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Hume unveils the first AI with emotional intelligence

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AI is taking a leap from humanlike text to humanlike voice. A new demo from startup Hume shows an AI that can read your feelings and facial expressions to tailor its responses.


  • Hume unveils AI with emotional intelligence and empathy

  • How to access and use Hume’s conversational AI

  • The global market for humanoid robots

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

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Hume unveils an AI interface that can read your feelings

Source: Hume

AI apps like ChatGPT can follow your instructions. But what if they could also understand your feelings and the meaning behind your words? AI startup Hume unveiled a new voice interface yesterday that the company claims is “the first conversational AI with emotional intelligence.“

Hume’s website claims that it’s building empathic AI to “serve human well-being” through an API that can interpret emotional expressions and generate empathic responses. In case you’re not familiar with APIs, think of it as a pipe that helps one piece of software talk to another.

And that’s what makes it remarkable. Hume’s conversational AI interface isn’t a standalone app, it’s a technology that can power many other applications. A few applications we may see in the near future:

  • An AI assistant with humanlike voice

  • A customer support agent that sounds like a human being

  • A therapist that understands your thoughts and feelings

We’ve also got a quick guide on how you can access and talk to it below.


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How to access and test Hume’s conversational AI interface

  • Go to Hume’s demo website

  • Press start conversation and enable mic access

  • Say anything you like and start a conversation

  • Watch the AI talk back and display your tone and emotional state in the bar on the right of the screen

  • Be careful not to share any personal or sensitive information

We tried playing with it at the office and got a good few laughs out of it. The AI has a sense of humor and can adapt its tone to match yours. It’s not perfect but it’s still remarkable. It asses our emotional state correctly more often than not, and the quality of the voice is about 80% that of a real human.


The global market for humanoid robots by 2035

Source: Goldman Sachs Research

The humanoid robotics industry is expected to reach a market size of nearly $38 billion by 2035. High spec robots alone — ones that use cutting-edge technologies — will generate nearly half that by 2035.

Goldman Sachs researchers said the expected market size is up more than sixfold from a previous projection thanks to rapid advancements in robotic large language models.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Lutra: Automate workflows with plain English.

Mentor: Achieve your goals with a helping hand from AI.

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Rednernet: Generate AI images with consistent faces.

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Famous art (but it’s Star Wars)

source: @ARTiV3RSE on X

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