start to bite, China is offering AI “computing vouchers” to its startups in an effort to subsidize computing costs.

  • Gatekeeping: India asks tech firms to seek approval before releasing AI tools, attracting criticism from some observers on social media platforms.

  • Looming Deadline: Meta says it’s deleting all Oculus accounts at the end of the month. Users will lose games and purchases if they don’t migrate to a Meta account by March 29th.


How Nvidia became a $2Tn company — and why it matters

Source: Nvidia

What happened

Nvidia crossed the $2 Trillion valuation mark last week, making it the third most valuable company in the world behind Microsoft and Apple. The news highlights the company's extraordinary ascent from a valuation of under $100 Billion just five years ago — marking a 20X+ rise over that period.

How it happened

Nvidia’s chips were initially designed for video games. These graphics processing units (GPUs) excelled at rendering video game pixels thanks to their chip architecture, which completed computation tasks faster by breaking them into smaller chunks and running them in parallel, instead of doing them sequentially.

Luckily for Nvidia, these GPUs turned out to be the ideal chip for training AI models, which need a large number of computations to be run in parallel. Once Nvidia latched onto this insight, it optimized these chips specifically for the growing AI market.

Combined with its networking technology and a software platform that allows customers to fine-tune its processors, Nvidia’s chips became the default choice for a rapidly growing AI market that was hungry for GPUs and willing to pay billions for them.

Why it matters

Some analysts predict that Nvidia’s annual revenue could grow to $400B by 2027. With AI set to be the most important economic and technological trend in the coming years, Nvidia could be the world’s most important company over the next decade.


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Nvidia’s rise vs the rest of the ‘Magnificent Seven’

Source: Financial Times, Peter Wells, Bloomberg


Research finds AI chatbots get better at math with Star Trek prompts

AI chatbots are weird. A study last year found that ChatGPT’s performance drops around the holidays. Another piece of research found that chatbots perform better when you offer them imaginary money. And now, a new piece of research has further added to the weirdness.

Researchers at software company VMware have found that chatbots perform better on math questions when you tell them to pretend they’re on Star Trek. “Surprisingly, it appears that the model’s proficiency in mathematical reasoning can be enhanced by the expression of an affinity for Star Trek,” the researchers wrote.

For one AI model, asking the chatbot to start its response with the phrases “Captain’s Log, Stardate [insert date here]:” generated the most accurate answers.

But why, you ask? Annoyingly, nobody has a clue. “It’s both surprising and irritating that trivial modifications to the prompt can exhibit such dramatic swings in performance,“ concluded the researchers in their paper.


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5 ChatGPT prompts to help with your next job search

Company research

Prompt: I have an interview with [company] for the position of [job position]. Analyze the company’s website [website link] and give me a summary of the work they do.

Generate a cover letter

Prompt: [Insert job description] Write a cover letter for the role of [insert role] at [insert company], highlighting my experience with respect to the most important qualifications in the job description. Mention how my contributions at [insert previous company] will be a great addition to the [insert company].

Interview preparation

Prompt: I am interviewing for the role of [insert role]. Give me a list of the most common questions asked in the interview for this role.

Introduction email

Prompt: Write an introduction about myself in less than 150 words focusing on my experiences in [insert job field] for the [insert job title] at [insert company].

Salary negotiation

Prompt: I am a job seeker with [x] years of experience in [field]. I am applying for the role of [job role]. What are important factors to consider while negotiating my salary?


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Basedash AI: Visualize, edit, and explore your data with AI.

Dataku: Extract valuable insights from documents and texts.

Guidde*: Magically create video documentation with AI.

AgentX: Build an AI agent chatbot for your business in less than 5 minutes.

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Famous people as Samurai warriors

source: u/raregianpaol0 on Reddit

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