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  • Samsung starts the era of AI phones with new Galaxy S24 lineup

Samsung starts the era of AI phones with new Galaxy S24 lineup

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How time flies. This time last year no one could have dreamed of fitting an AI model inside a smartphone. Fast forward to today and Samsung just announced its new Galaxy S24 phones that come packed with Google’s Gemini AI models. The era of AI phones has officially begun.


  • Samsung launches the era of AI phones with new S24 lineup

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Samsung takes a big bet on AI with new S24 smartphones after losing top spot to Apple

Source: Samsung

Samsung is betting the farm on Google’s AI capabilities in an effort to regain its spot as the king of smartphone sales after news emerged earlier this week that Apple outsold the Korean giant in 2023. Samsung announced its new lineup of Galaxy S24 phones at its Galaxy Unpacked event yesterday and the focus was squarely on the phones’ new AI features.

While Apple has been dodging the term, Samsung explicitly and repeatedly referred to the S24 as an AI phone and highlighted a host of new AI-powered features:

  • Circle to Search is a new feature whereby you can circle anything on your phone, like a product or a place, and the AI on the phone will find it for you.

  • Live Translate lets you have live conversations in multiple languages. In a video demo, an English-speaking person converses with a Korean speaker as the phone translates both languages in real-time.

  • An AI-powered camera that delivers better image quality and up to 100x zoom.

  • Generative Edit lets you edit pictures and use AI to remove people and objects from photos.

  • Transcript Assist helps you transcribe, translate, and summarize voice memos, while Chat Assist helps you craft the right tone for messages.

The new features are made possible by a combination of AI models from Google that power the devices. Gemini Pro will power Samsung's Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard apps for summarization features, while Imagen 2 will power photo editing features. Gemini Nano, which comes on-device, will be used for AI features that require less computing power.

The phone also comes with a new neural processing unit for AI workloads that Samsung claims is 41% faster and a new GPU and CPU that improve performance by 20% and 30% respectively.

The phones come in 3 flavors: Galaxy S24 priced at $799, S24+ priced at $999 and S24 Ultra priced at $1,299. Pre-orders have already started, with devices available in stores starting Jan 31.

If you want to see the S24’s new AI features in action, check out the video below:


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How to create social media posts with ChatGPT

  • Go to ChatGPT and log in. ChatGPT Plus account required.

  • Now go to Explore GPTs in the left panel and search for the Canva GPT.

  • Insert a prompt for the type of social media post you want. Below is the prompt we used to generate the images above:

prompt: Create a social media post about a running shoe with the headline "Faster Than Ever"


Google’s new AI model reaches human-level performance in solving complex math problems

Source: Nature

Most AI models are really bad at math. AI meme accounts on social media platforms are full of screenshots that show ChatGPT and other popular AI models failing on basic math problems that any first grader could solve. But a new AI model from Google DeepMind has surprised many by reaching human-level performance on complex geometry math problems.

And by human-level performance, we mean that it can match the skill level of the world’s brightest students. Named AlphaGeometry, the model correctly answered 25 out of 30 questions from the high school International Mathematical Olympiad — almost enough to win a gold medal. DeepMind says that it achieved the feat by training the model to deploy a combination of language learning and deductive reasoning.

While many generative AI models are really good at constructing sentences by predicting the next word, they often fall significantly short on reasoning and math tasks. AlphaGeometry presents a significant milestone in closing the gap between AI models and humans when it comes to reasoning ability.


Consumer interest in AI by sector

A new report from PYMNTS Intelligence shows growing consumer interest in AI across several sectors, with a majority of consumers showing some or slight interest in having AI for various parts of their lives.

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

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Blockbusters in an alternate universe

source: u/Your_Ordinary_User on Reddit

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