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Amazon goes big with new image model and processor

ALSO: Sam's back, and Elon drops the f bomb

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Welcome back, Superhuman

Amazon isn’t playing around, folks. After announcing a ChatGPT competitor for businesses 2 days ago, the company came out in full force again as it announced a new AI model that generates images and blazing fast new processors to go with it.

But the rest of the pack isn’t planning on watching from the sidelines, as Meta, Microsoft, and Stability AI also announced significant breakthroughs this week.


  • Amazon goes big-time with new AI image model and processors

  • Major new AI breakthroughs from Meta, Microsoft, Stability and Perplexity

  • The biggest recent funding deals in AI

  • Tutorial: Create illustrations for apps and websites

  • AI Generated Images: Star Wars as a medieval manuscript


Source: Binance

  • So Back: Sam Altman is officially back as OpenAI CEO, Microsoft also gets a board seat.

  • F Bomb: Elon Musk tells advertisers fleeing the X platform to ‘go f**k yourself‘ in new interview.

  • Instability AI: AI startup Stability AI could be sold as investors urge CEO to resign.

  • Expiry Date: Your unused Gmail account could be permanently deleted unless you reclaim it before Friday.

  • Own Goal: Cristiano Ronaldo is being sued for $1 Billion lawsuit over Binance crypto ads.


Amazon goes big-time with new AI image model and faster processors

Source: Amazon

Amazon’s been making one big announcement after another at its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week. After announcing Q, a ChatGPT competitor for businesses earlier this week, the company made two more major announcements yesterday.

First up is a new text-to-image AI model called Titan. According to Amazon, Titan can produce “realistic, studio-quality images.” However, unlike other AI image generation apps like ChatGPT and Midjourney, Titan won’t be available as a standalone app. Instead, companies will be able to integrate Titan into their apps and websites to generate images.

Titan is aimed more at businesses and enterprises instead of consumers and will also come with a feature that adds invisible watermarks to images to help identify AI-generated visuals.

You can read more about Titan’s image generation capabilities on Amazon’s official blog here.

The other major announcement came in the form of faster chips made for training and running AI models. Amazon says these chips will provide up to 4x better performance at a 2x better energy efficiency compared to its previous chips. OpenAI competitor Anthropic has already signed up to use Amazon’s new chips.

You can read more about the new chips on Amazon’s official blog here.


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Meta, Microsoft, Stability AI and Perplexity AI announce major new AI breakthroughs

Source: Meta

While Amazon stole the spotlight with its new announcements, other tech giants also had some major new breakthroughs and advances to share.

Meta announces Cicero, a new AI agent that can perform as well as humans in the complex strategy game Diplomacy

This latest breakthrough from Meta came from combining two different areas of AI: strategic reasoning and natural language processing. The result was a new AI agent that can achieve more than double the average score of the human players. It also ranked in the top 10% of participants who played more than one game. Get more details on Cicero here.

Stability AI announces a new AI image model that can produce images instantly

SDXL Turbo is a new real-time text-to-image generation model from Stability AI that can generate images at blazing fast speeds. If you’ve used other AI image generators like Dall-E and Midjourney, you probably know these tools take a little while to generate images. SDXL Turbo solves this problem and the demos look very impressive. See samples and get more details on it here.

Microsoft shares research showing GPT-4’s potential in radiology and healthcare

According to a new study from Microsoft, GPT-4’s performance was comparable to or better than human radiologists at some tasks, highlighting the potential for LLMs to be used in healthcare to improve performance. Read more about the study here.

Perplexity AI unveils a new AI model that could compete with Google Search

A new AI model released by Perplexity AI has its own approach to pulling in recent information that provides users with the latest information. You can learn about the new model here.

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The biggest recent funding deals in AI

  • Cradle's AI-powered protein programming platform levels up with $24M in new funding. Read more →

  • PhysicsX emerges from stealth with $32M for AI to power engineering simulations. Read more →

  • Kyutai is a French AI research lab with a $330 million budget that will make everything open source. Read more →

  • Codegen raises new cash to automate software engineering tasks. Read more →

  • Pika Labs raises $55M, launches new AI video platform to take on Runway. Read more →


How to create illustrations for apps and websites in Midjourney

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Star Wars as Mediaeval Manuscript

Source: u/psevdosapiens on Reddit

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