OpenAI confirms GPT-5 is coming

ALSO: ChatGPT stops new sign ups, YouTube gets tough on AI

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OpenAI is back at it again. While some of us are still catching our breath from processing the absolute flood of new features that were announced recently, the company dropped another bombshell by confirming that it’s working on GPT-5.

Google also has some exciting news to share, as their new AI weather predictor beats mainstream forecasters and does a better job at predicting extreme weather events.


  • OpenAI confirms it’s working on GPT-5

  • Google’s new AI breakthrough will lead to better weather forecasts

  • Important developments in AI governance and policy

  • 5 AI tools to supercharge your productivity

  • AI Tutorial: Create stock photos with models

  • AI Generated Images: Astronauts in sunflower fields


Image Source: Search Engine Journal

  • Closing Shop: OpenAI says it’s pausing new signups to manage overwhelming demand.

  • Full Disclosure: YouTube is getting tough on AI-generated content with new policies that will require users to disclose use of AI.

  • Mega Purchase: AirBnb acquires AI startup for close to $200 million to build the ‘ultimate travel agent.”

  • Better Seller: Startup OfferFit wants to kill A/B testing for marketing with AI personalization.

  • Yikes: Leaked documents show Amazon is blocking promotions of employees who don't comply with its return-to-office policy.


After much speculation, OpenAI officially confirms it’s working on GPT-5

Image source: AP

After filing an application for trademarking the name back in August, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman finally confirmed that the company is actively thinking about how to build GPT-5, the next version of the wildly popular GPT-4 model that powers many of today’s top AI applications, including ChatGPT.

While no details were shared on technical specs or timelines, Altman said that GPT-5 will require new data, which will come from public data sets and propriety data from companies. He also added that the company will need more funds from its leading partner Microsoft to build ‘superintelligence.’


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Google’s AI weather forecaster beats a global standard and gives more accurate forecasts

Meteorologists and weathermen may soon have to add themselves to the long list of professionals who have to worry about AI replacing their jobs.

A new peer-reviewed research article from scientists at Google claims that their AI-powered weather forecaster beat Europe’s leading weather center by forecasting weather events correctly 90% of the time.

The scientists said that their forecaster can predict hundreds of weather variables over 10 days in under one minute. They also claimed that it performed better on severe weather prediction, which includes tropical cyclones tracking, atmospheric rivers, and extreme temperatures.

You can read the paper here.


Neural Networks

A branch of AI that teaches computers to process data in a way that is inspired by the way that neurons work together to solve problems in human brains. Neural networks are designed to help computers make decisions with limited human assistance.


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The most important developments in AI governance and policy

Nvidia develops AI chips for China in latest bid to avoid US restrictions

According to leaked documents, Nvidia is working on new chips tailored to meet Chinese demand, while complying with US export controls. Read more

Meta to require political advertisers disclose AI-generated content

The requirement applies to ads that contain realistic images, videos, or audio that falsely depict an event, or depicting a realistic looking fake person. Read more

Norway wealth fund CEO says it is using AI to deploy capital

The CEO of Norway's $1.4 trillion sovereign wealth fund said that they are using AI to help manage its investments. Read more

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Softr: Create business apps with AI — without using any code.

Million: A Github bot that detects and fixes slow components in your code.

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LogoPicture: Create optical illusion art with your logo.


How to create stock photos with models

Sometimes you need a stock photo for a landing page, an ad creative, or a presentation, but you just can’t find what you’re looking for. For times like these, use the prompt below and adapt parts of it to get the exact look you want:

Vogue close-up spring summer clothing photoshoot portrait of a fashionable woman wearing artsy knitted jaquard sweater by hessnatur, made of natural fibres in a studio photography with some modern furniture. The focus is on the model's confident demeanor, showcasing the timeless appeal of hessnatur's sustainable fashion. The ensemble highlights the brand's focus on quality, natural fibers, and timeless style. - in the style of basic essential wardrobe, urban exploration, uniformly staged images, weathercore, hyperrealistic details - Dramatic photo, intense emotions, strong contrasts, dynamic lighting, and a captivating narrative - Muted Melancholy photography style, subtle and desaturated tones creating a calming and introspective atmosphere, evoking a sense of quiet beauty, detailed, intricate --ar 16:9 

Source: tfm on Midjourney


Astronauts in sunflower fields

Source: @myau on Midjourney

Prompt used: In the style of minimalistic posters, Pastel portrait of An astronaut in a field of sunflowers , Hyperrealistic chiaroscuro 

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