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Why experts are divided over this week's safety gathering

ALSO: AI engineers say they're exhausted

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With low turnout on its opening day, it’s as if the balloons are already deflating and the cake’s getting cold at this year’s AI safety summit. It’s not all doom and gloom though: The world’s largest AI companies already signed one historic agreement, with more announcements expected.

Today’s Insights

  • A divide over the world’s second AI safety summit

  • How to make flow charts from spreadsheets with ChatGPT

  • Prompt: Architecture 101

  • AI workers say they’re exhausted

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Everything else you should know today

  • AI-Generated Images: GoatClimbing


Sixteen AI companies just agreed to make safety a priority. Is it enough?

Source: AP Photos

November’s global AI safety summit was the industry’s equivalent of the Met Gala. It featured an A-list lineup, including tech celebrities like Elon Musk and OpenAI’s Sam Altman. Organizers said there was a point to all the fanfare: It brought more international attention to AI’s potential dangers.

The follow-up event is kicking off in Seoul today, but critics fear that not everyone got the memo. Some countries, including the Netherlands and Canada, aren’t bothering to send representatives, and Google’s DeepMind wouldn’t say if it was attending either. Some argue the lower turnout proves nations and corporations alike have already moved on from AI safety.

Not so fast:

  • Even though the summit isn’t drawing as many high-profile guests, it might end up having a bigger impact in the long run

  • In the first agreement of its kind, sixteen of the world’s biggest AI companies, including Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, and Amazon, agreed on some “red lines” that should never be crossed

  • They promised they’d stop developing any models that become capable of generating large-scale cyber attacks or bioweapons

Governments are working on the problem, too: During one meeting, the US announced it was teaming up with the UK, Japan, and others to build safety institutes that would research AI’s potential risks. Experts point out that it will probably take some time for everyone to align on the same goals, especially because there’s so much geopolitical tension between the world’s superpowers right now. “It will mean nothing if it doesn’t lead to action,” AI ethics researcher Carissa Véliz told Fast Company. “And I think the jury’s still out.”


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How to make charts from spreadsheets with ChatGPT

  • Go to ChatGPT and upload your Excel sheet (Don’t upload any sensitive data to ChatGPT)

  • Ask it to analyze the spreadsheet’s data and then convert it into a process to map

Prompt: Analyze this spreadsheet and create a mind map of [Insert Your Topic]. Show all topics as central ideas, and add main branches, and sub-branches to it.

  • Now ask ChatGPT to covert this text into Markdown format

  • Copy this markdown code and go to https://markmap.js.org/repl

  • Paste the code on MarkMap and it will give you the visual representation of your mind map

  • You can download it as an HTML code for online use or as an SVG for pictures


Architecture 101


> Discuss the role of natural light and ventilation in promoting occupant well-being in residential architecture.

>How can we create flexible, multi-functional spaces in a small urban apartment?

You can adapt the prompt to your needs.

Source: AI Habit


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Burnout comes for AI engineers

Would you be willing to work grueling, unpredictable hours for six figures? That’s the predicament many AI employees now find themselves in. Some say the tradeoff is well worth it, but others are struggling to keep their heads above water.

The AI crunch: One employee told CNBC he canceled an entire weekend with friends to work on a last-minute project due early on a Monday morning — only to learn later that the whole thing had been scrapped.

While that might be an extreme case, many workers say that their companies are prioritizing speed over quality and pushing out products before the proper safeguards can be put in place. They fear that executives are too eager to pivot to the next big thing without considering a product’s long-term viability.

What can tech firms do about it? The breakneck pace of innovation means AI companies are working on multiple projects at once, so it can be difficult for employees to know whether their time investments are being put to good use. “And that is very conducive to burnout just in the sense that it makes it hard to believe in something,” independent AI engineer Morry Kolman told CNBC.

Part of the solution might involve helping employees track how their work directly contributed to a new goal or product. More communication between lower-level employees and executives could also help. Experts say firms should consider giving their employees more flexibility too, including dedicated time to work on passion projects and the freedom to experiment with new ideas.


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Everything you need to know today

Scale CEO Alexandr Wang. Source: Getty Images/Tech Crunch

  • Scaling Up: Scale AI, which labels data so that it can be used to train AI systems, has raised $1 billion in new funding.

  • Algorithmic Accord: European Union member states officially approved the AI Act Tuesday — clearing the final hurdle for the world’s first set of major AI regulations.

  • Future-Proofing: JPMorgan Chase. & Co. says each of its new hires this year will receive rigorous LLM training “to get them ready for the AI of the future.”

  • AI Upskill: A study from consulting firm PwC found that jobs that require AI expertise compensate around 25% more than comparable positions that do not ask for AI knowledge.

  • Back in Action: Samsung appointed veteran executive Young Hyun Jun to head its struggling semiconductor division after analysts pointed out its AI chip development was falling behind.



Source: @zindabadstudioofficial on Midjourney

Prompt: A Goat in a human form is a rock climber on a vertical and dangerous cliff in the Himalayas, realistic

--ar 9:16

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