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  • Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Beuterin outlines his vision for crypto and AI applications

Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Beuterin outlines his vision for crypto and AI applications

ALSO: High drama in senate hearing, and a French surprise

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Crypto is making a huge comeback this year — currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have almost doubled in price since the crash of 2022. With both AI and crypto approaching peak hype, Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin predicts how both technologies will mix together.


  • Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Beuterin outlines his vision for crypto and AI applications

  • How to summarize YouTube videos using AI

  • Chart: UK study finds students love using AI (but not to cheat)

  • French startup Mistral is on the verge of releasing the most powerful open-source AI model

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Famous artworks as Pixar animations


Today in AI & Tech

Source: NYTimes

  • Failed Expectations: Tech giants lose $190 billion in market cap after quarterly results fail to match investor hopes for AI-driven revenue surge.

  • High Drama: Mark Zuckerberg turns to families and says "I am sorry for everything that you have all gone through," in fiery US Senate hearing on social media’s impact on kids (pictured above).

  • Wrong Number: US regulators are moving to ban most AI-generated robocalls.

  • Complacent Dragon: TikTok owner ByteDance tells employees that they’re late to the AI party, and that company showed signs of complacency.

  • If You Say So: OpenAI released a study on GPT-4’s effectiveness in potentially creating a bioweapon and found that we probably have nothing to worry about.


Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Beuterin outlines his vision for crypto and AI applications

Image Source: Bloomberg

When Vitalik speaks, the builders listen. The Russian-Canadian prodigy was only 19 when he founded Ethereum (the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap today) which cemented his status as a cult idol among programmers everywhere.

In a blog posted two days ago, Buterin showed enthusiasm for combining crypto and AI to build new applications and outlined four key areas that hold promise. The blog is also a sneak peek into what the future could look like.

Source: UETH Blog

Using the analogy of a game, Vitalik outlines four overlapping areas between crypto and AI where useful new applications could emerge:

AI as the interface to the game: In this category, AI would act as a guide to the crypto world, helping users understand what is happening around them. From helping users grasp new features to protecting them against fraud, AI could act as a helpful companion to those interacting with crypto.

AI as the rules of the game: For this scenario, AI would act as a sort of judge to help interpret and enforce contracts. Such a scenario would carry significant risk, as the interpretation of many contracts can be subjective and implementation can lack transparency and fairness.

AI as the objective of the game: For this category, crypto would act as infrastructure for AI, providing a sort of technical foundation on which scalable AI models can be built.

AI as a player in a game: This scenario is a little technical but at a high level you can think of it as AI as a player in a video game where it scores points by making educated guesses based on what it learns from watching humans. Practical applications for this could include AI-driven arbitrage bots in decentralized exchanges or AIs participating in prediction markets.


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How to summarize YouTube videos with AI

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UK study finds students love using AI (but not to cheat)

Source: HEPI

A new study conducted by The Higher Education Policy Institute in the UK found that generative AI has become normalized in higher education. 53% of students have used it to prepare assignments, but only 5% used it to cheat for their assignments. Cheating in the study was defined as using AI-generated text in an assignment without editing it. 73% expect to use AI after they graduate.


French startup Mistral is on the verge of releasing the most powerful open-source AI model

Image Source: PYMNTS

A mysterious AI model called ‘Miqu‘ was leaked on data science platform HuggingFace last week. While AI models are a dime a dozen these days, one particular detail made everyone stand up and take notice: early testers claimed that it ranked fourth on the EQ-Bench — a benchmark used to evaluate the emotional intelligence of AI models — surpassing every other AI model in the world except OpenAI’s GPT-4.

The achievement represents a milestone moment for the open-source AI community, which stands in contrast to the closed models being developed by major players like OpenAI. While the source of the model is still being debated, the consensus is that it’s a leaked model from Mistral, the French AI startup behind other notable open-source models.

Mistral’s CEO seemed to confirm these assumptions in a recent post and told readers to “stay tuned,” implying that Mistral is releasing an official version of the model soon, potentially with performance upgrades that bring it closer to - or exceed - the performance OpenAI’s GPT-4.


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Famous artworks as Pixar animations

source: @ARTiV3RSE on X

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