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What do you get when you plug OpenAI’s powerful AI model into a humanoid robot? A new tech demo showed off the impressive result: A robot named Figure 01 that can carry out tasks and have full conversations.

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  • OpenAI-powered robots show human-like capabilities

  • How to create presentations in ChatGPT

  • The EU is one step away from landmark AI regulation

  • Chart: Ranking AI apps by user engagement

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: NYFW


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Cerebras Systems

  • Computing Colossus: Nvidia competitor Cerebras Systems says it has created the world’s fastest (and largest) AI chip, which can reportedly process tens of trillions of parameters.

  • Deal or Delete: The US House passed a bill that would force TikTok parent company ByteDance to either sell the app or face a nationwide ban.

  • Cinema Shortcut: OpenAI’s CTO says its hyped video-creation platform Sora will open up to the public sometime this year.

  • Streaming Showdown: In an apparent swipe at YouTube, Spotify will soon allow its premium subscribers to watch full-length music videos.

  • Do It Yourself: At SXSW this week, 3-D printing juggernaut Icon showed off a tool that allows users to design their own homes with the help of an AI architect.


Figure’s humanoid robots are powered by OpenAI and show human-like capabilities

Source: FigureAI

First it was physical tasks, now robots can understand what we’re saying and respond accordingly. Last month, robotics startup FigureAI announced a partnership with OpenAI to develop an AI model tailor-made for robots — and the early results shared yesterday have stunned the AI community.

What's the update? In a demo shared yesterday, the robot named Figure 01 performed a variety of tasks based entirely on verbal commands:

  • The robot can see and describe what’s in front of it

  • It hands the human an apple when asked for something to eat

  • It explains why it handed the human an apple, while sorting trash into a basket

The robot also places dishes into a rack when asked where the dishes should go. Figure 01 shows delicate handling when moving objects, and speaks naturally when it’s been asked a question.

It’s a big leap in reasoning abilities. Figure claims the robots’ actions weren’t pre-planned. Instead, they’re the result of its ability to learn new movements and skills over time. But it’s not perfect. There’s a noticeable lag and some awkward silence as the robot tries to come up with a response.

More coming soon: Progress in robotics is experiencing remarkable acceleration thanks to recent breakthroughs in AI. Others like Tesla and Hanson Robotics are working on their own versions of the technology. It may not be long before we see a commercially available version of these robots.

You can watch the full demo video of Figure01 here.


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How to create presentations in ChatGPT

Generated with ChatGPT

Got a last minute presentation you need to whip up? Or maybe you just need some help with getting started? Give ChatGPT a nudge:

  • Find the Slide Creator GPT in ChatGPT or access it directly here.

  • In the chat, upload a pdf or word file with your notes on the topic. You can also copy paste the notes.

  • Prompt Slide Creator to generate a presentation based on the document you have uploaded.

  • If you don’t have any notes, you can ask the GPT to generate slides on any topic of your choice from scratch.

  • Slide Creator will generate a deck based on your instructions

Once you’re done, you can right click each slide to save the image or visit the link attached to the slide to download the entire deck.


EU will pass world’s first comprehensive AI regulations

The AI industry’s Wild West era might be coming to an end. The European Union voted Wednesday to pass the world’s first major AI legislation. The bill regulates the rollout of new AI products across the union’s 27 member states, but it also provides a starting point for other governments who want to implement similar rules down the line.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The bill passed by a significant margin: 523 votes to 46.

  • The European Council is expected to sign off on the act in May.

  • The first provisions will go into effect as soon as the end of this year.

  • The bill asks overseers to rate AI products based on their anticipated threat level (a low rating would be a good thing in this case).

How does it work? Most AI-related tech, like spam filters, can expect to receive a low rating and will face relatively little oversight. But high-risk platforms — say, an AI-powered electrical grid — will have to seek approval before they’re allowed to enter the market. Other tech, including public face scanners and emotion recognition systems, have been deemed so dangerous that they’re banned altogether. 

What else will change? OpenAI, Google, and other generative AI developers will have to hand over documents and data about how their models work. They’ll also need to abide by the EU’s copyright laws when training their LLMs.

Opinions on the legislation are divided. Some say the regulations will slow down progress and make it more difficult to achieve the holy grail of artificial general intelligence. Others argue the bill doesn’t go far enough in enforcing tougher safeguards that protect the public from misinformation and other threats.


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Top Generative AI Mobile Apps by Engagement

Source: SensorTower/Andreessen Horowitz

Downloads don’t always correlate with usage. Among 49 generative AI mobile apps, Character AI received by far the most engagement, with users using the platform on average 298 sessions per month. Created by former Google engineers, the platform sets itself apart by allowing users to customize their chatbots with different character traits and personalities.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Conveyor: Automate customer security reviews with the only GPT-powered trust portal and questionnaire response tool.

Hello8: Translate videos into more than 29 languages, featuring human-like voices that are fully automated with AI.

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Zaplify: Find key decision makers, reach out automatically, and get actionable insights, eliminating manual and repetitive sales processes

Lychee: Transform spreadsheets into graphs and charts with the power of AI

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New York Fashion Week, reimagined

Credit: @ifonly. ai

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