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  • Elon Musk looks to raise $1 Billion for xAI

Elon Musk looks to raise $1 Billion for xAI

ALSO: Bitcoin's back and GTA smashes Youtube views record

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Welcome back, Superhuman

The battle of the bots rumbles on, as Elon Musk looks to raise a cool billion to go to war with OpenAI. But he’s not the only one with a war chest.

And creating videos with AI is getting easier by the day. Today we’ll show you how to turn your images into a short video with just a few clicks.


  • Musk wants to raise $1 Billion for xAI, others aren’t far behind

  • How to turn any image into a short video with AI

  • The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

  • 5 new AI tools to get more done with less

  • AI Generated Images: The world’s first technological milestones


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Google Finance

  • Bull Market: Bitcoin crosses the $40,000 dollar price mark, raising expectations of a crypto bull market.

  • Soaring: Apple’s market cap crosses $3 trillion for the first time since August.

  • New Friends: A new app brings iMessages to Android.

  • Sky High: AI infrastructure company VAST Data’s valuation surges to $9 Billion after latest funding round

  • Record Breaker: GTA VI breaks MrBeast’s record for most YouTube views in 24 hours, racking over 85 million views.


Elon Musk looks to raise $1 Billion for xAI, as the race to dethrone OpenAI gathers pace

Source: Getty Images

Building rockets and electric cars isn’t keeping Elon Musk busy enough it seems. After purchasing Twitter (now X) and falling out with the OpenAI team, Musk founded xAI this year and leveraged X’s huge datasets to build an OpenAI alternative.

And after xAI launched Grok - the company’s alternative to ChatGPT - Musk is doubling down on his bet by raising $1 Billion for his startup. According to a SEC filing, xAI has already raised $135 million, and could raise up to another $865 million.

Many competitors have launched rival chatbots and models to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4, but none have been able to surpass its capabilities yet. Besides Grok, major alternatives to ChatGPT include Google’s Bard and Anthropic’s Claude, among others.

And while Musk waits to raise his war chest, other major players are also inching closer to fresh financing. Mistral, another OpenAI competitor, is reportedly close to raising almost $500 million at a $2 Billion valuation in a funding round that includes giants like Salesforce and Nvidia.


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How to turn any image into a short video with AI

Use Stability AI’s new Stable Video Diffusion tool to turn any image into a short video:

  • Pick an image you want to convert

  • Upload it to Stable Diffusion

  • Adjust video size, motion, and frame size if needed

  • Download it by clicking on the download button below the video

  • It may take a minute or two for the video to generate

To generate the video above, I used the following image:



Among teens in the US who are aware of ChatGPT, 19% say they’ve used it to help with their schoolwork.

Source: Pew

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Pixlr: The ultimate suite for all your creative photo and design editing needs directly in your web browser, on your smartphone, or on your desktop.

Learniverse: Curate tutorials specifically aligned with your unique learning goals. Adjust and adapt your curriculum by finding the best learning path, educational resources, specifically to your needs.

Circleback (sponsored): Meticulous notes, actions items, and a transcript for every meeting. Plus, get answers to questions using the context of your team's conversations. Try it now →

Shortsgenerator: Turn your ideas into engaging short videos in minutes with AI.

Papermark AI: Your open-source AI document assistant. Engage with your documents in a completely new way – as an author or recipient.


The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

US Compels Saudi Fund to Exit AI Chip Startup Backed by Altman

The Biden administration forced a Saudi fund to exit its investment in AI startup Rain AI after a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. The move could have broader implications for the Middle East’s ambitions to invest in US tech companies. Read more

Nvidia working closely with US to ensure new chips for China are compliant with curbs

Nvidia controls over 90% of China’s $7 Billion AI chip market and is looking to maintain that advantage by working with US authorities to make sure its new chips are in line with US policy. Other manufacturers like Huawei may look to capitalize on the opportunity and gain a foothold in the Chinese market. Read more

How Huawei surprised the US with a cutting-edge chip made in China

An inside look at how the Chinese tech giant kept its edge in the semiconductor war despite sanctions and has now opened the door to advances in cutting-edge AI chip production. Read more


The world’s first technological milestones

Source: u/MrCalabunga on Reddit


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