The Instagram of News?

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3 AI tools to supercharge your productivity💪 3 AI tutorials to level up your skills🤖 3 must-know things that happened in AI this week🧠 Insight of the week: I'll have 5 Franks and 10 Amys

⚡ 3 AI tools to supercharge your productivity ⚡

  1. Wordtune - Summarize documents and identify key points with AI (link)

  2. Supercreator AI - Create short form videos 10x faster with AI (link)

  3. Resume Worded - Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile with tailored feedback from AI. Designed by top recruiters. (link)

💪 3 AI tutorials to level up your skills 💪

  1. How to turn any book into a chatbot using GPT-3 (link)

  2. How to build and test a business idea with AI in 24 hours (link)

  3. Learn how the ChatGPT algorithm works (link)

💪 3 must-know things that happened in AI this week 💪

  1. The Instagram of news? Instagram cofounders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced on Tuesday that they're back in action. And this time, it's an AI-powered personal newsfeed. You can sign up to get early access here. (source)

  2. Faster, Stronger, and $20. OpenAI announced ChatGPT Plus, a faster and more reliable version of their hit ChatGPT app for $20 a month. (source)

  3. Microsoft releases AI-powered Teams Premium. The Slack competitor now has a premium version which uses AI to help you generate meeting notes, recommend tasks, and much more. (source)

🧠 Big Insight: I'll have 5 Franks and 10 Amys 🧠

Legendary game developer John Carmack on what to expect from AI in 10 years:

"You’ll find people who can wax rhapsodic about the singularity and how everything is going to change with AGI. But if I just look at it and say, if 10 years from now, we have ‘universal remote employees’ that are artificial general intelligences, run on clouds, and people can just dial up and say, ‘I want five Franks today and 10 Amys, and we’re going to deploy them on these jobs,’ and you could just spin up like you can cloud-access computing resources, if you could cloud-access essentially artificial human resources for things like that—that’s the most prosaic, mundane, most banal use of something like this."

You can read. the full interview here.

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