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How to create incredible images with AI

ALSO: Galaxy S24 leaked, and a new ChatGPT feature

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Welcome back, Superhuman

Just when you’re ready to put up your feet and take it easy for the holidays, AI hits you with another surprise. This time it’s an early Christmas surprise from AI image generation company Midjourney, which dropped a new update that is sure to blow minds.


  • Midjourney takes AI image generation to the next level

  • How to generate images with Midjourney V6

  • Infographic: The 50 most visited AI tools

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Friday Laughs: Beets by Dr Dre

  • AI Generated Images: An action movie called Superhuman


Today in AI & Tech

Image Source: Anthropic

  • Whoops: Samsung's Galaxy S24 phone features have been leaked with early 2024 release date.

  • New Feature: You can now archive your chats in ChatGPT.

  • War Chest: OpenAI rival Anthropic in talks to raise $750 million at valuation that could go up to $18 Billion.

  • Hard Talk: UK Supreme Court rules AI is not an inventor and cannot get patents.

  • Like the Movies: Google releases a new AI model for video generation. See sample videos here.


Midjourney’s highly-anticipated V6 update takes AI-generated images to the next level

If you’ve ever read an issue of this newsletter and wondered where we got the images, the answer is usually Midjourney — the AI-powered image generation tool that can create almost lifelike images in seconds from simple text prompts.

The V6 update has been in the works for the past 9 months and it delivers on the hype with some pretty cool improvements:

  • The images have more depth and realism, as seen in the images we generated above.

  • For the first time, Midjourney can generate text in images. See our Tutorial and Images of the Day sections below for samples.

  • V6 also comes with accurate prompt following as well as longer prompts.

The updated version comes with new prompting methods that are more intuitive and sensitive to user prompts. Currently in alpha mode, the latest update is expected to get better with time.

As regular users of the tool, our initial tests yielded some very promising results and we were consistently impressed. See our tutorial below to see how you can access Midjourney and use the latest V6 update.

While it doesn’t yet have the same mainstream popularity as ChatGPT, the bootstrapped giant is reportedly pulling in $200 million in annual revenue with less than 100 employees.

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How to use the latest V6 update on Midjourney

In case you haven’t used Midjourney before, here’s a quick tutorial video to help you get started.

And if you’re already familiar with Midjourney, all you need to do is add --v 6 to the end of your prompts to generate images with the latest model.

Below are some prompts to help you generate images like the one above:

1. A movie poster for Barbie starring blonde Reese Witherspoon with the stylized title "Barbie" --s 200 --v 6

2. Close up of a woman with raindrops on her face, brunette hair, deep blue eyes --v 6

3. A product photo of a soda can with a floral design pattern and the brand name "Poppy" --v 6.0

4. A vintage style travel poster with the shire from the Lord of the Rings titled "Visit the Shire" --v 6


The 50 Most Visited AI Tools


Suck the suckiness out of emails

Hypertype is an AI-powered Chrome extension that can draft personalized emails using contextual information and your company data.

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5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Papermark AI: Revolutionize your document sharing and collaboration. Share pitch decks, sales proposals and other docs securely with real-time analytics and white-labeling options.

Dewstack AI: Effortlessly craft and manage AI-powered docs that elevate your content and empower your users with instant answers.

CapGo AI: Make market research effortlessly fast. Seamlessly gather vast web information into spreadsheets in seconds.

Linnk AI: Skim any website and get Instant insights. Navigate directly to your point of interest with just one click using AI.

Create: Create apps automatically in under 2 mins with AI.

* indicates a sponsored tool


Beets by Dr Dre

Generated with AI, of course.

source: @tunguz on X


An action movie called Superhuman

In honor of Midjourney’s new text generation capabilities, we decided to generate some imaginary movie posters:


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