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Canva's new AI features make everyone a designer

ALSO: OpenAI has a new chip on its shoulder

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OpenAI has a new chip on its shoulder (pun intended) as the company behind ChatGPT makes AI chip acquisition a top priority, and even considers buildings its own to stay ahead of the competition.

And Canva just took design accessibility to a new level — and I mean a whole new level that lets you create pro-level designs in seconds with almost no design skills required.


  • Canva’s new AI apps make everyone a designer

  • OpenAI may build its own chips to stay ahead of competitors

  • 5 new AI tools to supercharge your productivity

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  • Sue You: Regulators sue Elon Musk in an attempt to force testimony in X probe.

  • Picture Perfect: Artifcaft, the X competitor from Instagram’s cofounders, now lets you generate images with AI.

  • Decorator: Walmart experiments with AI tools that help you plan parties and decorate.

  • Meta Marketer: Meta announces AI tools for advertisers that let you generate multiple versions of ad copy, change backgrounds, and more.

  • Bad Robot: AI is driving more phone scams, according to a new report.


Canva’s new AI image and video generation tools turn novices into design pros

Used to be the case not so long ago that design was the exclusive domain of professional designers. But thanks to companies like Canva, Adobe, and Figma, everyone from marketers to salespeople can now leverage these apps to incorporate design into their work.

And thanks to a long list of new AI features announced this week, here are all the cool new ways you can use Canva to create pro-grade designs for your work:

  • Magic Media: Generate photos and videos with text prompts.

  • Magic Design: Turn ideas into designs with AI-generated templates.

  • Magic Switch: Translate content into different languages and formats.

  • Magic Expand: Make images bigger with AI.

  • Magic Edit: Edit images with simple text prompts.

  • Magic Morph: Transform text and shapes with visual effects.

  • Magic Write: Generate texts and summaries with AI.

Canva also announced that they’re creating a $200 million fund to compensate creators who opt-in to train their AI models.

You can get full details on Canva’s new AI features here. You can also watch a short video summarizing the new features and how you can use them below:


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5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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Moonvalley: Generate cinematic videos and animations with text prompts.

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Reuters report claims OpenAi is considering making its own AI chips

After reports emerged last week of OpenAI potentially collaborating with iPhone designer Jony Ive to build a new AI device, a new report from Reuters claims that the company behind ChatGPT is now considering making its own AI chips.

It’s no secret that GPUs, the chips needed to run AI models, are in short supply and eye-wateringly expensive — Nvidia’s H100 chips are selling for $30,000 on average.

Previous reports indicate that OpenAI’s cost to acquire and operate these chips runs in the hundreds of millions and potentially billions of dollars every year, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has made the acquisitions of these chips a top priority for the company.

Microsoft, OpenAI’s main backer, is also reportedly building a chip that OpenAI is testing internally.

As other major players like Amazon and Google move in the direction of custom AI chips built specifically for their needs, OpenAI may further feel the need to go down the same path.

There is currently no confirmation from OpenAI whether it will build its own chips.


100 Years of Star Wars


Funky Physicists

Source: u/FrankieGS on Reddit

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