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OpenAI is reportedly working on a new search product

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OpenAI’s ambitions seem to have no limit. A new report claims that the company behind ChatGPT is planning to take on Google with a new product.

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  • OpenAI working on new search product, claims report

  • How to do research with Perplexity AI

  • Chart: Level of interest in reading books written with AI

  • The biggest deals in AI this week

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

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Today in AI & Tech

Image Source: Michael Liedtke

Whoopsie: Lyft’s CEO takes blame after company accidentally added an extra zero in earnings report, which caused their stock to surge by more than 60%.

Time Saver: Slack releases new AI features for Enterprise users that include summaries of unread messages, AI-powered search, and more.

Vigilant: Microsoft and OpenAI announce they’ve jointly detected and disrupted malicious foreign actors trying to use its AI products.

Helping Hand: Business Insider claims Google quietly launched an internal AI model called Goose to make employees more productive.


OpenAI working on new search product, claims report

Image source: Getty Images

Seemingly unsatisfied with being the king of chatbots, OpenAI is allegedly cooking up a new product. According to a report published in The Information yesterday, the ChatGPT maker is working on a new web search product that could rival Google.

OpenAI isn’t the only AI company to build a new search product. Perplexity AI (which we love using) and Arc Search are two recent search products that have made headlines. As AI models get better at searching information and creating answers, some new products on the market are trying to take advantage of these capabilities to build alternatives to the traditional link browsing experience that Google offers.

According to the Information, OpenAI may tap Bing (which is owned by its partner Microsoft) to create the new product. OpenAI has already incorporated Bing into its ChatGPT web browsing feature.


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Zaplify is the first sales tool designed for non-sales people used by sales pros for its proven 676% higher response rate than cold old emails – thanks to contextual AI.

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How to do research with Perplexity AI

Got a report you need to create for work? Or an article you need to write for your company’s blog? Maybe you have a last minute deadline to write an assignment. Here’s how to speed up your research with Perplexity AI:

  • Go to the Perplexity website

  • In the search bar, enter the following prompt: I am writing a report (or blog or whatever) about [insert topic]. Give me a list of key facts and statistics I should include in the report.

  • Perplexity will give you a list of sources you can visit to find the information you’re looking for.

  • It will also give you a summarized answer with source links you can access to go deeper.

You can adapt the prompt to match your needs, and you can ask follow up questions to get further information about a topic.


You won’t be shocked to know that a majority of people aren’t interested in reading AI-generated books. But surprisingly, 47% of Millennials and 39% of Gen Z are very interested or somewhat interested in reading a book entirely written with AI, according to tech publication Enterprise Apps Today. We’re smelling a market opportunity for “writers” who can use chatbots and AI models to generate books.


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They say AI will simplify your life – but the endless lists of 1,001 ChatGPT Ideas make things more complicated, not less.

That’s why we created The Free No-Code AI Toolkit, a carefully curated guide to the most powerful tools and best use cases for AI in your office workflow. We’ve combed through all the options, cut out the distractions, and applied these automations to our own $1MM/year tech business – and now they’re ready for you, free and with zero coding knowledge required,

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The biggest deals in AI this week

Sierra, an AI startup focused on building conversational AI chatbots for businesses has raised $110 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Benchmark, and other VC firms.

Rasa, a developer platform for enterprise-grade conversational AI, has raised $30 million in Series C funding co-led by StepStone Group and PayPal Ventures.

Together AI, a startup facilitating AI developers' access to Nvidia server chips, is raising over $100 million in funding, valuing it at over $1 billion, with Salesforce Ventures leading the round.

Antithesis, a software testing platform has raised $47 million to launch an automated software testing platform, aiming to improve testing efficiency and reliability for developers.

Unlearn.ai, an AI startup enhancing clinical research efficiency, raised $50 million in a Series C round led by Altimeter Capital Management.

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5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Flike: Enable your sales team to generate relevant and hyper-personalized emails that are aligned with your brand voice throughout the entire sales funnel.

Gem AI: Helps recruiters find the best candidates, personalize communication at scale, and hire talent faster.

Visme AI: Create anything from presentations to social graphics from simple text prompts.

AI Writer: Generate unique SEO-friendly articles with citations.

Iteration AI: Uses your team’s docs and project history to better resolve design, development, and project management tasks.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Houses on the moon

source: @diffusion_architecture on Midjourney

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