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  • New AI from Stanford students can find the location of your photos

New AI from Stanford students can find the location of your photos

ALSO: AI researcher salaries are pushing $1 million

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Welcome back, Superhuman

Yesterday we told you that AI-generated video is hitting an inflection point where things will soon be indistinguishable from reality. Today we’ll show you how to generate high-quality videos with AI in less than 30 seconds.


  • How to create high-quality video clips with AI in less than 30 seconds

  • AI built by Stanford students can predict location of photos accurately

  • Chart: AI researcher salaries are soaring

  • The biggest development in AI governance and policy

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Babies with adult jobs


Today in AI & Tech

Image: Samsung

  • Flying High: Bitcoin climbs to $45,000 price level for first time in almost 2 years.

  • New Year, New Me: Samsung to announce new Galaxy S24 phones on Jan 17.

  • New Horizons: Midjourney, arguably the best AI image generation app, says it’s now working on AI video creation.

  • Dr GPT: 84% of people in new survey say that ChatGPT got their diagnosis right.

  • Handy Helper: Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot app is now available on iOS.


How to create high-quality videos with AI in less than 30 seconds

Turning words into videos would sound like something out of a science fiction novel 12 months ago, but we’ve hit a point with AI video models where we can reliably produce high-quality short videos in just a few seconds.

Here’s how to create your own AI-generated video right now:

  • Go to Pika’s website. Pika is arguably the best AI video model today.

  • Log in with your Gmail account or create a new account.

  • Describe what you want to create in a text prompt.

  • Pika will take a few seconds to process your video.

  • You can download, edit or upscale your video easily.

For the example above, I used the following prompt:

A person walking through a field of flowers

AI video will get significantly better in the coming months. Would you like more AI video tutorials in the future?

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Unlock your company's AI potential with experts from Harvard and Stanford

A recent study from Harvard Business School and BCG found that workers who use AI produced 40% higher quality results than those who didn’t.

But finding the right talent to implement AI within your organization is extremely hard. An Amazon study found that 75% of employers are having trouble finding qualified candidates with AI skills.

Work with AE Studio to implement the optimal AI solution for your business with our team of world class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.


Salaries for AI Researchers at Top Companies


AI developed by Stanford students can guess the location of a picture with startling accuracy

Keeping your personal information safe on the internet is getting harder by the day. A new AI developed by Stanford students called Predicting Image Geolocations (PIGEON) does exactly what the name says.

The project was originally designed to find the location of photos using Google Street View. However, when shown pictures it had never seen before, the AI was still able to guess the correct location a majority of the time.

According to the research paper, the AI guessed the right country 92% of the time and could pinpoint a location within 25km of the target location in over 40% of instances.

While this tech could have valuable use cases such as finding locations where historic photos were taken, the AI’s ability to guess location with such high accuracy means that safe social media practices such as hiding your house number or street name may no longer be sufficient.

You can find the paper here.


Tired of cold calling and emailing?

Zaplify is the sales tool built to help ordinary people like us achieve extraordinary results. Awarded for its minimalistic UI (Swedes!) and hilarious Sales Squad commercials, they’re bringing 600M+ prospects, multi-channel automations, and AI-written copy to everyone.

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The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

  • Safety First: To avoid disinformation during the 2024 U.S. elections, Google’s parent company Alphabet is limiting election queries Bard and AI-based search can answer.

  • Yikes: Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen says that he mistakenly used AI-created fake legal cases for a court brief, according to court papers.

  • In It To Win It: Japan is not enforcing copyright on data for AI training to enhance its AI sector. The strategy positions the country as a major player in global AI research.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Script It: The no-code platform that lets you easily build complex AI workflows for your business.

Hocoos: Create business-ready websites in seconds, filled with AI-generated content, captivating design elements, and eye-catching images.

Guidde*: Magically create video documentation with AI. Try it here →

Strut AI: Quickly capture projects, notes, drafts, and more in collaborative workspaces powered by AI.

Laterbase: Chat directly with your bookmarks to quickly retrieve information and extract key insights, ensuring you never miss what's important.

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Babies with adult jobs

Midjourney prompt: an adorable baby working as a (insert profession) --v 6.0 


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