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Hollywood strike ends after AI deal

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It’s a day of high drama in AI as actors and Hollywood studios reportedly reach an agreement on AI usage that will end a historic 118 day strike.

And while actors have much to celebrate, professionals in other industries may not be so pleased to learn that new speech analyzing AI software could be put to use to decode their feelings.

But it’s not all bad news, as Nvidia announces new flagship chips that will power the next generation of AI. We also have a quick guide on generating data visualizations with ChatGPT in today’s email.


  • How AI speech analysis is being used to scrutinize company executives

  • Nvidia’s new H200 chips will power the next generation of AI

  • Infographic: LLM Hallucination Leaderboard

  • Hollywood actors strike ends with AI deal

  • 5 AI tools to supercharge your productivity

  • AI Tutorial: Generate data visualizations with ChatGPT

  • AI Generated Images: Concept brand headquarters


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  • Outlawed: Nepal announces a ban on TikTok due to disruption to social harmony.

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  • Snap That: A new type of Snapchat filter is being powered by ChatGPT.

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AI is being used to analyze the meaning behind the words of company executives

According to a recent article published in the Financial Times, investors are using AI to decode the meaning behind what company executives say.

These AI-powered language analysis software can pick up on tiny cues like shifts in tone, speech rate, pitch, volume and other components of speech to provide tips on an executive’s true emotions.

But as AI gets better at analyzing human speech and body language, we think these tools could become more commonplace in the workplace and at home — not the most comforting thought, we’ll admit.

Beyond the obvious moral dilemma of decoding someone’s emotional state without their consent, recent analyses and critiques of AI models have unveiled significant racial and gender biases, which could lead to incorrect output from these tools.

While we generally take an optimistic view on all things related to AI and tech, the use of such tools in professional, personal or public settings could raise some serious ethical issues.


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Nvidia’s new flagship H200 chips will power the next generation of AI

The HGX H200. Source: Nvidia

While everyone else in AI is scrambling to get their hands on H100 chips - the top AI chip from Nvidia that powers many of today’s AI models - the company just announced a new flagship chip: The H200.

According to Nvidia, the chip will come with 40% more memory bandwidth and 80% more memory capacity, which should enable AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 to produce faster results.

The chips will initially be rolled out early next year to an exclusive group of companies that include Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The H200 chips are designed to be compatible with systems that currently run on the H100 chips, which means that these systems will not require any new upgrades.

While the arrival of faster chips will be good news for some companies, most are still struggling to purchase the current generation of H100 chips that are in short supply, selling for north of $30,000 per unit in many cases.


LLM Hallucination Leaderboard

Results from a new evaluation model that measures how often an LLM introduces hallucinations when summarizing a document. OpenAI’s models lead the way, while Meta’s also perform quite well.


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Hollywood actors strike ends after agreement reached on AI rights

Getty Images

Actors may have been on strike these last few months, but the drama continued off screen in the negotiating room as representatives from both the actors union and major studios discussed demands for higher pay and the use of AI.

While details of a reported agreement have not yet been made public, it’s understood that AI was the major sticking point. After proposals to end the strike were repeatedly rejected by the actors union, it’s understood that an increase in protections against the use of AI is what finally sealed the deal.

The agreement will come as good news for fans, who can finally look forward to work resuming on much-anticipated films like Gladiator 2 and the new Deadpool movie.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Sphere: Scan a space with your phone and let AI create a photorealistic 3D tour.

Hireguide: AI enhanced structured interviews and notes that help you conduct interviews and reduce hiring time.

Speechmatics (sponsored): Free speech. Transcription, translation, summarization, and more. Unlock insights from your speech data with Speech Intelligence by Speechmatics. Try it – for free – without code.

OneClickCopy: Generate blog posts in seconds. Simply enter a keyword and it will generate a blog post for you with images and internal linking.

ParsePolicy: An AI that reads Privacy Policies for you.


How to generate visualizations with ChatGPT

Image Source: Ethan Mollick

  • Log into ChatGPT and enable Advanced Data Analysis mode at the top of the screen. No need to do this if you’re in the latest version of ChatGPT.

  • Upload the Excel or CSV file of your choice.

  • Enter the following prompt: "run a basic analysis on the file I've uploaded"

  • Once you've entered the prompt, ChatGPT will generate a list of insights and charts from the file that you've uploaded. It's that easy.

  • If there's a specific chart you want, just enter another prompt and ask ChatGPT to generate that chart for you.


Concept brand logo HQs

Source: @designideahub on Midjourney

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