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  • Neuralink implants brain tech in human patient for the first time

Neuralink implants brain tech in human patient for the first time

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Welcome back, Superhuman

I’ve got some good news and some bad news today. The good news: a new scientific breakthrough can enable a form of telepathy that lets you control devices around you. The bad news: you’ll need to have a chip installed in your brain for it to work. Neuralink - the brain chip company developed by Elon Musk - has successfully implanted its device in a human for the first time.


  • Neuralink implants brain tech in human patient for the first time

  • How to automate training and documentation with AI

  • Meta announces a new high performance AI model for code generation

  • Chart: People are increasingly using AI chatbots for work

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Today in AI & Tech

  • Art Attack: Nightshade, a tool designed to prevent AI models from using a particular piece of art, racks up 250,000 downloads in 5 days after launch.

  • Ciao GPT: Italy says OpenAI's chatbot breaches data protection rules, after previously banning the chatbot.

  • Better Than Ever: Prominent tech journalist Mark Gurman claims that Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update is going to be “the biggest” in the company’s history, adding to speculation that Apple is working on major AI features.

  • Chip War: Korean AI chip manufacturer Rebellions raises $124 million in funding to build new chips.

  • Family Friendly: OpenAI announces partnership with nonprofit Common Sense Media to collaborate on AI guidelines and educational materials for parents, educators, and teens.


Brainwaves on bandwidth: Neuralink implants brain tech in human patient for the first time

Source: Neuralink

If you thought AI was whacky, wait till you hear about the mind reading chip that lets you control objects. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction novels but that’s what Neuralink, the brain implant device from Elon Musk, wants to achieve.

Neuralink’s mission is to develop brain-machine interfaces (BMIs), a new type of technology that connects human brains to external technology. Musk has also previously said that the technology will help humans merge with AI to mitigate the threat of humans getting left behind as AI advances. If you’re weirded out by that last sentence, we’re with you on that one.

Musk shared “The first human received an implant from Neuralink yesterday and is recovering well. Initial results show promising neuron spike detection“ on social media platform X.

In a later post, Musk announced that the first Neuralink product will be named Telepathy and it will enable “control of your phone or computer, and through them almost any device, just by thinking.“

The initial thought of a brain implant might seem terrifying, but there is a very immediate use case that many will find hard to disagree with: enabling people will disabilities to carry out critical tasks. Neuralink aims to help people with traumatic injuries operate computers using only their thoughts. “Imagine if Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than a speed typist or auctioneer,” Musk wrote. “That is the goal.”

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Unlock your company's AI potential with experts from Harvard and Stanford

A recent study from Harvard Business School and BCG found that workers who use AI produced 40% higher quality results than those who didn’t.

But finding the right talent to implement AI within your organization is extremely hard. An Amazon study found that 75% of employers are having trouble finding qualified candidates with AI skills.

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How to automate training and documentation with AI

Explaining the same thing over and over again to new employees and customers can be frustrating. Having the right documentation makes your processes scalable and repeatable, and saves time for everyone involved.

Here’s how to automate your documentation and training processes with AI:

  • Download the Guidde extension on Chrome. It's an AI-powered tool that records you doing a process and automatically turns it into a video with instructions.

  • Click on the Guidde extension icon in the top right of your browser and do the task that you want to train your employees to learn.

  • Click on the extension icon again when you're done.

  • Go to Guidde’s website and find a recording of the process, along with captions and instructions that are automatically added to the video.

  • Make any adjustments that you want to the captions and instructions.

  • Share the recording with your team or customers so they can learn how to do it without you having to explain it over and over again.

Here is a link to a training video I created on how to convert files with ChatGPT. The whole process took me less than a minute.


Meta announces Code Llama 70B, a high performance model for code generation

Meta just released an AI model for code generation and they’re claiming that it is “one of the highest performing open models available today.” It’s called Code Llama 70B and it’s completely open source, which means that anyone can use and modify it to fit their needs.

Code generation has emerged as one of the biggest use cases for generative AI. $100 million big if you go by Github Copilot’s reported annual revenue, an astonishing feat for a product that’s only been around for a year or so. The code generation tool is just one of many that software developers and engineers are adopting rapidly to boost their productivity.

Meta claims that Code Llama 70B scored 53% in accuracy on the HumanEval benchmark used for evaluating code models, outperforming OpenAI GPT-3.5’s 48.1% score but falling short of the 67% score OpenAI reported for GPT-4.

Code Llama 70B was trained on 1TB of code and code-related data and is available for free for research and commercial uses.


People are increasingly using AI chatbots for work

Source: Microsoft Research (Counts et al., 2023)

Researchers at Microsoft analyzed a sample of fully-anonymized, consumer-facing Bing Chat conversations (which is powered by AI) from May-June 2023 and compared it to Bing searches for the same period.

The results showed that 69% of Bing Chat conversations are in domains related to professional tasks, compared to only 39% of Bing Search sessions, implying that a significantly larger number of people are using the AI-powered Bing Chat for work compared to regular search.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Humanic AI: Create a series of onboarding emails and identify the right recipients, content, and timing, enabling Marketing and Growth teams to concentrate on key product metrics.

Nexa AI: Inventory to discover the best AI tools in 200+ categories.

Artisan: Create your own highly advanced digital workers and automate your job workflows with AI.

Promptly: Build tailor-made generative AI agents, applications and chatbots that cater to your users' unique needs.

Kuasar Video: Score tens of thousands of videos on social media and analyze them using video AI.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Hybrid Animals

Source: u/Mobius3d on Reddit

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