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ALSO: transparent laptops, and why kids shouldn't learn to code

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OpenAI’s rivals are growing by the day. French startup Mistral has a new AI model and chatbot that gets pretty close to GPT-4 and ChatGPT. And another startup called Phind claims their AI coding tool can beat ChatGPT.

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  • Mistral and Phind launch powerful ChatGPT alternatives

  • 5 ways you can use Gemini Advanced at work

  • Chart: How different generations search online

  • The biggest funding deals in AI this week

  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI Generated Images: Guess the idiom


Today in AI & Tech

Source: Wired, Julian Chokkattu

  • Crystal Clear: Lenovo is turning heads with Project Crystal – the first laptop with a transparent microLED display. It even comes with a transparent, digital keyboard.

  • Nope Academy: Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang suggests AI will kill coding and that kids shouldn’t learn how to code (we’re skeptical).

  • Comeback Kid: Bitcoin just hit a two-year high after crossing the $57,000 price mark.

  • Press Play: Google unveiled Genie, an AI model that can convert any image into a playable 2D world.


Mistral and Phind launch powerful ChatGPT alternatives

If ChatGPT isn’t getting the job done for you, these new alternatives might. OpenAI may still be king of the castle with ChatGPT and GPT-4, but new rivals are releasing alternatives that are putting OpenAI’s lead under some serious pressure.

First up is French startup Mistral. They just released Mistral Large and Le Chat. Mistral Large is an AI model that is designed to rival top AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 when it comes to performance. And it gets pretty close:

MMLU benchmark scores for Mistral Large vs other major AI models. The MMLU is a benchmark that measures the reasoning ability of AI modes. Source: Mistral

The company also announced Le Chat, their alternative to ChatGPT. The chatbot is currently available in beta for free.

Next up is Phind, a generative AI tool designed to help developers and coders. The chatbot connects both to the internet, as well as a user’s codebase, to help users find answers to challenging coding problems.

Phind recently announced Phind-70B, an impressive new AI coding tool that claims to beat OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo on the HumanEval benchmark, which is designed to measure how AI models perform for coding-related tasks:

Image source: Phind

The arrival of new alternatives provides evidence for two important things. First, OpenAI’s lead may not be as unassailable as it once seemed. And second, it isn’t a foregone conclusion that established players will dominate the AI market — there’s plenty of room for startups like Mistral and Phind to create powerful products.


AI can now automate project management

Spinach.io is an AI Project Manager that builds agendas and takes notes. With templates designed specifically for internal product meetings.

  • Builds agendas and runs meetings

  • Takes meeting notes, transcript and video (Zoom, Meet, Teams)

  • Templates for standup, weekly syncs, user research, + more

  • Captures action items and updates your board (Jira, Asana, + more)

  • Instant repository of team decisions (Confluence, Notion, Docs)

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5 ways you can use Gemini Advanced at work

Image source: Google

Google recently released Gemini Advanced, the most powerful version of its ChatGPT alternative. The new and improved version is available in 40 languages and it’s free for 2 months. Here are 5 ways you can use it to get work done:

  1. Generate Images: Generate photorealistic images using only text prompts.

  2. Compose Emails and Documents: You can effortlessly compose emails, craft documents, and add additional context or information directly within Gmail and Google Docs.

  3. Voice Chat: You can press the mic button to turn on the mic and chat with Gemini.

  4. Extensions: Enable extensions like YouTube, Drive, and Maps to get better responses.

  5. Coding: You can ask Gemini to write, explain, and debug any code you want.


How different generations search online

According to HubSpot, nearly 31% of Gen Zers prefer to search on social media over search engines. Not so surprising considering 54% of Gen Zers use social media four or more hours daily. Plus, 50% of Gen Zers use social media as news sources.

AI will likely accelerate this trend. A new report from research firm Gartner predicts that search engine volume will drop 25% by 2026 due to AI chatbots and other virtual agents.


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The biggest funding deals in AI this week

  • Figure AI, the startup building AI-powered humanoid robots is reportedly close to raising $675M in funding.

  • AI chip startup DeepX is reportedly nearing $90M in new funding.

  • AI biology startup Bioptimus raised $35M in seed round funding to develop an AI foundational model focused on biology.

  • Fabric Labs Inc., an AI startup focused on healthcare, has raised $60M.

  • Inkitt, the self-publishing platform using AI to develop bestsellers, raises $37M.


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

AdCreative.ai: Generate on-brand creatives and banners that bring conversions.

Saner AI: Capture, find, and develop ideas without organizing manually.

Guidde*: Magically create video documentation with AI.

Octomind: Find bugs and auto-fix your web apps using only your website’s URL.

Nebius: Live webinar: How to optimize infrastructure for machine learning and AI workloads. Recraft’s founder and CEO Anna Veronika Dorogush will share insights on heavy model training.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Guess the idiom

Source: u/Agentcooper1974 on Reddit

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