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  • Generative AI job listings soared this year 📈

Generative AI job listings soared this year 📈

ALSO: AI training costs over time

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AI isn’t built on code alone. It takes a lot of invisible labor, including from international workers who don’t have the same protections as US employees. And: Why training AI models costs exponentially more today than it did just seven years ago.

Today’s Insights

  • There are more AI-related jobs than ever

  • Prompt: Networking and pivoting

  • Tracking AI training costs over time

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Everything else you should know today

  • AI-Generated Images: ‘Out of this world’ stadiums


AI-related job openings are skyrocketing

In just the past year, job posting site Indeed saw a 10-fold rise in generative AI openings, compared with 2023. If you look at the past two years, the figure is even more shocking: A 75-fold increase.

Putting that into perspective: AI-related jobs still make up only about 0.12% of job postings around the world. But in the US, nearly 2% of jobs involve AI, and that figure is likely to tick up in the coming years.

Even though AI could make some positions obsolete, it will likely create others. One recent IBM study found that 40% of CEOs plan to hire more staff because of AI. Those jobs generally pay more, too, offering 77% higher wages than non-AI positions.

But critics say that’s not always the case globally: The World Bank estimates there are between 154 million and 435 million online gig workers internationally, including many who train and test AI models. Few get the same benefits as US workers.

One group of nearly 100 Kenya-based AI employees recently called on the US government to support more workplace protections, like comprehensive training programs and mental health resources. Some said they make less than $2 an hour and have PTSD due to exposure to violent material while flagging and sorting content. Activists say they play just as integral a role in developing new AI products as engineers and executives — but receive far less support.


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The cost of training AI models over time

Source: Visual Capitalist

It cost less than a mid-range laptop to train the landmark transformer that became the basis of modern-day AI models — just $930. But since 2017, that figure has risen exponentially, according to a chart from Visual Capitalist.

It reportedly cost more than $191 million to train Gemini Ultra in 2023, while training GPT-4 cost more than $78 million. Meta’s Llama-2 was a bargain in comparison, costing less than $4 million to train.

Machine learning scientist Nathan Lambert estimates that Llama-2’s successor, however, costs closer to $100 million to train, although the official figures haven’t been disclosed.

At this rate, Lambert thinks Llama 4 could cost upwards of $1 billion to train — something that’s only possible if you’re a big tech company like Meta. Training GPT-5, meanwhile, could cost as much as $2.5 billion, according to some estimates.


Networking and Pivoting

Prompt: I am considering a career transition into the field of (specify field or role). What steps should I take to smoothly transition while leveraging my existing skills and experiences? I also want to build a strong network in this (specify industry or field). Could you guide me on where to start, how to approach industry professionals, and maintain these connections for the long term?

You can adapt the prompt to your specific needs.

Source: DataScience Nexus on Medium


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Cartwheel: Use AI to animate characters for your video, game, or app simply by typing.

 Prepair: Test yourself against other software engineers with an advanced AI mock interview.

 Databutton: Ship your idea in days with the world’s first fully AI app developer.

 BeeDone: Crush tasks, turn routines into wins, and maintain your habit with gamified AI.

 Perfect Wiki: Effortlessly turn your company knowledge into a powerful, always-evolving AI-powered help center.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Everything else you need to know today

Source: Apple

  • A Name to Remember: At its long-awaited WWDC Event today, Apple reportedly plans to name its new AI initiative “Apple Intelligence,” which conveniently has the acronym “AI.”

  • Eyes Glued: Investors are closely watching how Nvidia’s stock split, which turned each share into 10 at the end of trading day Friday, will affect the chip giant’s market performance.

  • WhatsUpgrade: WhatsApp announced several new AI-powered features for businesses, including a tool that automatically answers shoppers’ questions.

  • Insta Exodus: Hundreds of thousands of creators are abandoning Instagram and flocking to a portfolio platform called Cara to protest a policy that lets Meta use their art for AI training purposes.

  • Foundry Frenzy: TSMC’s sales jumped 30% to $7.1 billion in May as tech companies continued to fight over the firm’s highly-coveted AI chips.

😄 One Fun Thing: Watch how filmmaker Gary Hustwit created a documentary about the visionary ambient musician Brian Eno “that’s different every time it’s shown.” The film uses generative AI to shuffle between scenes, music, and order so that no two viewings are ever the same.

🧠 Brain Food: A recent study found that AI models can solve higher-level problems by working together. A team of more than a dozen researchers used a framework called AutoGen to help multiple AI agents “converse with each other to accomplish tasks.” The approach could improve AI capabilities across different fields, including math, research, and entertainment.


The game was out of this world

Source: u/12washingbeard on Reddit

Audience POV: distant shot of a football match in a sold-out stadium designed by Zaha Hadid inside a large cave with a sold-out full audience

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