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Bill Gates predict AI will be the shaping force in 2024

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Bill Gates says that he’s only seen two revolutionary technologies in his life: The graphical user interface which led to operating systems like Windows, and generative AI. In a blog posted yesterday, Gates made some big predictions for AI in 2024.


  • Bill Gates makes bold predictions for AI in 2024

  • How to turn your ideas into songs with AI

  • Infographic: AI’s impact on hiring in 2024

  • The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

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Today in AI & Tech

  • Groovy: Microsoft now lets Copilot users generate music with AI. See our tutorial below.

  • Crystal Ball: A new AI trained on millions of life stories can predict risk of early death.

  • Big Byte: Apple published a new paper that outlines a method for running AI models on devices that surpass available memory capacity.

  • Flying High: A new type of jet engine could revive supersonic air travel.

  • Gotcha: X user tricks chatbot powered by ChatGPT on Chevrolet’s website into selling him a Chevy Tahoe for $1.


Bill Gates thinks AI will shape the world in 2024, makes several key predictions

Image source: GatesNotes

When Bill Gates says that something’s about to change the world, you better listen. In a blog posted yesterday, Gates made his predictions for 2024 and put AI at the top of his list.

“AI is about to supercharge the innovation pipeline“ writes Gates, and forecasts that AI will accelerate the rate of new discoveries at a pace we’ve never seen before. He stresses that a lot of the work done in AI over the next year will set the stage for a massive technology boom later this decade.

Gates expects that one of the biggest impacts will be seen in new drug discovery, where AI will accelerate the pace of discovery by sifting large quantities of data at a rate that wasn’t previously possible. He outlines AI’s ability to combat antibiotic resistance as one area that he is particularly interested in.

Other predictions Gates made about AI:

  • AI has the potential to bring a personalized tutor to every student around the world.

  • High-income countries like the US are 18–24 months away from significant levels of AI use by the general population.

  • Gates believes that AI will help reduce inequities around the world by improving outcomes in health, education and other areas.

He concludes his predictions about AI by emphasizing that the best way to make AI more equitable is by focusing on tailoring products to the people who will use it around the world.

You can read Gates’ other predictions for 2024 in his full blog post here.

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How to turn your ideas into songs with Microsoft Copilot

  • Go to the Microsoft Copilot website and sign in with your Microsoft account.

  • Click on plugins on the top right of your screen and make sure that the Suno plugin is enabled.

  • Now ask Copilot to create a song for you.

  • Coplilot will generate lyrics and then create a song with those lyrics within a few minutes.

For the example above, I used the following prompt:

An electrifying dance track that takes you on a journey through the night, illuminated by neon lights and pulsating beats.


AI’s impact on hiring in 2024

A recent survey of 750 business leaders in the US shows that employers are very keen on new hires that have AI skills, and believe that these skills will result in higher job security:


The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

The 3 most important AI policy milestones this year

Significant AI policy developments in 2023 included Biden's executive order addressing AI risks and privacy, the U.K. AI Safety Summit focusing on AI risks and international cooperation amid criticism, and the E.U. AI Act that focuses on transparency, cybersecurity, and strict rules in high-risk areas. Read more →

AI presents growing risk to financial markets, US regulator warns

For the first time, the US Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) has classified AI as a serious danger to financial markets. The Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, views AI as a rising concern but believes that present rules can manage risks. Read more → (paywalled)

Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot Copilot gives wrong election information

According to a new study, Copilot, Microsoft's AI chatbot, gives misleading and made up election information, including incorrect dates, candidates, and articles. Read more →

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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Game of Thrones Directed by Wes Anderson

Source: u/Cloud_Reviews on Reddit


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