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  • The Rabbit AI device is an unfinished hit

The Rabbit AI device is an unfinished hit

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  • The Rabbit R1 AI gadget’s early reviews are in — it’s a hit

  • Hype around agents soars as Cognition Labs hits unicorn status

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  • 5 new AI tools to boost your productivity

  • Chart: Global Artificial Intelligence Market

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The AI-powered Rabbit R1’s early reviews are in — it’s an unfinished hit

Source: Rabbit

Things couldn’t have started any worse for a new generation of AI-powered gadgets. After assembling an all-star team and spending years on product development, Humane’s Ai Pin was widely criticized by reviewers earlier this month. But the Rabbit R1 is turning heads — and opinions — with its early reviews.

The R1 is an AI-powered mobile device with a funky new hardware design. It weighs about the same as an iPhone and it comes with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. It also comes packed with a sim card slot, a camera, and a USB-C charging port.

Some general takeaways from the early reviews:

  • The form factor is fun to play with

  • The device connects to Spotify, Uber, DoorDash, and Midjourney

  • It does well with basic prompts and questions

  • The camera can describe things it sees but doesn’t offer much else beyond that at this point

  • Some gestures and controls feel a bit wonky

  • It can’t do some important things like send emails at this point

Despite calling it “woefully unfinished,“ The Verge described the device as “silly and fun.“ TechCrunch echoed similar sentiments on the device’s limited capabilities but admitted that it’s “a little AI gadget that grows on you.“ While it leaves much to be desired, the first version of the R1 shows plenty of promise — and enough novelty to prove a hit with early adopters.


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Cognition Labs hits double unicorn status as hype around AI agents soars

The narrative and hype in AI seem to shifting swiftly towards AI agents that automate entire workflows instead of just one-off tasks.

Cognition Labs, the company that recently debuted the AI coding agent Devin, has secured $175M in funding at a $2B valuation — an astonishing feat for a startup that’s only been around for some 6 months.

In a demo video that has gone viral on several social media platforms, Cognition Labs called Devin “The first AI engineer“ and claimed that it can plan a coding project, pick tools, write code, and debug the code autonomously. The company claimed that all of this is possible thanks to advances that it’s made in reasoning and long-term planning.

Aaron Levie, CEO of Dropbox maker Box, recently posted that “The next big breakthrough in AI is AI Agents. This is when AI goes from being used as an assistant to chat with, to using AI to accomplish complete tasks that a human might otherwise have to perform.“

It remains to be seen if and when the promise of AI agents pans out — we’ve had several false starts in recent years — but recent developments in the field show a clear shift in sentiment.


Supplier Relationship Management

Prompt: [Company name, designation in the company, name of your supplier, duration of contract, other metrics like frequency of order, pricing, and quantity] Based on the data provided, provide a detailed strategy on how to improve supplier relationship management.

Example: [XYZ company, procurement manager at XYZ company, Supplier name X, 3-year supplier contract with 1 year pending, order placing frequency with supplier is 3 times a month for 12 months, the per unit cost is $10 and 4000 units are included per order bringing the per order value to $4000. The total units delivered per month is 12,000 units. Our target is to maintain the number of units purchased but receive an economies of scale discount.] With the data provided, formulate a strong supplier relationship management strategy to continue the supplier relationship while also achieving our target.

You can adapt the prompt to your needs. For example, if you wish to remain anonymous, you keep the names of the company and supplier out of the prompt.

Source: @markkloepfel on Medium


5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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 Snapby: Generates super-realistic images instantly by using simple prompts.

* indicates a promoted tool, if any


Global Artificial Intelligence Market


Sudsy Safari

SSource: @wonderfulknopka on Midjourney

Prompt: An oil-painted [tiger/lion/insert animal here] in an ornate bathtub surrounded by lush floral patterns, in the style of oil painting. The colors should be saturated vibrant bright pastel with shades of magenta pink, green, neon yellow. [or insert whichever color scheme you prefer]

--ar 3:4 --stylize 250


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