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Anthropic AI's Claude is America's next top model

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GPT-4 has been beaten. Long live GPT-4. A long list of companies have released AI models this year that have tried and failed to beat OpenAI’s crown jewel — but we finally have a winner.


  • Anthropic’s Claude model beats GPT-4, but that’s not the real surprise

  • How to access and use Anthropic’s Claude chatbot

  • Tech giants join hands to challenge Nvidia’s dominance

  • Chart: The origins of Gen AI Consumer Web & Apps

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: NYC in the year 2424


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Reuters

  • Premium Perks: Elon Musk says all Premium subscribers on X will get access to the AI chatbot Grok this week.

  • Fast Forward: MIT scientists say they’ve developed a novel technique that can generate AI-created images 30 times faster on platforms like DALL-E and Midjourney without compromising quality.

  • Privacy Scan-dal: The eyeball-scanning technology Worldcoin was temporarily banned in Portugal due to concerns over children’s privacy. The Sam Altman-backed company is now forbidden across most of Europe.

  • Prairie Powerhouse: Nvidia chip supplier SK Hynix announced it would build a multi-billion dollar factory in West Lafayette, Indiana, which could generate up to 1,000 jobs starting in 2028.


Anthropic’s Claude Opus dethrones OpenAI’s GPT-4

Claude is America’s next top model. GPT-4’s long reign as the undisputed king of AI models is coming to an end, as the latest results from one of the biggest benchmarks in AI have placed Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus at the top of its ranking.

TLDR: Opus is the largest model from Anthropic’s newest family of Claude 3 models. It now ranks at the top of the LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard, a crowdsourced open platform for evaluating AI models.

But that’s not the biggest surprise. Haiku, the smallest of the Claude 3 models, has beaten an earlier version of GPT-4. Haiku’s smaller size is impressive in itself but the achievement is absolutely seismic when you consider that Haiku is orders of magnitude cheaper than GPT-4.

Source: LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard

Haiku’s price and performance combo is an enticing proposition for users and builders. “This is excellent news for the market! We now have a GPT-4 class model that is 10x cheaper than GPT-4,“ claimed Abacus AI CEO Bindu Reddy. “That’s insane for how cheap & fast it is,“ added app builder Nick Dobos.

The ball is now in OpenAI’s court. “I don’t see how OpenAI survives on gpt-3.5 and gpt-4. Literally gpt-3.5 is utterly useless in the presence of Claude haiku,“ declared software engineer Anton (@abacaj on X). OpenAI might have a thing or two to say about that when it launches the widely-anticipated GPT-5.


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How to access and use Anthropic’s Claude chatbot

  • Go to the Claude website and sign up.

  • You can enter your prompt in the text box and press enter to get a response.

  • Claude 3 is multimodal, which means it can understand text, images, PDFs, and other formats.

Here are some things you can try with Claude:

  1. Summarize Files like PDFs, research papers, essays, and more.

  2. Understand Images: Upload an image, like a complicated diagram, and ask Claude to explain it to you.

  3. Understand Complex Calculations: You can upload images of a calculation and ask it to explain what the equations are for and how to use them.

  4. Suggest Design Improvements: Upload an image of a website — or even your living room — and ask how you can improve the design.

  5. Transcribe Handwritten Notes: Upload pictures of handwritten notes and ask Claude to transcribe them for you.

You can access the mid-range Claude 3 Sonnet model for free but the top-end Opus model requires you to subscribe to Claude Pro.


Where in the world is Gen AI coming from?

Source: Andreessen Horowitz/a16z Consumer


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Could this be the beginning of the end for Nvidia’s chip monopoly?

If a company needs software to run its generative AI models, its options are pretty much limited to one today: Nvidia’s CUDA. And since the CUDA platform is tied exclusively to Nvidia’s powerful GPUs, guess who you have to buy your hardware from to make the whole thing work?

But that could soon change — if a consortium of tech companies and researchers known as the UXL Foundation has its way. The idea: Create an open-source computer code that would work across all types of hardware platforms and chips. The plan would end AI companies’ reliance on Nvidia’s proprietary tech.

Who’s in on it? Who isn’t? Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are reportedly lending their chip-making skills to the effort. Intel built the OpenAPI technology that will serve as the platform’s cornerstone. And Qualcomm and Google are also major partners. At least 93 other groups are working on their own open-source software projects.

What’s next? In order for this plan to work, there have to be other chips out there for AI developers to use instead. Nvidia’s GPUs were first used for video games and graphic design. So while they’re currently the best option out there for AI, critics say there’s still room for improvement.

That’s where MatX comes in. The Silicon Valley startup, founded by a pair of former Google employees, says it’s building chips with one large processing core — the part that’s most useful to AI designers. It claims they might be as much as 10 times more effective at training LLMs. 

MatX has the advantage of being small and scrappy: It’s “taking some of the best ideas developed at some of the largest companies, which are a little bit too slow-moving and too bureaucratic, and commercializing them on their own,” one investor told Bloomberg.


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New York in the year 2424

Source: u/promptingpixels on Reddit

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