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Welcome back, Superhuman

The AI-powered music generation platform Suno hasn’t even finished strumming its opening riff — and there’s already another bandleader waiting in the wings. And it’s from a team of former DeepMind researchers.


  • A new generation of AI chips

  • How to use AI to find and create trending posts on LinkedIn

  • Prompt of the day

  • A new way to create custom songs with AI

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Colorful Aerials


Today in AI & Tech

  • Expert Arguer: Researchers at Anthropic AI discovered that the company’s latest language model can persuade people with the same level of effectiveness as humans.

  • Coming Clean: A new bill introduced in the US House would require tech companies to reveal the copyrighted material they used to train each of their AI models.

  • AI Stylist: eBay is introducing a new AI-powered feature that will let shoppers find new outfits and clothing suggestions based on their previous purchases.

  • In-Air Gamble: Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said he’ll soon board an autonomously operated fighter jet to see how it works. A pilot will ride along, just in case.


A new generation of AI chips

"He who controls the spice controls the universe," goes the famous quote from the famous sci-fi novel Dune. And in the expanding universe of artificial intelligence, that secret spice is the specialized chips needed to power the energy-hungry AI models.

Now companies like Intel and Meta are ramping up their efforts to break Nvidia’s hold on specialized chips:

  • Intel just showed off its new Gaudi 3 AI chip, which is designed to help tech companies train their AI models more efficiently. Compared with Nvidia’s latest H100 GPU, it’s said to be about 50% faster and can train LLMs with up to 1.7 times the performance.

  • Why it matters: Gaudi 3 can be used across different types of software. It means that more startups might be able to access powerful AI chips without having to use Nvidia’s pricey CUDA platform.

  • Meta has announced a new iteration of its custom Meta Training and Inference Accelerator (MTIA), which will help power its AI products on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

  • MTIA is not as powerful as competitors’ platforms, but it does give the social media giant the freedom to use its own chips, rather than relying solely on Nvidia.

Nvidia is feeling the heat: Its shares are down about 10% from a record high a few weeks ago. But don’t count it — or any other tech giant — out just yet. The chip race shows no sign of slowing down, especially as a new slate of powerful models from OpenAI and other major names will be released throughout the summer.


How to use AI to find and create trending posts on LinkedIn

Creating a trending post on LinkedIn comes down to two key things:

  • Understanding what type of content performs on LinkedIn

  • Applying the learnings to create your own trending posts

Here's how to find what type of content is performing:

  • Go to the Taplio website and sign up for a free trial

  • Once you're logged in, go to the bar on the left and click on “Viral content”

  • Browse the posts and apply filters to understand what content is performing well

Once you have an idea you want to write about, it's time to do the actual writing:

  • Go to the bar on the left and click “Write a post”

  • In the text box on the right, write a draft of your post (or even a first line) and click on the purple bolt icon

You'll get a drop-down menu, where you can do everything from generating the rest of your post to improving your writing.

Once you're done you can schedule your post by clicking on Add to Queue and you're done! If you want a more detailed understanding of how the process works, check out this video.


Better than a career quiz

Prompt: I want you to act as a career counselor. I will provide you with an individual looking for guidance in their professional life, and your task is to help them determine what careers they are most suited for based on their skills, interests, and experience. You should also conduct research into the various options available, explain the job market trends in different industries, and advise on which qualifications would be beneficial for pursuing particular fields. My first request is "I want to advise someone who wants to pursue a potential career in [enter industry/role].

Source: f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts on Github


A new startup wants to become the ‘ChatGPT of music’

Source: Udio/Screenshot

A few days ago, we showed you how to create a song from scratch with a new platform called Suno. People are clearly having fun with it: If you ever wanted to hear a “bombastic” tune about cooking spaghetti or a progressive metal song titled “I Love My Small Little Cat,” you’re in luck; they’re currently at number one and two on the platform.

But already, Suno has a worthy rival: Udio. Created by four former DeepMind researchers, Udio has backing from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger. Some musicians like Common and also count themselves as investors.

How does it work? It’s very similar to Suno. You write a prompt that could include a genre, specific instruments, or seeds of lyrics. The platform will then give you two versions of a song based on your idea.

What makes Udio unique? In terms of quality, both Udio and Suno are stunning. But some users have reported that their Udio recordings sound a bit more clear, especially when it comes to vocals.


How journalists are using AI in the newsroom

Among journalists who’ve used AI at work, nearly 70% say they’ve used it to help with writing tasks. More than one in five say they’ve used it to gather information or make sense of complicated topics — or to create multimedia content, like images or videos.

Roughly 79% of journalists say they want to use AI for text production at work. And while just 7% of journalists have already tried using AI to work with data, 14% want to eventually use it for data gathering.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Driver AI: Explain millions of lines of code in minutes instead of months with AI.

Mural: Improve collaboration and explore new ideas with an AI teammate.

Gamma*: Your own AI design partner. Create beautiful presentations and websites in minutes. No design or coding skills required.

Sidekick: Helps you schedule meetings, hold dynamic conversations with your customers, and talk just like a human.

Dokkio: Find, organize, and understand all your online files with the power of AI.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Aerial Moodboards

Source: Prompt from @kanem1201 on Midjourney

Prompt: generate a colour moodboard from the aerial [insert landscape here, ex: sydney harbour, tulip farms, jungle] landscape photo --ar 8:5

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