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What happens when you give ChatGPT money

ALSO: Christmas comes late for AI fans

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Christmas won’t be coming early for some AI fans, as OpenAI and Google delay major announcements. But a ChatGPT user discovers an unexpected Christmas miracle by giving the chatbot (fake) money.


  • Programmer finds tipping ChatGPT money improves performance

  • How AI is impacting industries other than Tech

  • Tutorial: Create Christmas cards with AI

  • AI Generated Images: Famous people as Santa Claus


Source: Reuters

  • Better Late Than Never: OpenAI delays the launch of the GPT Store.

  • Delayed Again: Gemini, Google’s GPT-4 competitor, is reportedly getting pushed to next year.

  • So Back: Morgan Stanley expects smartphone sales to rebound next year thanks to generative AI features.

  • Dented Pride: Amazon swallows its pride and partners with competitor SpaceX to launch internet satellites.

  • Hola: Meta’s latest AI upgrade is a translation model that makes speech translation more seamless and expressive.


Programmer finds tipping ChatGPT money improves performance

Who knew inanimate AIs would love money just as much as we do. According to programmer and ChatGPT user Thebes, offering ChatGPT an imaginary monetary tip improves its performance and leads to answers with significantly more detail.

Here’s how Thebes ran the experiment:

  • She chose the following base prompt: "Can you show me the code for a simple convnet using PyTorch?"

  • She then offered ChatGPT no tip, a $20 tip and a $200 tip for a perfect solution.

  • Finally she averaged the length of 5 answers to measure the effect of the monetary reward.

The results showed significantly longer answers when offered a tip:

This finding obviously doesn’t have the same depth of rigor and testing that a peer-reviewed academic paper might have, but it shows the interesting impact that financial incentives may have on LLMs. This experiment pairs interestingly with a previous study that found LLM performance can be enhanced with emotional stimuli.

We decided to test this tipping method for ourselves and the responses were indeed longer when we offered ChatGPT more money to answer the same question. However, while the answers were usually more detailed when offered a higher tip, the shorter answer given without a tip would have done the job in many cases.


The AI-powered startup unlocking the “billionaire economy” for your benefit

For decades, billionaires have been cashing in on one exclusive market that the average person would never dream of investing in. But thanks to one award-winning platform, everyday people are finally getting in on the action.

Masterworks is the unique investment platform that enables anyone to invest in blue-chip art for just a fraction of the cost. Their proprietary database of art market returns provides an unrivalled quantitative edge in analyzing investment opportunities.

Opportunities like paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat, a favourite of business titans like Jay-Z and Ken Griffin, whose prices grew at an annualized rate of 33% from 1984 to 2022, outpacing the S&P 500, and stocks like Apple and Walmart.

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3 ways AI is being used in non-tech industries

AI’s impact isn’t going to be limited to the tech sector. Several industries from healthcare and logistics to agriculture and education are already experiencing multi-billion changes powered by capabilities that LLMs unlock.

AI in Supply Chain Management

AI is being used in supply chain management to improve supply chain efficiency by forecasting demand, optimizing routes, and controlling inventories. Logistics startups like Pando and Overhaul have raised tens of millions of dollars to solve high-value problems like visibility, packaging, procurement and more.

AI in Education

While the early news around generative AI tools like ChatGPT centered around students using it to cheat on school assignments, educators have come around to the idea that AI tools should be integrated into the classroom. OpenAI has an official guide for Teaching with AI, and companies like Canva have dedicated AI tools for both students and teachers, which let them do things like create lesson plans, design better presentation slides, and more.

AI in Agriculture

Crops and pest control might not be the first things that pop into your mind when you think about AI, but AI is being used extensively in agriculture for a number of tasks like increasing yield production, forecasting the weather, and monitoring soil health. IBM Watson and John Deere are some of the biggest companies implementing AI in agriculture right now.

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How to generate Christmas cards with AI

Prompt used: a christmas card, in the style of Bernard Villemot 
Prompt used: a christmas card, 1950s vintage style


Famous people as Santa Claus

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