The ChatGPT moment for robotics

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Beep-boop, click-clack, bzzzzt. Yes, robots can now make coffee and fold your clothes thanks to a recent AI breakthrough that teaches robots how to mimic and perform human tasks. And a new research paper shows how you can improve ChatGPT’s performance by a whopping 50%.


  • The ChatGPT moment for robotics is coming

  • New research shows how to improve ChatGPT answers by up to 50%

  • Chart: Open-source AI models are catching up to private models

  • The biggest funding deals in AI this week

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: The Simpsons in real life


Today in AI & Tech

  • About to Flex: Apple is set to introduce an AI-powered Siri and other AI-powered tools at its WWDC event.

  • Plus One: Microsoft executive Dee Templeton is reportedly set to join the OpenAI board.

  • Groovy: Midjourney rolls out a new update that comes with better image quality and text rendering.

  • Big Moves: Isomorphic Labs, a Google spin-out, is partnering with pharmaceutical giants Eli Lilly and Novartis in a deal valued around $3 billion.

  • Red Faced: Rite Aid’s facial recognition incorrectly accused innocent shoppers of theft.


‘The ChatGPT moment for robotics‘ — Figure’s CEO hails new breakthrough in using AI to train robots

Source: Figure

“We just had an AI breakthrough in our lab. Robotics is about to have its ChatGPT moment and that moment is happening tomorrow“ proclaimed Brett Adcock less than 48 hours ago before sharing a video yesterday of a humanoid robot making a cup of coffee by itself.

Adcock, CEO of robotics company Figure, explains that this is a big deal because if you can get human data for an application like making coffee or warehouse work, you can then train an AI system end to end on Figure 01, the company’s humanoid robot. The video also shows the robot placing the coffee pod incorrectly and then seemingly correcting the mistake by itself.

Figure’s impressive feat is just one in a long line of seemingly impressive robotics breakthroughs. Tesla recently showed off its Optimus Gen 2 humanoid robot that came with hands so delicate it could handle an egg without breaking it. You can check out that video here.

“I've been asked what's the biggest thing in 2024 other than LLMs. It's Robotics. Period.” said Nvidia’s Senior Research Scientist & Lead of AI Agents Jim Fan recently. Fan points to breakthroughs such as multimodal LLMs with robot arms and the emerging role of synthetic data and simulation as reasons to be optimistic for what’s to come in robotics this year.


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How to improve ChatGPT answers by up to 50%

A new research paper published recently evaluated various prompting techniques to boost performance on chatbots and LLMs like GPT-4. The researchers found that implementing the 26 prompting strategies below produced a stable 50% improvement:

You do not need to implement all 26 strategies to get a boost in performance. You can use whichever strategy suits your desired output best.

We tested the strategies shown above and found that implementing 1-2 strategies per prompt produces a visible increase in quality of responses in ChatGPT.

For example, if you just want to simplify and understand a complex idea, the following prompt will do:

Explain [insert topic] to me as if I'm a beginner in the field.


Open-source AI models are catching up to private models

Source: ARK Invest


The biggest funding deals in AI this week

  • Shield AI, a US defense technology company, has raised an additional $300 million at a $2.8 billion valuation to deploy its AI pilot for aircraft and drones.

  • Robin AI, which has built an AI "copilot" for creating and reviewing legal contracts, has raised $26 million in a new funding round.

  • Red Cell, an incubation firm focused on rapidly scaling technology-led companies, raised a $91 million fund to invest in startups focusing on AI applications in healthcare and defense.

  • Nabla, a Paris-based medical copilot startup, raised $24 million for its AI assistant that helps doctors by automatically writing clinical notes.

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The Simpsons in real life

Source: u/princess_prompt on Reddit


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