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The ChatGPT moment for AI-generated video

ALSO: Amazon launches Q, an AI chatbot for work

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The pace of innovation in AI is breathtaking. After significant progress in AI-powered text and image generation this past year, we might finally have the ChatGPT equivalent of video creation on our hands.

And while we’re on the subject, Amazon might have cooked up its own version of ChatGPT for work with Q, a new AI-powered chatbot that lets you ask questions and get answers specific to your company and its data.


  • Pika Labs launches a new era of AI video with Pika 1.0

  • Amazon launches Q, a new AI chatbot for the workplace

  • The most important developments in AI governance and policy

  • Tutorial: Creating on-brand product photography

  • AI Generated Images: Storm in a glass


Source: Authentic Brands Group

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  • Controversy: Sports Illustrated accused of publishing articles from fake AI authors.

  • Big Deal: Dell signs $150 million deal to provide computing hardware to AI startup Imbue.

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Pika Labs launches a new era of AI with Pika 1.0, an AI-powered video generation tool

A video generated with Pika 1.0. Source: Pika Labs

Christmas has come early for AI enthusiasts this year, as Pika Labs - an AI company focused on video generation — just released what looks to be the AI video generation equivalent of ChatGPT.

While AI is certainly prone to a bit of exaggeration (fine, a lot of exaggeration) the words of OpenAI scientist Andrej Karpathy capture the significance of this moment:

“You know how image generation went from blurry 32x32 texture patches to high-resolution images that are difficult to distinguish from real in roughly a snap of a finger? The same is now happening along the time axis (extending to video) and the repercussions boggle the mind just a bit. Every human becomes a director of multi-modal dreams, like the architect in Inception.“

While other companies have previously achieved significant breakthroughs in AI-powered video generation, the video previews from Pika definitely feel like a game changer. Watch the video below to see how incredible the results look:

Here’s what you can do with Pika 1.0:

  • Create realistic videos from simple text prompts

  • Recreate videos or make edits with text prompts

  • Embed your company logo into a video

  • Insert your own photos into a video

  • Customize camera angles or movements

Potential use cases could include: product commercials, movie trailers, educational videos, video editing, and more.

Pika 1.0 can be accessed by signing up to the waitlist here.


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Amazon launches Q, an AI-powered chatbot for work

Source: Amazon

Ever wished ChatGPT could find a specific file in your company drive? Answer a question about your product? Find the correct guidelines for a process?

Q, Amazon Web Service’s new AI-powered chatbot, will now let businesses and employees ask questions just like that. Announced yesterday, the chatbot will also let users accomplish other tasks like writing code and generating content.

In addition to connecting with a company’s database, Q will also be able to connect to third-party apps like Slack and Salesforce to help users find answers and create content.

Most importantly, Amazon says Q will not use customer data to train its underlying models.

Get details on additional features and pricing on Amazon Q’s official page here.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Meshy: Empowers you to effortlessly turn text and images into captivating 3D assets in under a minute.

Walling AI: Build a beautiful page in seconds to organize your ideas and present your work.

Glean (sponsored): AI-powered enterprise search and knowledge discovery. Leverage generative AI to search across all your company’s apps, like ChatGPT and Google for work. Try it here →

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The most important developments in AI governance and policy

US, Britain, other countries ink agreement to make AI 'secure by design'

The US, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Australia, among other countries, signed a non-binding pact to make AI systems "secure by design," with an emphasis on preventing abuse and hacking. Read more →

JPMorgan works with US regulators while building AI projects

JPMorgan Chase is collaborating with US authorities on its first AI initiatives to ensure adequate controls. The bank aspires to be a leader in AI, building models for generating profit summaries and a precise help desk for consumer problems. Read more →

China AI startup stockpiled 18 months of Nvidia chips before ban

China's AI startup 01.AI stocked up on Nvidia processors for 18 months in advance of US export limitations. Kai-Fu Lee, the startup’s founder, talks about China's semiconductor development hurdles and predicts a split tech world as a result of US-China tensions. Read more →


How to do on-brand product photography with Midjourney

To get perfect on-brand product backdrops, use the following formula:

(Composition) + (Scene Description) + (Colours) + (Style of Shot)

You can generate 3 types of on-brand product backdrops based on this formula.

  1. Flat Lay / Overhead Shot:

close up shot from above, oranges, fresh and juicy
  1. Playful and Entertaining:

straight-on shot of 4 strawberries, sliced, thrown in air from table, light peach-coloured blends background, in the style of minimalist playful
  1. Traditional Product Photography:

Straight on composition, two boxes, slightly angled sits on top of table, gradient yellow colour blends, mango, sliced mangoes in the style of minimalist background, commercial photography 

You can then add your product to these backdrop images and you’re good to go.

source: @Salmaaboukarr on X


Storm in a glass

Prompt: a violent apocalyptic storm confined inside a drinking-glass standing surrounded by peace and calm tranquility, mind-blowing, 4K, amazing lighting, extreme detailing 

source: znaik on Midjorney

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