Apple shows off 8 new AI models

ALSO: Gym teacher arrested after using AI voice

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Apple finally steps onto the field and throws eight new AI models into play. And Elon Musk has 6 billion reasons to be delighted as he raises a ginormous war chest to compete with OpenAI.

Today’s Insights

  • Apple releases 8 new AI models

  • Elon raises mega round to bolster his OpenAI rival

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  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Chart: A look at the humanoid robots

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Today in AI & Tech

  • Scary Good: Synthesia, an AI video company, released a new version of its avatars that can show emotions.

  • Red or Blue?: A recently published peer-reviewed study says that an AI with facial recognition tech can "read" a person's political affiliation just by looking at their face.

  • Restoring Connections: The FCC just voted to restore net neutrality, which is designed to ensure that websites and apps have equal access to the global internet.

  • Yikes: Police arrested a gym teacher in Maryland for using an AI voice clone to get a high school principal fired.


Apple releases 8 new AI models, as push towards on-device AI continues

Image: AP

Better late than never. Apple is finally showing up to the AI party, and they come bearing many gifts. Eight gifts, to be precise. The iPhone maker has submitted eight new AI models to the Hugging Face hub, an online platform for open-source AI.

AI models are a dime a dozen these days, but what sets these models apart is their size. While others in the field like OpenAI are releasing gigantic models like GPT-4, which for the most part can only be run on servers in the cloud, Apple is focusing its efforts on smaller and more efficient models that can run on devices like laptops and smartphones.

Another benefit of these smaller models is privacy. While larger models that run in the cloud need to upload your data to the cloud, smaller models that run on-device should be able to process your data within the device instead of beaming it up to the cloud.

Apple’s new models are collectively called OpenELMs (Open-source Efficient Language Models), and as the name suggests, they’re open source and openly available to anyone — an unusual move for a company that typically keeps a tight grip on its software.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously stated that the company is working on generative AI initiatives that will be launching later in the year. The smaller models could be an indication of what’s to come.

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Elon Musk’s OpenAI rival is reportedly close to raising $6Bn in funding

Image: Reuters

Will Elon Musk watch from the sidelines as all the major players in tech release AI model after AI model? Not a chance. xAI, Musk’s 10 month old rival to OpenAI, is reportedly edging close to a $6Bn funding round which values the company at $18Bn.

According to TechCrunch, investors were clamouring to get in on the deal. “We all received an email that basically said, ‘It’s now $6B on $18B, and don’t complain because a lot of other people want in,” said TechCrunch’s source close to the deal.

Data is a big differentiator — perhaps the biggest differentiator — when it comes to building better AI models, and Musk’s ownership of X (previously Twitter) gives xAI access to a unique dataset, as well as massive distribution on the social media platform.

While it’s not yet entirely clear who the participants in the deal are, Sequoia Capital, Future Ventures, Valor Equity Partners and Gigafund are reportedly expected to be part of the deal, among others.


Friday Funday - Green Thumb

Prompt: What are some basic gardening tips for beginners looking to cultivate their own green space?

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. You can give the chatbot more details about where you live and what type of living arrangement you need plants for. For example: whether you live in a studio apartment (and would prioritize having indoor plants) or whether you live in Arizona (and would prefer to design a green space with succulents and cacti).

Source: EnterpriseDNA


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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 PopAI: A personal AI assistant that can read any document, draft long articles, suggest coding solutions, or help with data analysis. 

 Octomind: Insert your website URL and discover bugs before users.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Pick your Player



Source: Inspired by @galandrilaranor on Midjourney

Prompt: cocktail menu, sleek and modern design, clean, white background, list of beverages, organized into sections, each drink accompanied by description, sophisticated typography, subtle color scheme, easy navigation, visually appealing layout, user-friendly

--ar 3:4


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