OpenAI responds to New York Times lawsuit

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One man’s treasure is another man’s trash — or lawsuit if you’re OpenAI, as the spat between the New York Times and the company behind ChatGPT escalates. Speaking of the law, judges in the UK are welcoming AI into the courtroom. Can AI handle the truth?


  • OpenAI hits back at New York Times as legal tensions hit boiling point

  • Midjourney vs Dall-E in ChatGPT comparison for image generation

  • Chart: The biggest AI subreddits

  • The most notable developments in AI governance and policy

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Cyberpunk wonders of the world


Today in AI & Tech

Image: LG

  • Seeing Things: Apple's Vision Pro headset to be released in US starting Feb 2.

  • Bad for Jobs: Duolingo lays off 10% of staff as it increasingly relies on AI to produce content.

  • Now You See Me: LG announces new transparent OLED TV that disappears when turned off (pictured above).

  • BatteryGate: Apple sends $92 payout to iPhone users whose phones were slowed down.

  • Mother’s Instinct: Australian woman uses her electric car to power son’s dialysis machine during power outage.


OpenAI hits back at the New York Times, accusing it of cherry-picking and intentional manipulation

Image Source: Getty Images

Move over reality TV, the real drama is unfolding in the courts and social media platforms. After the New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright usage late last year, the company behind ChatGPT has responded to the lawsuit — and it didn’t hold back any punches.

OpenAI published a detailed blog post on its website yesterday outlining their position on the lawsuit. Long story short, they think the case is “without merit“ and claim that the Times is “not telling the full story.“

According to OpenAI’s version of events, the company had been in discussion with the Times about attributing their work in ChatGPT responses and were surprised to see the lawsuit, which they learned about in the newspapers. OpenAI also claims that the Times had mentioned regurgitated answers in ChatGPT but repeatedly refused to share any examples.

In what reads like an escalation of the issue, OpenAI goes on to accuse the Times of intentionally manipulating prompts and cherry-picking responses to make it look like the content was regurgitated.

Over the remainder of the blog post, OpenAI also highlighted their collaboration with news organizations, providing publishers the option to opt out of their content being used as training data for its models.


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Midjourney vs Dall-E in ChatGPT comparison for image generation

The images above show a comparison between two of the leading AI image generation products: Midjourney and Dall-E, which can be accessed in ChatGPT.

We used the same prompt for both images to generate a true comparison of performance on various types of tasks.


The biggest AI subreddits

Source: Justine Moore (@venturetwins)


The most notable developments in AI governance and policy

  • Judges in England and Wales are given cautious approval to use AI in writing legal opinions but warned not to use it for research or legal analyses.

  • Reuters sources claim Nvidia will produce China-focused AI chip in Q2 that comply with US export rules.

  • California's transportation agency thinks AI can help cut traffic by generating recommendations that optimize traffic flow and reduce accidents.

  • Experts are worried AI might start enforcing outdated and nonsensical laws, creating unexpected consequences.

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Cyberpunk wonders of the world

Source: @ARTiV3RSE on X


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