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Chinese AI startups spring a major surprise

ALSO: Rap battles, fresh candy, and more

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Is it finally time for an AiPhone? Apple and OpenAI are deep in talks to find an answer to that question. And a fiery new sun rises from the east, as Chinese AI startups spring a major surprise.

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  • Apple and OpenAI reportedly discuss iPhone partnership

  • Chinese AI startups spring a major surprise

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  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Chart: Where are the AI patents granted?

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Everything you need to know today

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  • Fresh Candy: OpenAI is rolling out a new memory feature, which lets ChatGPT remember things across chats.

  • Extra Large: Elon Musk says Tesla is planning to spend $10Bn on AI inference and training.

  • Losing Steam: The second global AI Safety Summit is facing lower turnout, with many major countries set not to attend.

  • Riding the Wave: Consulting giant BCG says AI consulting will account for 20% of its revenue this year.

  • Rap Battle: Tupac’s estate threatens to sue Drake for using an AI-generated version of the rapper’s voice in a new song.


Apple reportedly in talks with OpenAI to bring AI features to the iPhone

Image: Getty Images

Is Siri about to get a serious IQ upgrade? An AI-infused partnership is brewing between Apple and OpenAI, reports Bloomberg.

Talks between the two companies had reportedly cooled off after initial discussions earlier in the year. But if Bloomberg’s sources close to the matter are to be believed, the two companies are now making progress on a potential partnership that will bring generative AI features to iOS 18 later this year.

The next iPhone operating system will reportedly come with gen AI features powered by Apple’s in-house AI model, as well as models from outside companies, such as OpenAI. It’s understood that Apple is in discussions with multiple companies to find a suitable partner to power its new AI features.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also says that there is a “strong possibility“ that a new iPad will be announced next week that comes packed with the next-gen M4 chip. “I believe Apple will position the tablet as its first truly AI-powered device — and that it will tout each new product from then on as an AI device,” wrote Gurman.


Europe’s leading AI conference is back

400+ AI experts and professionals from all major industries are gathering in Stockholm on May 15 to unpack and understand the future of AI.

Sessions include:

  • The state of AI in 2024 — Technology analyst Benedict Evans

  • Reimagining medicine with AI — Stanford professor and insitro founder, Daphne Koller

  • AI’s biggest unsolved problems — Isomorphic Labs Chief AI Officer Max Jaderberg and Carnegie Mellon professor Tuomas Sandholm

  • The UI for AGI — Nothing CEO Carl Pei, The Browser Company CEO Josh Miller, and Spotify Co-President, CPO, and CTO Gustav Söderström

  • Applying machine learning to cancer diagnosis — MIT professor Regina Barzilay

And more.

Connect with leading AI professionals and understand how you can supercharge your business and career.

Physical seats are limited. Recordings are available for those who can't make it. Join the waitlist


Chinese startups are mounting a surprise challenge to American AI models

America’s days as the uncontested homeland to the best AI models may be coming to an end. Despite the US ban on exports of high-end artificial intelligence chips to its rival, the Chinese AI dragon is gaining momentum and breathing fire down the necks of its American counterparts.

The first big surprise came last week, when Chinese startup SenseTime announced SenseNova 5.0, an AI model that beats OpenAI’s leading GPT-4 Turbo model across almost every key performance benchmark.

The claims forced many in the industry to take notice, as SenseNova 5.0 showed major advancements in math, reasoning, coding, and other categories.

The next big surprise came in the shape of Vidu, a new text-to-video model developed by Chinese company ShengShu-AI in collaboration with Tsinghua University. Early samples shared on social media look on par with Sora, OpenAI’s video generation model that is yet to be released.

If the recent claims coming out of the country are true — and that’s a big if — Chinese AI efforts may be further advanced than previously estimated.


Motivation Monday

Prompt: Create a series of coding challenges to enhance my problem-solving skills in Java.

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, you can change the programming language to whichever one you prefer. You can also ask the model for a specific set of exercises, and upload ones you’ve already done so it can replicate them.


Learn How to Build a Content Generator

In this workshop you will build an app that:

  • Writes in your tone of voice

  • Updates existing content with refreshing insights

  • Interlinks between articles easily

  • References the source for each statement

  • Simplifies SEO marketing

This workshop is ideal for those with a solid foundation in MindStudio. Register now


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Caspa AI: Bring your e-commerce products to life by adding photorealistic human models, animals and custom backgrounds.

 Strut: The all-in-one AI workspace for writers. Capture projects, notes, drafts, and more in collaborative workspaces using AI.

 Secbrain: Remember everything with the help of AI.

 PlayPlay: An AI video assistant that helps create engaging videos for social media, ad creative, and more.

 Tailwind: Get ready-to-post marketing copy created for you instantly.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Where are the AI patents granted?


Citrus Dreams are made of these

Source: Inspired by @alvaro.yuchen on Midjourney

Prompt: Oil painting impressionism, oil painting [fruit/citrus] tree, big [color][fruit/citrus] hanging on the branches, a little blue sky can be seen through the branches and leaves, thick oil painting strokes, large brush strokes, oil painting style, Van Gogh style, Monet, Cezanne, details, close-up, high definition, best quality

--ar 2:3


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