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Apple waited quietly on the sidelines this year as OpenAI, Meta, and other companies announced envelope-pushing AI products. Now, it’s Apple’s time to shine: At its first event of the year, it showed off a brand new chip built specifically for AI.

Today’s Insights

  • Apple unveils a new chip made for AI

  • Why teens are turning to AI for friendship

  • Prompt: How to say Thank You

  • Chart: AI is invading academic writing

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI-Generated Images: Retro theme parks


Everything you need to know today

  • Highly Classified: Microsoft reportedly built the first AI model that’s completely disconnected from the internet. It lets US spy agencies analyze top-secret documents without risking data breaches.

  • Funding Fast Lane: UK-based startup Wayve, which develops AI systems for autonomous cars, raised $1 billion from SoftBank, Nvidia, and Microsoft, among other backers.

  • Teaming Up: OpenAI has signed a licensing deal with Dotdash Meredith, the publisher of People and Travel + Leisure, that will see the companies collaborating on new AI products.

  • David and Goliath: AI startup Tenyx claims it has fine-tuned Meta’s open-source Llama-3 model so that it beats GPT-4 in several key metrics.

  • Met Gala Mixup: A fake, AI-generated image of Katy Perry at the Met Gala was so convincing that it reportedly fooled Perry’s mom.


Apple’s M4 chip is here — and it’s made for AI

Source: Apple

With every blockbuster AI release this year, Apple shareholders have been left wondering: “Hey, what about us?” As OpenAI, Meta, and others celebrated new cutting-edge models, Apple had to bide its time, asking supporters to hold on just a little while longer.

Investors can finally breathe a sigh of relief. While Apple is saving its biggest announcements for the June Worldwide Developers Conference, it just showed off a couple of AI-related tidbits at Let Loose — its first major event of the year — to help hold us over.

The biggest news: The new iPad Pro is getting an M4 chip that’s been designed from the ground up to work with AI. According to The Verge, there’s at least one PC chip that’s more powerful than the M4, but Apple says its new chip performs about the same — and works with just a quarter of the power.

A good time to upgrade: It’s the first time Apple has made a big change to its iPad lineup since October 2022. You can preorder one of the new iPads today, and orders will begin shipping out around May 15.

That’s not all: The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is working on a custom chip that would be able to run AI software in data centers. The company already builds chips for its phones and computers, but this would be the first capable of analyzing data on servers.

Watch out, Apple: The iPhone maker is getting all the glory for now, but Microsoft has an event planned for May 20 where it’s expected to announce a new slate of state-of-the-art AI PCs.


How to Use Social Signal Intelligence to Win B2B Deals 3X Faster

Complex deals are often affected by office politics, hierarchies, egos, emotions, attitudes, and power dynamics. Using Substrata can significantly increase the chances of winning B2B deals across many industries and categories.

Substrata has developed dozens of specialized AI models to help dealmakers navigate the subtle "social dance" between sellers and prospects:

  • Analyze any prospect's LinkedIn profile to extract their natural personality structure and tendencies

  • Monitor your prospects' fluctuating levels of interest (Signals)

  • Analyze any thread or message to determine real sentiment and relative balance of power

  • Simulate message drafts before sending them to eliminate potential risks or issues

  • Optimize responses, follow-ups, and more

  • Track your and your team's ongoing performance

Substrata uses Social Signal Processing (SSP), which is a specialized AI domain that deals with the detection, analysis, and synthesis of behavioral data from digitally mediated human-human interactions, such as B2B dealmaking, sales, and HR interviews. It encompasses both verbal and nonverbal data.

For more information, visit Substrata.


Teens are turning to AI for friendship

Source: Character AI/Screenshot

Just as we’re starting to understand how social media affects teen mental health, AI is here to scramble the equation. Chatbots are getting good at replicating how humans communicate — so good, in fact, that some teens have started using them for advice and companionship.

Which apps are most popular with teens? One platform, Character AI, lets users interact with personas that have unique personalities, including movie characters like Harry Potter and real-life figures like Elon Musk. From an engagement perspective, Character AI has been a huge success: Users spend on average two hours per day with the platform — far more than with other chatbots — and a big part of that seems to be the personal connection people feel when using it.

AI Therapists: Other chatbots can reassure kids and give them support when they’re going through a tough time. But psychologists warn we still don’t know what kind of effect these interactions might have on teens’ mental health. Chatbots can give kids incorrect diagnoses based on incomplete information. And they can become addictive, giving teens less time to form real-life relationships with peers.

GenZ tends to be more open to AI than other generations: In one recent study, 46% of GenZ respondents said they’d become more interested in a brand that uses an AI influencer to market its products. That openness means younger people are probably better prepared for whatever changes AI might soon bring to our society. But they might also be more susceptible to AI’s potential dangers — meaning we’ll need to tread carefully to protect them.


Thank you very much

Prompt: Produce an email to thank my employees for (insert what you are thankful for).

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can specify whether you’d like to thank a single person, a specific team, a branch of the company, or even all of your colleagues.

Source: godofprompt ai


Words associated with AI are becoming more common in academic writing

Andrew Gray/Scientific American

Vocabulary commonly used in AI chatbots like ChatGPT is showing up more frequently in newly published research, according to a recent analysis by University College London librarian Andrew Gray.

Gray found that certain words associated with AI, including “intricate,” “meticulously,” and “commendable” became much more common in academic writing in 2023 compared with 2022.

That suggests that researchers are increasingly turning to ChatGPT for help writing their papers, raising important questions about the reliability of scientific writing in the age of AI.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Daloopa: Use the most accurate and auditable set of public company historicals to cover more companies every quarter with an AI modeling copilot.

 Dora: Generate a website for any topic, in any style, with simple text prompts.

 Affine AI: Chat, edit, make presentations, and more, one prompt at a time.

 AI Or Not: Detect AI-generated images and audio for your business — and yourself.

 ProfessorAI: Use AI to grade advanced questions, and generate follow-up questions to mimic a tutor in a virtual setting.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Retro Theme Parks

Source: @.brinkman on Midjourney

Prompt: a 1950s theme park map in the style of Disneyland or Six Flags, retro-future, flat, illustration, tan border, map, with table of contents in corner, dense, retro-futurism architecture, pastel color palette, rollercoasters, water rides, graphic design, graphic design, with table of contents in the corner

--ar 9:16 


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