OpenAI raises another $300 million

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Hello and welcome back to another strange and exciting day in AI. Palantir demos their AI to fight wars and OpenAI raises another $300M in funding. I’ve also got some sleepy celebrities for you.

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🧠 Prompt Tutorial: How to find better talent faster

📰 News: OpenAI raises $300M and Palantir showcases AI military capabilities

⚡ 3 AI tools to supercharge your productivity

📸 AI generated images of the day: Sleepy on Labour Day

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🧠 Prompt Tutorial: How to find better talent faster

Finding the right people for the job is often the hardest part of running a company.

Use these prompts below to help you find better talent faster - even if you have no experience hiring for the role:

Find the right candidates

I am looking to hire a [insert role]. I have no prior experience hiring for this role. Give me a list of 10 online job boards and communities where I can find good potential candidates for this role.

Create a job listing

Create a job listing for the role of [insert role]. The listing should be no longer than [insert word limit]. The job posting should cover the following skills: [insert skills]

Create an interview process

I am interviewing candidates for the role of [insert role]. Create an interview with 3 rounds that test for the following traits: culture fit, growth mindset, learning ability, and adaptability. Also create one technical assignment to test their technical ability. Also add in the answer key for each question so I can evaluate and grade their answers.

📰 News: OpenAI raises $300M and Palantir showcases AI military capabilities

  1. OpenAI has reportedly secured over $300 million in new funding from investors such as Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz, among others. This latest round of funding comes in addition to a $10 billion investment from Microsoft earlier this year, bringing the company's valuation to somewhere between $27 billion and $29 billion. Read more about it here→ 

  2. Palantir, the brainchild of billionaire Peter Thiel, has launched an app called Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP). It’s designed to run large language models like GPT-4 on private networks. The software is said to be used for military purposes, including ordering drone reconnaissance and organizing attacks. Read the full thing here→

⚡ 3 AI tools to supercharge your productivity

  1. Writee AI: Create content, grammar, content metrics, realtime sentence completion, team management, and collaborative writing using AI. (link)

  2. Vowel AI: An AI-powered tool to generate meeting summaries, recordings, live transcripts and search for meeting content. (link)

  3. My AskAI (sponsored): Your own fully customizable ChatGPT, using your content, added wherever you want - website, Slack, Zapier or via API (20% off code SUPERHUMAN). Try here→

 📸 AI generated images of the day

Sleepy on Labour Day, made with Midjourney. (source)

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