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  • Politician uses AI to rally voters from jail

Politician uses AI to rally voters from jail

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The revolution will be televised, goes the saying. But nobody watches TV anymore, so revolutions will have to be AI-generated and streamed over YouTube for the time being, as the former prime minister of the world’s fifth most populous country uses AI to reach his followers from jail.

And prevention is better than cure it seems, as OpenAI takes major steps to guard us against the dangers of superintelligent AI.


  • Jailed former Pakistani PM uses AI to campaign for elections

  • OpenAI releases Preparedness Framework to prevent AI threat

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Today in AI & Tech

Image source: Engadget

  • Busted: TikTok parent company ByteDance OpenAI account suspended after being allegedly caught using OpenAI models to train its own.

  • Collapse: Adobe and Figma end $20 Billion acquisition deal after regulatory pushback in Europe.

  • Halted: Apple to stop selling Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches over patent dispute.

  • Better: Google will help reduce user surveillance by letting users store location data on device.

  • Oof: Binance to pay $2.7 Billion in fines as US court approves settlement.


AI makes its way to politics, as jailed former Pakistani PM uses AI to campaign for elections

Image source: Reuters

Imran Khan - the former prime minister of Pakistan - is currently serving a jail term. But that hasn’t stopped him from campaigning for upcoming elections in the world’s fifth most populous country.

Khan’s team created an AI-generated speech by cloning his voice with technology from AI startup ElevenLabs and used it to stage an online rally which drew over 1.6 million views on YouTube. The online rally also drew over 1.5 million listeners on X.

But this isn’t the first time a new technology has played a disruptive role in politics:

  • The invention of the printing press in the 1450s was central to the success of the Protestant Reformation, as it helped Martin Luther spread his message across Europe.

  • The invention of the television led to televised presidential debates and political ads in the US, which played a major role in John F Kennedy’s election.

  • The invention of smartphones and social media resulted in new campaigning tactics such as viral video content, political memes, and the use of big data to target voters.

And with the current mainstreaming of generative AI, politicians around the world are using the tech in new and creative ways that will shape politics and elections in years to come.

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OpenAI gives board special powers and releases Preparedness Framework to prevent AI threat

Source: OpenAI

OpenAI is super serious about AI safety and it really, really wants you to know about it. After releasing two papers on AI safety last week, the company behind ChatGPT has now released a “Preparedness Framework,“ which outlines OpenAI’s approach to developing safe AI models.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • OpenAI will run evaluations and continually update “scorecards” for its models.

  • The company will define risk thresholds that trigger baseline safety measures.

  • A new team will oversee technical work and an operational structure for safety decision-making.

  • New protocols will be developed for added safety and outside accountability.

Perhaps most importantly, OpenAI’s board will get veto power to reverse any decisions, giving them the ability to override CEO Sam Altman.

You can get more details about OpenAI’s new safety framework on their blog here.


The biggest deals in AI this week

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  • Legal AI startup Harvey valued at $700 million in round co-led By Kleiner. Read more →

  • Seattle founder Vetri Vellore, who sold last startup to Microsoft, raises $26M for new AI company. Read more →

  • OpenAI startup fund launches second Converge startup cohort. Read more →

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AI Image Generator Comparison

source: @anukaakash on X

prompt: 1960s movie still two soldiers talking in a busy street


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