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Google launches Gemini Ultra, its ChatGPT killer

ALSO: AI-powered glasses, and noise cancellation for the brain

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Welcome back, Superhuman

Happy Gemini Ultra Day to all those who celebrate. After weeks of speculation, Google’s most powerful AI model is here to take on GPT-4 and ChatGPT. The much-anticipated battle of the (chat)bots has finally begun.


  • Gemini Ultra is finally here— Everything you need to know

  • How to get free access to Gemini Advanced + 5 starter prompts

  • Chart: Americans’ concerns about robot intelligence

  • AI and brain stimulation can help treat certain conditions

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Sushi Harvesting

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Today in AI & Tech

Source: Perplexity

20/20 Vision: Brilliant Labs releases Frame – AI-powered AR glasses that are just a tiny bit more subtle than Apple’s Vision Pro, and help you do things like search the web, translate languages, and more.

Safety First: Nvidia, OpenAI, Microsoft, and nearly 200 other companies joined the US AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) to support the safe development and deployment of generative AI.

Mind the Gap: The Tube aka the London Underground is testing AI surveillance tools to spot crime, fare evaders, and falls.

Call me on my shellphone: Apple is reportedly building prototypes of iPhones that fold like a clamshell.

How Much? The Wall Street Journal reports that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is in talks with several major investors to raise as much as $7 trillion (yes, trillion with a t) for a new chip venture.


Gemini Ultra is finally here to take on ChatGPT and GPT-4

Source: Google

Google might be two weeks too late to the “new year, new me” party, but we’re not complaining. First up, the search giant is rebranding Bard and changing its name to Gemini. But what’s in a name, ye asketh? For which we call a chatbot by any other name would prompt just as sweet?

A potentially world-beating AI model roaring under the hood, for beginners. The chatbot now comes equipped with Gemini Ultra, Google’s most powerful AI model, and one that gets close to - or beats - OpenAI’s GPT-4 on several key performance benchmarks.

The new and improved version is available in 40 languages on the web and is coming soon to a new Gemini app on Android and on the Google app on iOS. Oh and of course, there’s a premium (read: paid) version of it too. It’s called Gemini Advanced and it’ll give users access to the Gemini Ultra model.

But no need to pull out your wallet just yet, Gemini Advanced is free for the first two months. After that, it’s $20/month…just about the same as OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft’s Copilot Pro.

It also works with Gmail, Sheets, Drive, Docs, Maps and other products you use for work. More on that later.

Watch Google’s announcement here and check out our tutorial below to see how you can access and use Gemini Advanced.


How to get free access to Gemini Advanced + 5 starter prompts

Source: Gemini

  • Go to Gemini’s website and log in

  • Upgrade to Gemini Advanced here or from the drop down menu in the top left of the Gemini screen

  • Write your prompt and press enter, just like ChatGPT

  • Here are 5 starter prompts to get you on your way:

  1. Find documents and emails

Go to my Drive/Gmail and find documents related to [insert subject]

  1. Brainstorm and write:

Give me ideas for a subject line/title/blog post about [insert topic]. Also generate a sample draft.

  1. Generate images:

Generate an image of [insert subject]

  1. Manage your calendar:

Tell Gemini to schedule meetings and provide it details about the people, time, and subject

  1. Improve your writing:

Read the email/article/document below and make improvements to the text [copy paste your text]


Americans’ concerns about robot intelligence

According to YouGov’s biannual tracker of Americans' concerns regarding robotic intelligence, over 40% believe robots will surpass human intelligence in the future. And 18% think robots are smarter than humans now – almost 50% higher the number recorded just three years ago.


How a new AI development is making (brain)waves

Elemind, a Massachusetts-based startup, recently snagged a $12 million investment for its neurostimulation tech that aims to treat certain conditions like sleep disorders, chronic pain, tremors, and more.

Unlike traditional medications which can trigger negative side effects, the company’s wearable tech uses “sound or light or vibration or electricity to stimulate the brain.... [to] actually guide the brain precisely, and that leads to a behavior change.” It’s also non-invasive.

Elemind calls it noise cancellation for the brain. According to its co-founder and CTO Dr. David Wang, “each brain is unique, and constantly changing” so Elemind leverages “AI and ML to optimize stimulation parameters to guide the brain to the desired state the fastest.”

After years of research and recent support from investors like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, Elemind hopes to build a future where it can provide an "app store for the brain" that’ll spur the development of personalized neurotechnology.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Copy AI: Write better marketing copy and content with AI.

Yuna: An AI-powered mental health coach designed to support you feel and become your best.

GrowthSchool*: Become an AI & ChatGPT Genius in just 3 hours. Join their 3-hour ChatGPT & AI Workshop. Register now (Free for first 100 people)

DreamyRooms: Effortlessly redesign any room by applying various design themes to uploaded pictures.

Imagetwin: An AI-based software for detecting integrity issues in figures of scientific articles.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Sushi harvesting in Japan

source: u/rare_gianpaolo on Reddit

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