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OpenAI releases the app store of AI

ALSO: US approves Bitcoin ETFs and Chinese car company outsells Tesla

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“There’s a GPT for that” is set to become the 2020s version of “There’s an app for that,” as OpenAI announces the GPT Store. And researchers at Microsoft predict a new age of discovery after AI helps them uncover a new material that could change the battery industry.


  • OpenAI launches the app store of AI

  • How to access and use the GPT Store

  • Microsoft researchers make battery discovery with the help of AI

  • Chart: How AI is impacting education and career choices

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Cross sections of giant computers  


Today in AI & Tech

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  • Big Moment: Bitcoin ETFs approved for trading in big boost to the crypto industry.

  • Fresh Tier: OpenAI announces ChatGPT Team, a new paid tier for teams of all sizes.

  • Rumor Confirmed: OpenAI’s President also confirmed that they’re working on a personalization mode for ChatGPT.

  • Rising Dragon: China’s BYD sells more electric cars than Tesla in last quarter of 2023.


OpenAI launches the app store of AI with the GPT Store for ChatGPT

Source: OpenAI

App stores are ginormous businesses. According to CNBC’s estimates, Apple’s App Store grossed north of $70 Billion in 2022. That’s more revenue than Spotify, Shopify and Airbnb generated in the same year — combined.

When you look at the size of the opportunity that app stores built on top of popular platforms unlock, OpenAI’s latest move to launch a GPT Store is another bold bet by the startup that’s already leading the LLM and chatbot markets with GPT-4 and ChatGPT.

Announced yesterday, the GPT Store is a place for ChatGPT users to find custom versions of the chatbot that are designed for specific use cases. OpenAI claims that ChatGPT users have created over 3 million custom GPTS — an astonishing number considering the feature was only launched a few months ago.

Examples of custom GPTs include Consensus, which helps users with research, and AiPDF, which lets users upload PDF files as big as 2GB and ask questions about them.

OpenAI said that monetization is also coming to the GPT Store later this quarter, which will initially enable US creators of GPTs to earn revenue based on usage. The company said it will disclose more details soon.


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How to access and use the GPT Store

To access the GPT Store, go to the ChatGPT website and click on the Explore GPTs tab in the left panel. From there, you can search and click on any GPT that you want to use.

You can also build and feature your own GPTs in the store. Building your own custom GPT is simple and doesn't require any coding skills:

  • Go to the Explore GPTs tab in the panel on the left of your screen and click on the Create button in the top right.

  • Once you’ve created your GPT, save your GPT for everyone in the settings.

  • Finally, verify your builder profile (Settings → Builder profile → Enable your name or a verified website).



Microsoft researchers use AI to discover material that could transform batteries

Researchers at Microsoft have used AI to scan over 32 million potential new materials to identify 18 candidates that could reduce the use of Lithium in batteries by 70%.

The findings could have a significantly beneficial impact on the environment, as current lithium-based batteries require large amounts of water and energy, and the process can leave the land scarred and degraded. The process of mining lithium is also very capital intensive, requiring large amounts of resources to extract the silvery metal from the ground.

Microsoft claims that the AI-powered process used to discover these material candidates unlocks a new era for scientific discovery by compressing the time required to carry out such discoveries from years to weeks.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

 Sama: Capture every conversation, transform moments into insights, and connect with your past like never before.

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 Fliz: Automate high-quality videos to increase your sales with AI.

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Cross Sections of Giant Computers

Source: u/yoyoyodojo on Reddit


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