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ALSO: Study shows GPT-4 outperforms human analysts

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The bar for generating professional-grade content and designs is dropping by the day thanks to AI. Design tool Canva already lets marketers and other professionals design images effortlessly, but a new set of AI features may bring design abilities that were previously the exclusive domain of professional designers.

Today’s Insights

  • Canva’s new AI features unlock a new level for users

  • Prompt: Estate Planning 101

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Everything else you should know today

  • The biggest funding deals in AI this week

  • AI-Generated Images: “OOO”


Canva launches a long list of new AI features to help users be more productive

Image: Canva

“Work redesigned“ was the mantra at Canva’s Create event, as the company rolled out a slew of new AI-powered features to its community of 185 million users. The design tool has become central to the workflows of many designers, marketers, content creators, and educators over the past decade, and the Australian tech giant wants to take things to the next level.

Some of our favorite new features from the event:

  • Magic Design: Use Canva's upgraded AI features to generate ads and presentations instantly

  • Magic Grab: Canva’s new AI-powered photo editor lets you select any element within your photo to move, remove, or replace it in seconds

  • Magic Media: Use AI to generate videos from just a prompt

  • AI Video Editor: Instantly create and edit short videos for your company and personal social media accounts

  • Magic Write: Generate text that matches your brand and tone with the latest upgraded text generation features

  • AI Apps: Canva now has a new app marketplace where you can get AI-powered apps that let you transform your presentations, images, and creatives to take them to the next level

Canva’s secret is its powerful simplicity. It lets professionals new to design get high quality creatives, while giving more seasoned pros the depth of functionality needed to generate higher quality creatives. You can learn more about Canva’s new features in their official announcement.


How to create content that turns likes into leads

B2B marketing and sales are expanding from cold emails to trusted content on social media that prospects are using to inform their purchasing decisions

Here’s how you can use AI to grow your following and generate more leads on LinkedIn in less than 2 hours per week:

  1. Post about your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile): Leverage Taplio’s AI-powered content generation engine to create content that engages your ideal customers.

  2. Add your engagers to Taplio: Taplio has a feature where you can add the URL of a post, and it captures everyone who engaged into a list. These are all potential leads waiting for your DM.

  3. Identify your ICP: Once you have that list in Taplio, you can filter it by company, position, or followers to find the perfect target.

  4. Contact them: Once you have identified the leads you want to contact, it’s time to reach out. Taplio’s AI will create a custom icebreaker so you can tailor your message when reaching out. You can even send the DM straight from Taplio!

For more info, go here


Estate Planning 101

Prompt: Estate planning and creating a will are important, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

You can adapt the prompt to your specific needs. For example, if you’ve already taken the first few steps in creating a will, you can ask the model to show you the roadmap going forward. Please remember ChatGPT is not a substitute for a qualified professional.

Source: God of Prompt


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Revid: Create viral social media clips with this AI tool that converts text into videos.

 Nowadays: An AI-powered corporate event planner that takes away the hassles of organizing while factoring in your company’s unique tastes and needs.

 WebAI*: Finally ship AI applications with webAI: Fast & secure training using local compute, then deploy anywhere—no dedicated AI/ML team needed.

 Fliz: Automate high-quality videos to increase your sales with AI.

 McAnswers: Simplify your coding journey by getting refined responses, a comprehensive prompt library, and a library of synthesizing errors. 

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Everything else you need to know today

Image: AP

  • AiPhone: Apple will reportedly unveil new AI features that focus on ordinary users and their needs at its developer conference next month.

  • War Chest: Elon Musk’s xAI closed $6Bn in Series B funding and is reportedly working on developing a new AI supercomputer.

  • Analyst GPT: A new research study finds that OpenAI’s GPT-4 outperforms human analysts when it comes to analyzing company financial statements.

  • Big If True: In an online exchange, Elon Musk says he expects AGI (super-intelligent AI) to arrive next year. Meta’s AI chief disagrees.

  • Love Lost: The Financial Times reports dating apps are on the decline as user numbers drop and platforms struggle to retain Gen Z women.


“Out of Office”

Source: Inspired by @federall9200 on Midjourney

Prompts: In a stunningly beautiful, vast, and undulating high mountain meadow, with changing contours of distant mountains and gorgeous natural scenery, there stands a large rectangular mirror upright at 90 degrees in the center of the scene. The front of the mirror faces directly towards the camera. The mirror has no frame, only the pure mirror surface itself, and it is set among the grasses. There are no living creatures on the meadow, and the mirror does not reflect the surrounding environment. Inside the mirror, there is a modernly decorated conference room styled similar to an Apple office--sleek and clean, with 8-10 people sitting around a conference table having a meeting. The camera angle is a pure frontal perspective, shot with a Canon 50mm lens.

--ar 16:9

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