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  • Amazon study finds employers are willing pay a premium for AI skills

Amazon study finds employers are willing pay a premium for AI skills

ALSO: Together AI raises $102 Million, ChatGPT turns one

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It’s a milestone day for OpenAI and AI enthusiasts everywhere as ChatGPT turns 1 year old. From classrooms to workplaces and billions of dollars in funding, the chatbot has been at the forefront of the shift that has seen generative AI go from a fun gimmick to potentially world-changing technology.

And nowhere is that change being felt more than in the board rooms and cubicles of every major company around the world. A new study from Amazon has found that over 90% of surveyed companies expect to use AI — but only a fraction of them can find AI-qualified talent.


  • Amazon study finds employers will pay a premium for AI skills

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Image Source: Anduril

  • Aerial Threat: Defense startup Anduril unveils “a fighter jet weapon that lands like a Falcon 9.“

  • Birthday Bot: ChatGPT turns 1 year old.

  • Big Bucks: Startup Together AI raises $102.5 million to fuel open source AI.

  • Shopping Buddy: MasterCard launches Muse, an AI assistant to help you shop.

  • Better Together: Amazon will offer companies human benchmarking teams to test AI models.


New Amazon study finds employers willing to pay significantly more for workers with AI skills

Source: Amazon

A new Amazon Web Services study on AI skills in the US has found that AI skills could boost worker salaries by up to 35%. The wide-ranging study from AWS surveyed 3,297 employees and 1,340 organizations across the US and had a number of interesting findings to share:

Insights for Employers

  • Over 90% of surveyed employers predicted that they will use AI-related solutions in their organizations by 2028

  • In addition to IT (92%), 85% of employers believe that sales and marketing will be the biggest beneficiaries of AI

  • Surveyed employers also believe that AI could boost productivity by 47%

  • 64% of employers picked task automation as the key area where AI will improve productivity

Insights for Employees

  • 88% of employees expect to use AI in their daily work by 2028

  • 84% of employees indicate that AI could have some positive impact

    on their careers

  • Employers estimated that employees who acquire AI skills could see their salary increase by 35% or more

  • 42% of employers are actively looking for people with AI qualifications but 75% of employers are having trouble finding qualified candidates

You can get more insights and data in the full report from Amazon here.

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Generative AI product announcements in 2023

Source: SaaSWeekly


Computer Vision

A branch of AI that enables computers to derive, process and understand information from images, videos, and other visual inputs. Use cases include: analyzing medical images like X-rays, detecting objects on roads to help cars avoid collisions, and automating manufacturing processes by analyzing product tags.


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How to create web apps on your phone with AI

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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Johnny Cash singing Blank Space by Taylor Swift thanks to AI


Astronaut job postings

Prompt: a job posting poster for astronauts 1970s vintage design

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