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  • OpenAI and Meta announce efforts to fight AI-generated deepfakes

OpenAI and Meta announce efforts to fight AI-generated deepfakes

ALSO: Apple releases an AI model, scientists use AI to decode what chickens are saying

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Social media and AI companies aren’t afraid of making a commitment and putting a label on it. As deepfakes get deepfakier than ever ahead of the 2024 US elections, OpenAI and Meta announce strong new measures.


  • OpenAI and Meta announce efforts to fight AI-generated deepfakes

  • How to build ChatGPT prompts

  • Chart: CEOs bullish on productivity, not so much on profitability

  • The biggest developments in AI governance and policy

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Porcelain cyborgs

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Today in AI & Tech

Image source: Getty Images

Hard Crash: Snap’s shares plunged 30% after missing Wall Street estimates for quarterly revenue. The Snapchat maker is struggling to attract ad sales.

Big Byte: Apple is releasing a new open-source AI model called MGIE that can edit images based on natural language instructions.

Dr GPT: Medical AI assistant maker Ambience Healthcare raises $70M to enable high quality care by reducing clinician burnout.

A New King: According to latest rankings from AI research platform Hugging Face, a new model called Smaug-72B has claimed the crown of best performing open-source AI model.

Cluck Cluck: Scientists at Dalhousie University are using AI to decode the language of chickens. Maybe we’ll finally solve the great mystery of why the chicken crossed the road.


OpenAI and Meta to fight deepfakes by putting a label on AI-generated images

Source: Meta

Seeing is no longer believing thanks to the sea of AI-generated images that have flooded the internet this past year. From playful images of the Pope wearing a Balenciaga jacket to downright nasty deepfakes of Taylor Swift, AI-generated images are creating headaches all around.

But the damage from AI-generated images goes far beyond personal attacks on public figures. Bad actors are leveraging the technology to create deepfakes that manipulate political discourse and voter opinion. We’ll leave it up to you to imagine other bad uses of this technology.

In an effort to fight these bad actors, Meta announced yesterday that it’s working with industry partners to create common technical standards for identifying AI content. The company behind the world’s biggest social media products said that it will also label images that users post to Facebook, Instagram and Threads when it detects industry standard indicators that the content is AI-generated.

OpenAI, the company behind image generation app Dall E, also echoed similar sentiments to Meta and announced yesterday that images generated in ChatGPT and its APIs will now include metadata that allows social platforms and content distributors to see when an image was generated by AI.


Billionaires wanted it, but 62,630 everyday investors got it first… and profited

When incredibly valuable assets come up for sale, it's typically the wealthiest people that end up taking home an amazing investment. But not always…

One platform is taking on the billionaires at their own game, buying up some of history’s most prized blue-chip artworks. Its investors have already realized annualized net returns of 17.8%, 21.5%, 35% and more.

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How to build ChatGPT prompts

If you’re new to ChatGPT and not sure how to create the right prompt, follow the process below to create prompts that get the job done:

  • Go to ChatGPT prompt builder.

  • Fill in all the details and describe what you want.

  • Copy the prompt that it generates at the bottom.

  • Paste the prompt into ChatGPT and you’re good to go.

If you want to dabble a little more with building prompts, try our guide below:


CEOs bullish on AI’s potential to enhance productivity, not so much on profitability

Source: PwC

According to strategy consulting firm PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, a strong majority of CEOs say that AI will increase work efficiencies for employees and themselves, but weren’t so sure when asked about AI’s impact on profitability.


AI-empowered people will accomplish more (if they know how to get the most out of prompts)

Do your resolutions for 2024 include writing better? You can do amazing things with artificial intelligence — if you know how to write (and rewrite) great AI prompts. Check out tips from Notion on how to get the most out of prompts with Notion AI.

Notion is the connected workspace for your docs, projects, and knowledge, where better, faster work happens. Check out our prompting tips →


The biggest developments in AI governance and policy this week

The EU’s landmark AI Act passed its last big hurdle on the way to adoption, as member states approved the final text. The legislation covers banning high-risk uses cases, regulating AI models, creating transparency, and more.

US regulators are opening an inquiry into the relationships between leading AI startups like OpenAI and the tech giants that have invested billions of dollars in them. The inquiry will evaluate whether these investments undermine fair competition.

AI-related lobbying rose 185% in 2023, with more than 450 organizations participating, according to disclosures analyzed by OpenSecrets on behalf of CNBC.

Police departments in the US are turning to AI to sift through millions of hours of unreviewed body-cam footage, according to ProPublica.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Pictory AI: Turn any content into highly shareable videos with AI.

Moonbeam: Write essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long form content using AI.

Memory Twin: Memorize, categorize, and organize your thoughts all in one place.

Dorik AI: Craft a complete website with just a simple prompt and edit it without writing a single line of code.

AutoApply: Automate your job applications, create customized CVs, and craft personalized cover letters.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Porcelain cyborgs

Source: roolhas on Midjourney

Prompt: a futuristic robot made of porcelain in the style of Yadro, highly decorated with blue painting and gold ornaments in the style of rococo, art gallery illumination, dark bokeh background --ar 16:9 --stylize 890 --v 6

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