Intel is bringing AI to the Olympics

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Ever considered a career in competitive rope climbing? How about extreme canoeing? Ahead of the Summer Olympics, a new AI platform promises to tell you which sport you’d be best at — and how you compare to the professionals.

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  • Intel’s AI model can spot top Olympic talent

  • Tutorial: Build a video game with Claude 3.5

  • More Americans are using AI to plan their next vacation

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Everything else you should know today

  • AI-Generated Images: Journey to the end of the world


Intel is bringing AI to the Olympics

Source: Intel

Senegal, a country of about 17 million, has medaled only once at the Olympic Games — and that was back in 1988. But frequent winners like the US, the UK, and Germany might want to start looking over their shoulders.

That’s because the Senegalese National Olympic Committee, in partnership with Intel, is using AI to identify young athletes in rural areas who might have so far flown under the radar. They visited five villages across the West African country and asked 1,000 kids to participate in a series of physical challenges. AI-powered sensors then helped them identify 40 children who exhibited “significant talent.” 

An app will eventually roll out to the public so that anyone can see whether they might have a shot at becoming an Olympic superstar. Fans in Paris will get the chance to preview the app next month, and it’ll be able to tell them which sports they’d be best equipped to play.

Here’s what else Intel is working on ahead of this summer’s Paris Games:

  • An AI-powered 3-D scanner that maps out buildings in order to help athletes with visual impairments navigate through them

  • A chatbot that’s been trained to help competitors understand the International Olympic Committee’s rules and regulations (for example, an athlete can ask which medicines she’s allowed to take ahead of an event — and which ones are forbidden)

  • You’ll benefit from the initiative even if you’re just watching from your couch: With AI deep learning, Intel can now deliver 8k resolution broadcasts in real time

It’s not just Intel getting in on the AI action: NBC announced this week it will use an AI-generated version of Al Michaels’ voice to deliver daily recaps and highlights during the Games. The legendary sports broadcaster, who was a commentator during the 1980 “Miracle on Ice,” said he was at first skeptical of the idea. But he became convinced after hearing the voice for himself. “Frankly, it was astonishing,” he recently told Vanity Fair. “It was amazing.”


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How to create a video game using Claude 3.5

  • Go to Claude’s website and log in with your account.

  • Go to your profile and select Feature Preview

  • Toggle the Artifacts button.

  • Now, ask Claude to make a simple snake game for you that can be played

Use the prompt:

“Create a simple snake game for me in HTML5”

  • Wait a few seconds and you’ll have your fully functional snake game.

  • You can preview the game using the Artifacts feature or you can also preview the code to be used in the future.


Friday Funday – Game Night

Prompt: I’m developing dialogues for characters in a mystery-themed game. Describe the [central storyline and setting], introduce the main [characters and their backgrounds], and then craft dialogues that convey [plot twists or vital information].

You can adapt the prompt to your specific needs.

Source: great ai prompts


Find new ways to monetize AI

AI can be way more than just a set of tools to help with productivity. Done right, AI can help you generate leads, convert sales, and automate support... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn how to quickly and easily launch a high-converting chatbot with zero technical skills needed.



Americans are starting to embrace AI travel planners

AI trip planning is starting to go mainstream. Seven in 10 Americans say they’d be willing to use AI to curate a trip this year — or have already done so — while just 30% said they don’t see AI in their travel-planning future, according to a recent trends report from personal finance app MoneyLion. A fifth of younger travelers, between ages 18 and 34, say they’re already incorporating AI into their travel plans.

Just 5% of respondents said they’d used AI to plan a trip but have no plans to do so again in the future, suggesting that people who do experiment with AI for trip planning tend to find the process useful.

Why are travelers turning to AI for help? It can give more precise recommendations than a guidebook. Books of course can’t be updated or edited to accommodate your preferences. But AI-powered travel assistants like Vacay and Mindtrip can curate custom itineraries based on your budget and interests.

Maybe you want to go full-on tourist mode and hit all of the major landmarks in a particular city. Or you’d rather head out on a food crawl, visiting all the best street vendors in a neighborhood. AI platforms can help you surface options that might otherwise take hours to compile manually.

What are travelers using AI for? Right now, it’s fairly split. Fifty-six percent use it for locating restaurants, 53% for hotel recommendations, and 51% for local transportation recommendations. It means that conventional booking sites might need to start incorporating AI features if they want to stay relevant and competitive.

Some travelers say they’ve found the most success by inputting their preferences into several AI-powered travel sites, then picking and choosing from each of their responses to create one ultimate itinerary.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Otio: Summarize and chat with your documents, then write and edit inside an AI-native workspace custom-built for research.

 Pixelmost: Create beautiful mockups and app designs with the help of AI.

 Relay: Use AI to automate common tasks like text summarization and data extraction, and deploy AI mini agents to perform custom actions on your behalf.

 Revid: Transform ideas into TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos with AI.

 Skyvern: Use AI to handle repetitive browser workflows, like fetching invoices, filling in multi-step forms, and navigating CAPTCHAs.

PS: Want more? Check out our Top 100 AI Tools.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Everything else you need to know today

Source: Tempus

  • AI MD: SoftBank is teaming up with health tech company Tempus to build AI-powered medical services that will recommend personalized cancer treatments based on patient data.

  • Filling the Void: At least six Chinese tech companies, including Alibaba and Baidu, are sprinting to claim new customers after OpenAI announced it would ban Chinese users earlier this week.

  • Magic Wand: The popular design platform Figma is getting an AI-focused revamp. New generative tools will let users get instant mockups of apps, menus, and more via simple text prompts.

  • Are You Smarter Than a Chatbot? A recent University of Reading study found that ChatGPT performed half a grade higher than university students in a series of mock psychology exams.

😄 One Fun Thing: The new Robert Zemeckis-directed movie “Here” will use AI-powered de-aging technology to make its co-stars, Tom Hanks and Robin Wright, look as they did in the 1990s — when they last appeared side-by-side in “Forrest Gump.” You can catch a glimpse of them in the film’s new trailer.

🫣 Freaky Friday: Japanese researchers are growing skin tissue that can be attached to the faces of humanoid robots in order to make them look more realistic — although pictures suggest they haven’t made it past the uncanny valley just yet. Since the skin is made from living cells, it can repair itself if cut or damaged.


Journey(s) to the end of the world

Source: Redditor user u/boongaoutdafront on Midjourney

Prompt: fantasy adventurer overlooking a [insert background description here], starting a journey, majestic scenery, anime art style, --ar 2:3

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