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OpenAI's 6 strategies to write powerful prompts

ALSO: Saving jobs, and AI glasses go viral

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While many companies look to replace workers with AI, some like consulting firm Deloitte are reportedly looking to save jobs with AI. Speaking of AI and jobs, OpenAI released a prompt engineering guide with 6 strategies to get better results from ChatGPT.

And it won’t be a Monday in AI without some controversy. A new companionship app has the internet divided, as many debate where to draw the boundaries with AI.


  • New viral companionship app looks to cure loneliness, divides opinions

  • OpenAI releases 6 strategies for writing powerful prompts

  • How to generate website landing page designs with AI

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  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Roman legends brought to life


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Mercedes Benz

  • Self-Driving: Mercedes Benz to carry autonomous driving tests on designated highways in Beijing.

  • Plot Twist: Deloitte is reportedly using AI to avoid layoffs.

  • Cool for School: Meta’s AI-powered glasses are catching a wave on social media as posts with the glasses go viral on TikTok.

  • Big Buy: IBM purchases AG's enterprise integration platforms for over $2 Billion.


Viral AI companionship app draws controversy, as it looks to capitalize on the growing trend of loneliness

Loneliness is a huge problem. According to a 2020 survey, 61% of Americans reported feeling lonely. Another survey from Gallup found that over 40 million Americans report feeling significantly lonely, with young adults likely to feel more lonely.

And it’s having a terrible impact on society. A study found that loneliness is associated with an estimated $6.7 billion in additional Medicare spending annually. Health insurer Cigna found that loneliness costs employers approximately $154 billion annually.

At the intersection of these trends, a new “romantic companionship” app called Digi is looking to ride the loneliness wave. Barely 24 hours after launch, the app has racked up over 20 million impressions on X and is on the verge of breaking into the Top 50 on the Entertainment charts in the App Store.

While surging in popularity, the app has drawn criticism from many corners. “My strong suspicion is the people who are building this app will strongly discourage their 12 year old sons from using it while they actively promote it to everyone else's kids“ commented Rob Henderson, a Cambridge scholar and notable writer on the subject of human nature.

As many people around the world struggle to make a connection with others in real life, apps like Digi are looking to fill the loneliness void. While the market opportunity is clear, the ethics remain questionable.

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How the next generation of AI startups are leveraging Amazon to take on tech giants

Used by Perplexity AI, Booking.com, Nasdaq and more

Perplexity AI is the search engine on steroids that’s on a mission to compete with Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing by building an AI chatbot that can search the internet — without trying to sell you ads.

But how are startups like Perplexity competing with giants like Google and Microsoft? Their secret sauce is Amazon Bedrock’s seamless integration with cloud architecture, and access to leading foundation models from Anthropic, Meta, Amazon and more.

From text and image generation to virtual assistants and image search, leading startups and enterprises around the world are using Amazon Bedrock to build Gen AI products and features.

These companies are leveraging impressive levels of reliability, training performance and networking efficiency on AWS to grow and scale their businesses with the power of Gen AI — and without the headache of managing any infrastructure.


OpenAI releases 6 strategies for writing powerful prompts

Image: Global Venturing

If you’re trying to get better results with ChatGPT but not quite getting the answers you’re looking for, OpenAI recently released a prompt engineering guide with 6 specific strategies to help you unlock ChatGPT’s potential:

Strategy 1 — Write clear instructions:

  • Include details in your prompt to get more relevant answers

  • Specify the steps required to complete a task

  • Provide examples

Strategy 2 — Provide reference text:

  • Instruct ChatGPT to answer using a reference text, such as a link to a PDF or a website

  • Instruct ChatGPT to answer with citations from a reference text

Strategy 3 — Split complex tasks into simpler subtasks:

  • Since there is a limit on how much text you can insert into ChatGPT, summarize long documents piece by piece to stay within the limit

  • For prompts that involve multiple instructions, try breaking the prompts into smaller chunks

Strategy 4 — Give ChatGPT some time to think:

  • Instruct ChatGPT to work out its own solution before rushing to a conclusion

  • Ask ChatGPT if it missed anything on previous passes

Strategy 5 — Use external tools for coding tasks

  • Use code execution to perform more accurate calculations or call external APIs

  • Give ChatGPT access to specific functions

Strategy 6 — Test changes systematically:

  • Evaluate ChatGPT’s outputs with reference to gold-standard answers

For the sake of brevity, I’ve paraphrased and simplified many of the strategies above. If you want full details, check out OpenAI’s guide to prompt engineering here.


How to generate landing page designs with Midjourney

source: mariab_82517 on Midjourney

prompt: landing page for yoga online studio in the minimalistic style figma ui ux purple mint colors, to include about us section, testimonials, class description, yoga advantages 

Change the prompt above as needed to get the desired results.


It’s performance review season. If you don’t advocate for yourself who will?

Don’t leave your promotion to chance. InSummary drafts your self-reflections based on your accomplishments so you can clearly communicate your value to your team.

Remind teammates what you accomplished together and propose peer feedback with one click. Amplify your achievements with InSummary – finish 2023 strong and set yourself up for an even better 2024!

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Kittl: Speed up your workflows with AI-powered design tools and gain instant access to a ton of stunning illustrations, fonts, photos, icons, and textures.

Taskade AI: An AI-powered team organizer to simplify the way your team works. Taskade helps you distribute work among team members to get work done faster and smarter.

Altern: A website to find tools, products, resources, and more related to AI.

Ayraa AI: Your personal search engine and knowledge assistant at work. Connects with Slack and your web browser to instantly capture and organizes everything you do at work.

Looka AI: AI-powered platform to design a logo for your brand that truly represents you.

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Free event: Can AI Be Contained?

Join Mustafa Suleyman and Scott Galloway for a discussion on whether humanity can contain the next wave of AI. RSVP →


Roman legends brought to life

source: u/fuselayer on Reddit


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