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Convincing someone to try out a new technology is never easy. With AI especially, a lot of people might not know where to start. But a long-awaited model from Meta could help. Instead of seeking it out, most users will be able to access Meta’s new Llama 3 with the apps they already use.

Today’s Insights

  • Meta unveils its much-hyped Llama 3 model

  • How to create beautiful presentations with AI

  • Chart: Interest in AI over time

  • AI’s coming to a theater near you

  • Prompt of the day

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI-Generated Images: Hooray for Friday


Today in AI & Tech

  • Earbuds with IQ: Electronics company Nothing is rolling out a new pair of earbuds that have built-in ChatGPT functionality.

  • TLDR: The workplace messaging app Slack will now let paid users receive AI-powered recaps of conversations they’ve had with colleagues.

  • AI Ophthalmologist: A new study revealed that OpenAI’s GPT-4 matches or surpasses doctors when it comes to diagnosing eye problems and suggesting treatments.

  • Algorithmic Ace: The US Air Force confirmed an AI pilot successfully faced off again a human during recent dogfight tests.


Meta’s long-awaited Llama 3 is here

Source: Meta

Usually, we have to search high and low for the latest and greatest LLMs. This time, there’s one coming straight to us — well, at least those of us with Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Meta announced it’s rolling out a new AI chatbot that will appear in the search bar of each of its platforms. Even more exciting: The new AI assistant is powered by the long-awaited Llama 3. Meta claims it’s the most powerful free and open-source model on the market.

You’ll now be able to:

  • Access Meta AI through your feed, chats, and search bar

  • Or, quickly navigate to the browser version at

  • Access real-time information from the web

  • Create custom GIFs

  • Generate images as you’re typing in a prompt

How powerful is it? That’s up for debate, but Meta claims it can go head-to-head with Google, Anthropic, and Mistral’s offerings across several benchmarks. The latest version has 70 billion parameters, and there’s already another one in development with 400 billion.

Why is it important? For one, Meta’s model is open source, meaning that companies can adapt it for their own use. Fine tuning could even put it on par with GPT-4. Also, around 3 billion people use Meta’s products every day. This new release opens up AI to a much wider audience, including people who have never interacted with generative chatbots before.

Strategic moves: An open-source model on par with GPT-4 wouldn’t just drive adoption of Meta’s products — it also puts the business models of companies building closed models like OpenAI under pressure, preventing these companies from becoming a challenger to Meta down the line.


How to create beautiful presentations with AI

  • Go to the Gamma website and sign up.

  • Once you’re signed up, you’ll get an option to create slides by pasting text, uploading a file, or giving it a prompt.

  • You can pick any option you like. For this example, I’ll pick the prompting option.

  • On the next screen, pick how many slides you want, and the language, describe the content of the slides, and click generate.

  • You can also use its AI to find or generate an image

  • Next you’ll be able to pick what kind of design and colors you’d like for the presentation.

  • The app will create the presentation in a few seconds.

  • Edit the contents of the slides to suit your needs.


Interest in generative AI over time

America’s interest in AI hasn’t let up in several years, according to a recent Ipsos analysis. Searches for ChatGPT, generative AI, and artificial intelligence shot up after OpenAI released its famed chatbot in Nov 2022.

But since then, searches have remained relatively high. In fact, as of Feb 2024, queries for ChatGPT still haven’t dropped far from their 2023 peak.


Friday Funday - Party Plan

Prompt: I am having a small party/get-together this weekend with 8-10 friends. I live in San Diego, CA, where the weather is quite warm all year – and plan to have a bbq in my backyard. Can you put together some good party food for us and send me the list of ingredients I'll need as well as recipes?    

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. Of course, feel free to change the number of attendees, the location, the weather, etc… You can even include dietary restrictions (ex: vegan, keto) or suggest particular themes (ex: breakfast for dinner, sweet 16).

Pro-Tip: Once you get your list, you can even ask the chatbot to help you organize it by aisle in a grocery store!


AI is changing the way we make and watch movies

AI-generated promotional material for “Civil War.” Source: A24

Eagle-eyed viewers recently noticed something strange about the photos in Netflix’s new true crime documentary, “What Jennifer Did.” In one, the main subject has mismatched ears and teeth. In another, objects on a bookshelf seem to blur into each other. It didn’t take long for people to realize what was going on: Producers had likely generated or edited the photos with AI.

AI is quickly seeping into our movies and TV shows:

  • A24 allegedly used AI-generated movie posters to promote its new blockbuster film “Civil War”

  • The horror film “Late Night with the Devil” was bombarded with negative reviews after viewers noticed that several transition sequences were generated with AI

  • TV manufacturer TCL is debuting a new streaming service this summer with “the first AI-generated romcom,” although the trailer…leaves a lot to be desired

  • Studios have been using AI to create 4K restorations of older films, but some viewers have complained that it leaves movies with a plasticky, unnatural filter

Filmmakers are wrestling with how to use AI ethically: One documentarian group, the Archival Producers Alliance, drafted a set of guidelines and best practices to address the problem. The Alliance wants directors to be transparent about their use of AI — and to get consent from anyone who might be affected by it. That will be especially important later this year, when OpenAI’s text-to-video tool Sora releases to the public.



5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Goptimise: An AI-powered, no-code scalable backend builder.

 ExplainIt: Create an AI-powered chat for your documentation in seconds and speed up your community.

 Paperpal*: An AI tool for academics that provides grammar checks, paraphrasing, AI features, and plagiarism checks to double your output efficiently. Use code SUPER30 for 30% off.

 Giga Brain: Use AI to scan billions of discussions and surface the most useful and relevant Reddit comments.

 Fynk: Create, review, track, sign, and analyze contracts at scale with AI.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Paint the Town Red

Source: @._stonecat on Midjourney

Prompt: A crowd of skiing instructors wearing red outfits, partying and dancing in a bar, in style of funky cops animated series, illustration, colorful, fun atmosphere
—ar 1:2 


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